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  1. Flat = Fair, anything else favors someone.
  2. Gpfarrell

    Crazy Navigator story

    Tire Rack’s website shows compatibility with even some 17” wheels... I’d think all the F150 stuff from the past 15 years or so would likely interchange. That certainly doesn’t mean every 17” or 18” wheel will work, but should be lots of aftermarket options available in a variety of sizes.
  3. Gpfarrell

    Crazy Navigator story

    All the Black Label Navi's are 4wd. The tires might be all-seasons, but not many of those 22" toboggans offer much ability to dig in and grip!
  4. Gpfarrell

    Gateway Control Module Question

    Does this feature work on other current Navigators? All of the Sirius/XM stuff is licensing related. The car manufactures and the Sirius negotiate every stupid point... maybe it's no longer part of the package?
  5. If for some reason they don't, just take the door apart and disconnect the rod from the inside door handle. Not as convenient, but that's how all the old police cars were handled.
  6. Gpfarrell

    End of the road for EcoBoost

    I'm not sure I've ever read 7 more unrelated sentences than those in the original post. Can you offer some clarification?
  7. Gpfarrell

    Goodbye Continental

    dfs, I agree the "marketing types" mess up a lot of potential purchases. I passed on a new SHO as it wasn't available with a light interior. My 2016 Navigator is a lowly "Select" as my preferred blue paint wasn't offered on the plusher "Reserve". The 2018 Black Label Navigators weren't offered with an 8-passenger option, just the swanky/less practical 2nd row Captain's Chairs. I understand entertaining multiple combinations can cost money, but not offering choices costs sales.
  8. Gpfarrell

    Snow tire package choices?

    My 2016 runs the same winter package I had on our 2007, chrome 18” F150 wheels, TPMS, and Blizzaks. I believe they’d bolt onto the 18+ vehicles but I’m not sure the older TPMS is still compatible. The 20’s on the ‘07 were horrible in the snow and our ‘16 has 22’s. Tall and narrow works best, so we went with 18’s. Rarely need 4wd, but couldn’t stop or steer on the big, wide toboggans.
  9. Gpfarrell

    2018 Navigator-2nd Row Center Console

    Snowmotion, Thank you! Our '07 had no console. Our '16 came with one and I removed it and replaced it with a center seat acquired inexpensively through car-parts.com... a wrecking yard network. We really like the 8 person functionality. I was bummed when the '18 Black Label's were only offered with 7-passenger seating... it looks exotic but just doesn't work for us. I'd like to upgrade to the new design but the popularity of the console (and not knowing if it could be deleted) was really limiting my pre-owned choices!