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  1. 2013 C-Max door latches, don't keep records but probably double digits
  2. I liked your post and would add that, as a C-Max hybrid owner a PHEV would fit our driving style, we are retired and live close to family we wished we had gotten a PH instead. Again they happen to fit our needs but probably not most.
  3. from an old foggy it is 'quicker, better and cheaper. I used to teach from the Ford/Deming SPC method manual and as far as I know there is still nothing better and it worked until a bunch of money hungry consultants bastardized it with sigma 6. ISO-9000 was great and again a money hungry group who had NO idea what it was meant for was disastrous, plus/minus 3 sigma was and should have always been the goal of the local workforce and anything else is management.
  4. tarheels23

    Lincoln May Expand To India

    hahhaah, yea the one I was talking about was a 91 SHO before email
  5. tarheels23

    Lincoln May Expand To India

    my point was the survey is worth less than nothing if the sales people are allowed to fill out, will never do that again...
  6. tarheels23

    Lincoln May Expand To India

    don't know what time period you are referring to but I bought a 91 SHO and when signing the papers the salesman handed me a card that if I allowed him to fill out the customer service survey he gave me a free tank of gas and I accepted the gas, would not do the same today...
  7. tarheels23

    Ford Q3 2020 Sales Results

    I hope not. I have a C-Max and waiting on an EcoSport PHEV for a replacement in a couple of years...
  8. while I agree with the homely styling we have over 90K and have averaged over 48 MPG since new and we also appreciated the $1200 we got back from F but as I said our mileage is better than advertised.. We do drive like a hybrid and not like the '84 Turbo Coupe or the '87 5.0 GT or the SHO that I LOVED to go fast in. hahahahah
  9. wife and I LOVE our 2013 C-Max, only regret was it is not plugin....
  10. tarheels23

    A little Coronavirus chuckle

  11. there was a time before that does now work that it did not...
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    as Dr. Deming said, 'in God we trust, all others must have data'
  13. tarheels23


    I think Bill's issue has always been his inability to know who to trust and weed out the BS that he is given..
  14. just a little over a year, thanks for reply....
  15. thanks. Just replaced the 12v battery yesterday and have 75k miles on it so can probably wait till 2022. Will probably have to replace tires again but will be worth waiting for IMO.