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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. I have a 2013 C-Max CVT 110,000 miles. My history is from the '60s 396 super sport Chevelle in the '80s mustang GT 5.0 Thunderbird turbo coupe all straight drives always ran hard in the '90s Taurus SHO. We have no issues with the CVT just smooth driving as one of the response if you do hit the gas it doesn't have to change the lower gear to take advantage of the torque we just love ours
  2. tarheels23

    March '23 Sales/Chart

    https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/tesla-cuts-prices-us-spur-demand-2023-04-07/ The fifth such cut in Tesla's largest market since the start of the year
  3. tarheels23

    March '23 Sales/Chart

    drove by the local franchise in Charlotte, NC yesterday and it appeared the lot was completely full and a new truck load just pulled in. It appeared to me they are building more than they can sell by this 1 data point.
  4. +++, I swapped out our gas lawn equipment 7 years ago. I gave my son all my gas mowers, trimmers and edgers, cans, sparkplug wrench, and oil cans. Never have to change the oil, clean air filters, or get gas. Just remember to charge the batteries for mowers, trimmers, edgers, and blowers. Easy peasy. Can't wait to get BEV, have a C-Max but even less maintenance with BEV.
  5. I remember reading, maybe 40 years ago about a facility in VA, an old hydroelectric dam, that would pump water up at night to run down during the day to increase the peak for the local grid. Same idea as this
  6. OK, I am aware of that so I was basing this on the current situation, like all the folk who say BEVs won't work for them based on the current situation.😎
  7. I will show my ignorance here, where I live in the SE USA I was under the ASSumption😁 that nighttime electricity would be cheaper/more available at night because most homes and businesses would use less. Is that not true?
  8. a bell curve would be a good description of the extremes and the middle is where we are today, it is up to the Farleys of the world to lead their companies into the future
  9. Let's hope and pray because the problems with H production, using more electricity to make than the energy provided by said H plus delivery, and associated leaks that may be worse for CC are questionable.
  10. I am a pro-union, and pro-little guy, but I hope they are looking for the best and sometimes the best is not the most money.
  11. Thanks for your thoughts. Out of The Crisis, that is the answer and Farley should be aware...
  12. Yes, but the 'good' news is very few, based on my experience, the percentage of automakers following good QM is not very high that would get high marks and is limited to Asian and a few German companies. The ignition switch issue at GM was an example of a breakdown in following their established quality system; QS9000.
  13. I do not disagree, in fact, I agree completely. It is up to Farley to embrace the Deming method and maybe the new hire will be required to do this but without Farley implicitly and Bill's complete support, none of our thoughts matter one whit. And just to reiterate I mean Deming and not any of the 6 sigmas BS which was only a perversion of Deming and a cash grab. Thanks for your thoughtful discussion and for allowing me to relive some of my past memories.
  14. " it’s now back to selling expensive products full of shoddy cut down priced parts where a ton of problems" from your post My point is that nothing can get in the way of Quality processes for everything, everywhere, all the time to steal a quote. see: https://deming.org/ When Deming was asked 'How can you work with F with the unions' he said that was part of the system and they would be included'. The 1st Taurus was the 1st F designed by Deming-style teams and was widely acknowledged as a quality design and performance leader. When I talked about lying you said Bill required a BEV, the CEO should have said I will get right on it but it will not be sold till we prove we can build it, and that statement has to be applied to every product, part, and process. From Deming 14 points for Management: 3. Cease dependence on inspection to achieve quality. Eliminate the need for inspection on a mass basis by building quality into the product in the first place.