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  1. Can you give me details on the 2021 mach 1 handling package?  Some speculate it will cost 2 to 3 thousand more to add it to my build.  What exactly am I getting for going with it?  Appreciate the information.

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    2. ice-capades


      Okay. There is no Handling Package option on the Mach 1. As for dealership pricing I'd think that a sale at MSRP is very fair considering the supply/demand for the Mach 1. As much as I dislike ADM pricing, I expect most Dealers will charge over MSRP for the Mach 1.

    3. DoogieUSA


      Thank you for your response however a handling package is being touted to on social media but just no indication of the cost.  I'm thrilled that you agree MSRP is fair.  Thank you ice-capades.  Will keep you and members informed on my plight. 

    4. ice-capades


      Handling Package Coming Soon

      The Mustang Mach 1 Handling Package features track-ready components and tuning to elevate both 
      agility and appearance. This package's availability is Spring 2021.

      Included in Handling Package:

      •    19 " x 10.5" (front) and19" x 11" (rear) Dark Tarnish-painted aluminum wheels
      •    Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 summer-compound  tires from Shelby GT350R
      •    Adjustable top strut mounts
      •    Rear wing/spoiler with Gurney flap
      •    Performance front aero splitter
      •    Revised chassis tuning


      The Handling Package was in Ford's preview information but is not included in the 2021 Mustang Order Guide for the Mach 1, not even as a "Late Availability" option which is how it would normally be handled.


      In addition, orders with the Handling Package won't get scheduled until it becomes available. It's also very likely to be treated as a "Controlled Commodity" and only available to a limited number of Dealers.