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  1. Can you give me details on the 2021 mach 1 handling package?  Some speculate it will cost 2 to 3 thousand more to add it to my build.  What exactly am I getting for going with it?  Appreciate the information.

    1. DoogieUSA


      Found the information however still trying to get pricing.  I'm at 60,000 with my sales manager minus the handling package.  He is researching what the cost will be.  Will do the deal at msrp no markup.  Your thoughts.  Thanks a bunch

    2. ice-capades


      What is the "Handling Package" are you talking about?

    3. DoogieUSA


      My bad, handling package on the 2021 mach 1 and can you comment on the dealership selling at MSRP?  Thanks

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