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    TT-again keep in mind the 7.3 is designed as a truck engine-and a medium duty at that and in my mind 19,500 gvw and above. Should be an absolute home run in 650 and 750 but in typical Ford fashion most of the articles I read in truck rags rarely even mention 650/750 in the same breath as 7.3. Typical dumb ass Ford marketers. At this point they are an exclusive when in comes to class 7 conventionals with gasoline power and they aren't tooting that horn. I recognize it is not available until MY 20 but now is the time to be creating buzz-I would think.
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    Ford to Scale Back V-8 Engine Output

    4.3 is the only one that doesn't have displacement on demand. There is a reason GM requires dealers to stock the oil control manifold, lifters, camshaft, etc. The days of the "simple" V8 are gone. Rumor is the new Tundra will have a turbo V6.
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    Security Cameras/Doorbells

    I have four different Ring cameras at my house. The doorbell cam is battery-powered, but it draws enough from the doorbell circuit that it only uses the battery as a backup. I have a floodlight cam on the garage side of the house. It uses a wireless connection, but pulls its power from the lighting circuit. The sensor for the light isn't the same as the sensor for the camera, so you can have the lights be more sensitive without throwing an alarm every time it lights up. The camera that the squirrel knocked off was a battery-powered camera. It uses the same battery packs as the doorbell cam, but it has slots for two of them so you can take one out to charge. (I bought a third battery pack, so I always have one ready.) The charging circuitry is built into the battery packs, so they charge with micro USB cable. They also have an optional solar panel for this camera, The cam on my back deck is basically the same as the squirrel cam, but it has a permanently attached, really long 120VAC power cord. For $100/year, you get unlimited storage for your security footage with access via the Ring app. I have it on my iPhone and iPad, and there's a Windows 10 app you can get from the Microsoft Store (which I also have). You can also get an actual alarm system from Ring. I'm pretty sure the monitoring service for the alarm is included in that $100/year, Ring also has a Neighborhood feature, where people with Ring cameras near you can post videos their Ring cameras have taken. I've seen quite a few; sometimes it's suspicious people, but just as often it's found pets. Heck, not long ago, someone posted a Silver Alert, which turned out to be a former coworker. (That was bizarre, let me tell you.)
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    Lincoln design is featured on "Autoline This Week." About 26 minutes. They interview David Woodhouse. http://www.autoline.tv/journal/?cat=14813
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    So, is there hope of a 7.3L V8 in F150's future?? Asking for a friend....
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    Ford to Scale Back V-8 Engine Output

    Which truck offers a simple NA V8? Ford has dual injection systems, TiVCT, etc, Ram and GM have displacement on demand. None of which is 'simple.' OK, maybe Toyota and Nissan.
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    I think a simple frontend redesign would do wonders for the Ridgeline. The rest isn't bad looking, but the front does not match the rest of the vehicle at all.
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    Challenger takes no.2 spot

    @akirby...you were right!!!!
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    Things must be going ok at Chicago Assembly Plant. Placed order for 2020 Ford Explorer ST on April 25th. I just got my VIN number today from dealer. Never thought it be that fast. Production date week for July 8th right now.