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  1. Meanwhile, Escalade receives a few goodies in preparation... Autoblog.com - '25 Escalade
  2. Ford Authority They have a list towards the bottom of the article that is keeping tabs on all things removed...
  3. Rain sensing has always worked flawlessly for me, especially when suddenly a cloud pops out for a few minutes, or when the steam of the street after a rain causes an issue. Some days ago I read they also removed ambient lighting from the Escape...then (swing your foot to open the liftgate) as well...as it is... the product is overpriced for what it is, with a mediocre quality interior that gets dinged over. What's next...? Hey pull a Toyota and remove all insulation from the doors, replace that headliner with mousefur... 🙄
  4. Eh, nothing orgasmic...they can keep it overthere.
  5. Let's not forget that Ford abandoning that segment made customers migrate to GM and Toyota, those consumers are probably on their 2nd Taco/Canyonrado since 2011...good luck trying to get them to return.
  6. Looks like Lincoln had a pretty good month...
  7. Ford Motor Company ...."BEST-SELLING F-SERIES, VANS LEAD IN Q2; HYBRIDS GROW 56%, EVS UP 61%"...
  8. Autoweek Before the redesign, the Camry was a loss-leader for Toyota dealers; dealers ordered them to become eligible for hotter, more profitable models. The cars often sold for below dealer invoice. "There were years in the not-distant past when you were content to lose a grand a unit on Camry, because you'd make it up on other products," says Fritz Hitchcock, a multiline dealer in Puente Hills, Calif.
  9. Not sure when was the last time I actually adjusted my A/C...it's set to 69 and that's about it. Now, it would be nice if the A/C seats stayed on, but whenever I start the vehicle via remote control, it resets it and gotta touch that one up again.
  10. And also used their 4-speed automatic transmission for 26-27 years when everyone was already hitting 6 gears...
  11. The MKZ has it, owner's manual page 249. "...Active noise control utilizes your vehicle electronics to enhance the acoustic experience"... I wish I could take away that fake engine noise though. It likes to "sound" sporty, but acts like a hooker on meth when you push it...
  12. You do have a point there, they could be recouping costs by probably making that "power roll out tray" an added option... I can see that...people like to be wowed by the little things... add to it an optional "puppy staircase"...
  13. What I like about single tailgates is sitting on the cargo floor edge, with the hatch open and shielding you if it's raining. The split-tail gate makes it a longer reach if things roll forward. Not to mention the complexity of it... I can't imagine this is any cheaper than the traditional method.
  14. For over 2 decades, Toyota has admitted they lost money on the Camry. Still, they believe they will upgrade to other Toyota products or Lexus if they have a good reliable experience with that vehicle. And that's with Toyota making incremental small changes each generation. I can imagine how much Ford invested each time they had a revolutionary change. Meanwhile, across the table, you had Chrysler with the 300, which had tiny changes throughout the year on a product whose roots date back to the 1995 E-Class, essentially making it the Panther, of our time.
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