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  1. That beer actually looks tasty as hell! Nice job on the garage-now you just have 9 more months to wait:)......enough time to do the floors!
  2. The reality is some of their manufacturing processes are ahead of where the industry is. Go check out Sandy Munro in YouTube and his reviews on Tesla-he is very objective and slams the hell out of their earlier products but shows the progress they've made, including stamping, parts reduction and changes on the go. Now their quality control is an entirely different matter and none of us would find it acceptable-but Tesla fan members don't give a shit or care way less about quality than they do about the balance of the vehicle.
  3. they’ve openly said this is the first of I think 25 vehicles in the next 3-4 years so there will be plenty of BEV truck options to come. Is it expensive? Yup. Is it Over the top? Maybe yes maybe no but I’m not convinced you need all the crazy trickery of a Raptor or Bronco but those sell or will sell and have a faithful following. GM hasn’t had many one hit wonders since Barrera has taken over and you could call the new Vette somewhat of a niche product that is selling extremely well. if Ford pulled this off we wouldn’t be having this discussion IMO on this board. If GM wants to sell 70-100k of these a year I would be very skeptical but I’d they want to sell this as a halo vehicle and push out 20-30 of these a year and share the platform and tech across other vehicles this will have been mission accomplished.
  4. That’s called the Bolt and nobody gives a damn:)
  5. You are correct about diluting a brand by offering another brand that is similar but it works! Why do you think there are luxury brands on top of the volume brand. And I had a Lincoln truck and everyone knew it was just a F150, but I get your point-they lack credibility in the truck market-but like a few guys have mentioned, this really is not the truck market anymore when you are over $100k and coveting MB, Audi and Land Rover buyers. Totally agree with you about perception and boss driving a $120k LR, but it is not much different if he is showing up in a $90k Raptor either. My point is I think there is room at the top end (who even knows if this is the top!) for one off, expensive vehicles.....they are miles away from what my reality is but there is a market there. I'm in Jupiter-Palm Beach this week and one of my best friends works for the 1% centers, of the 1% centers-crazy rich people-those buyers will pay for these type of vehicles. Not sure if Ford can play there or not, but they will be watching what happens with the Hummer and respond accordingly.
  6. Ok Mr. Ford Marketing Manager! The segment keeps growing and growing and nobody knows where the top is and you can bet Ford won't be immune to see what happens with this vehicle. Sure Ford does great in the commercial segment and throughout the F150 lineup but so does GMC and Ram-just as much at the top of the segment or close (I don't have any sales data but this is where GMC has been growing their market share the past few years). GM has the benefit of having 2 brands to sell their trucks and are differentiating them with each updates. I personally would never buy a Chevy, but the GMC is a damn good looking truck and bears little resemblance in many aspects. Personally, I would love for Lincoln to come up with a vehicle that is just not a F150 with a new grill, since I think there is a growing segment for that top end buyer to have something different. One of the best things about a F150 is it has a price range between $30-90k-one of the worst things is it has a price range of $30-90k. Those top end buyers want something more unique and that is why I think the Hummer will do well, depending of course if it is more limited in production and not expecting to sell 100k of these a year.
  7. You mean the 5 years it took to get Bronco to production after Ford said it would come to market? Have a friend whose been on this project as a supplier and GM has poured a ton of money into this and is adamant that they beat Ford to market. You can almost get to $100k now with a pick up truck so this isn’t that far off the mark-but agree there are other options coming also that might be leveling the pricing structure the Big 3 have with pick ups.
  8. I’m in the other camp and think this thing will be a big hit. it has unique styling-something damn near every EV buyer wants and GM knows how to build a great truck. GM also has more experience than anyone with BEV besides Tesla and I’m pretty intrigued with their technology. Make silly comment after another but this thing is the real deal.
  9. That was an area that played into GM and FCA hands when they filed bankruptcy. Every dealer needed to sign a new agreement and gave up a lot of power, including GM's request to have a signature blueprint for each brand and force stand alone operations for Cadillac in almost every market.
  10. It is the door noise at 6:40 of the video-this was smartly changed by Lincoln but has been a mainstay in Ford's products for years. This is something that should be programable but I've not seen anyone in the industry do that yet.
  11. But it's the internet and that's way more fun!!!
  12. So you are taking the deal and just getting another Ford? Sounds like you are boxed in with minimum options-and what do you do in the meantime for a vehicle? Not sure how that works, unless they give you maybe 5k mileage allowance and let you keep your current truck until the new one is built. They are actually back making a 12.5 litre engines-A26-based on a VW design, in Alabama, but obviously not something for F450, etc.
  13. I think the Vette is by far the best $60-100k sports car on the market and competes against vehicles 2x-3x's without apologies. Love the looks, performance, value, interior design and how they've transformed this iconic vehicle. Not sure if any of you guys follow SpeedPhenom on YouTube? Young guy who picked up a GT500 new last Thanksgiving-and has put out some great videos all year. He picked up a new Vette sometime in the spring and than just bought a new GT500 with the track package? The Mustang cost $110k and the first thing I heard was the fucking jingle every Ford product has had for at least the past 7-8 years. I know the Mustang is getting updated and i'm sure will vastly improve but if you were going to spend $75k would you honestly consider the Mustang?
  14. kyle

    VW Taos Revealed

    You are right about the BS since it hasn't rolled out but neither has the VW. I'm not putting the BS up against the Taos or whatever it's called-I think the VW is smaller but not sure anyone is going to consider one or other ? What is kind of interesting is seeing all these micro segments develop.
  15. kyle

    VW Taos Revealed

    That explains most VW products......still another strong new product in a growing segment that Ford really isn't competitive in.
  16. Feel for you and that really sucks! Some of the members here think Ford cannot do nothing wrong and anything negative is a troll post. There are a few dealer's here on the site with I think one of the guys from California. Have you thought about contacting an attorney? I worked for BMW about 6 years ago and they literally I think have around 5-7 people under contract that only handle buy backs in California-that state is in another sphere with regards to consumer protection laws. A BMW customer can literally say his check engine light comes on at a dealership 3 months after he bought the vehicle (most lease) and it is documented-36 months later he makes a few more claims-hires an attorney and BMW has to reimburse him the entire loan-then he goes up the street to Audi, Lexus, MB and does the same thing. Good luck, and sorry you hare having so many F-ing issues. Keep us posted how things play out and congrats on getting a house in Victorville-my oldest son lives in that area:)
  17. Think Coil pack would set a check engine light-wondering if fuel filter may need to be changed? This won't be tied to the transmission but maybe the stalling. Better to start with the simple and less expensive items first:)
  18. Makes a lot of sense until you think these are the same buyers who got screwed with that shitty transmission!!! I'm pretty sure the last vehicle they would buy is a Ford.
  19. A big positive impression to me is if I never hear Jim Farley say the word "fit" !!!
  20. Sure Hackett gets credit for some of the successes Ford's had recently, but he should also get faulted for the mistakes on his watch. I like some of his initiatives-but he talks in tongues and was brought in to help raise the stock price-something he clearly failed at. Like I said, I won't miss him but to Akirby's point-maybe he was the right person at the right time. This is Farley's moment to grab control of the company and really execute on his plan. I'm excited and hopeful he can kick the company into a high gear.
  21. Maybe some of it and maybe all of it, but Hackett never really explained his plan and hence WS wondering what was going on, and than all of the financial misses that occurred under his tenure. I think Farley has a much clearer vision of what the future looks like for an automotive company is going to look like.
  22. Sounds ambitious and won't miss Hackett at all, nor will WS. Let's see how they execute, since Ford doesn't have the luxury of time on its side. The next 5-20 years (at most) of the auto industry is going to be revolutionary in more ways than the past 100 and will be interesting who survives the onslaught of the Chinese, move to battery powered vehicles and other obstacles.
  23. Think this is a no brainer also-looks sporty already and this just adds to it. On a side note.... I had a Ranger-Lariat 4x4 this week in Kansas City and the outside definitely hits the mark, but the inside and drivetrain left me so frustrated. Felt a rear end vibration thru the wheel-almost like a driveshaft balance issue-around 50-60mph that drove me nuts. I'd go full size if I needed something today or wait for the replacement in a few years.
  24. kyle

    New Owner Impressions

    Ughh.....some of this should of at least been picked up by the dealer before delivery and is just unacceptable whether you got a discount or paid a premium. Keep us posted on the dealer experience and your wife getting comfy in the seats:) and the Aviator will look so much better without the plate!