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  1. Apparently some radar detectors get upset with them
  2. Especially with today's obesity rates.
  3. Hydrogen plumbing is difficult to work with — that H20 molecule is tiny, and therefore expensive.)
  4. I wonder why the 2.7 has the structural differences from the 3.5, which seems to be OK?
  5. Edstock

    Next Focus, Longer/Wider

    A wider Focus? Great idea. A Lincoln could be derived from that IMHO.
  6. A 2.0 and RS AWD would add some sparkle.
  7. What's up next, after the Continental?
  8. And maybe in about a year or so, there will be Mountune and other tuning parts available. When does the Focus get re-done?
  9. The experts just do not see the difference between Ford in 2006 and Ford in 2016.
  10. Edstock

    Distracted driving

    Like doing 90mph in a 60mph zone.
  11. Edstock

    2017 Fusion Revealed

    That's nice, but I was replying to a statement on this thread.
  12. That's right. Now, it seems that Ford is making the commitment to acquire the necessary "polish" that the pre-war marque possessed, IMHO. But it's going to take another 10 years to get things properly 'tuned'.