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  1. I remember in the late 90s, it was predicted that microtransactions would save journalism from the scourge of the expectation that information on the Internet would be free. Forego obtrusive ads (this was the dawn of the pOp-up) and intrusive user tracking by charging some amount too small to refuse - say, a nickel, which is far more than ad-impression revenue - to read a full article, which would be aggregated by a clearinghouse to monthly payments from the customer, to the content creators. But no, they all want subscriptions. So journalism dies.
  2. Serial hybrid with no battery storage or regenerative breaking? (And no, dynamic breaking is not regenerative breaking). SO basic!
  3. Noah Harbinger

    Ford reports 2nd quarter 2019 sales

    A tax reduction is no less of 'a grant of money' than a check in the mail. You will be hard pressed to find anyone who does not consider tax offsets tied to specific activities a 'subsidy'. Many finance-related definitions of the word explicitly include tax breaks in their description of subsidies.
  4. The school where I work claims that you can't name something "<school> <student organization>", you have to name yourself "<student organization> at <school>" to make it clear that there's no official affiliation between the school and the organization. I imagine it's something like that.
  5. And regardless of whether anyone agrees with that objective (which seems more like a sub-discussion for a political forum, especially with the hateful tone many of these responses are carrying), Ford seems very well prepared to maintain offerings in every segment in the automotive market for places that are passing such requirements. I assume the other automakers have similar plans, I wonder how their timelines and thoroughness compare.
  6. Does anyone have a solid explanation for why that calculation is incorrect? My personal speculation is that the engine control computer back-calculates out the ethanol proportion of the gasoline to determine the 'pure gasoline equivalent' volume, and uses that as the basis of its MPG calculations - maybe based on the calculations done as part of managing the air-fuel ratio. That seems like it would be a pretty reasonable basis to use, since it would even out the differences between fuel so that the displayed measurement would reflect only on driving conditions, driving style, and engine health. (In my Fuelly stats, I use the 'gallons' reported by the second trip odometer for the top-line stats, but record the volume pumped as an 'additional comment')
  7. Noah Harbinger

    Ford under emissions investigation?

    You have QA? Fancy!
  8. Pushed interaction can be really tricky, they'd better be really careful to get it right. I'm not buying a car for its ability to influence my future purchasing decisions.
  9. She was crossing from the other direction.
  10. Look at the frame of the video immediately before she is hit: She is by the broken white line on the right that indicates the start of the right-hand turn lane - so, about lined up with the top of the X, an even more open and exposed crossing point. (But also, even closer to the crosswalk).
  11. Noah Harbinger

    Offical 2019 Ranger thread

    IMHO the big-complex-shape sync/cruise multi-control levers on my C-Max (and the Focus) are my favorite steering wheel controls of any I've seen on any car, any make, ever. No fumbling or taking eyes off the road for the right button.
  12. Noah Harbinger

    Do all cars rattle?

    '13 C-Max, the seatbelt adjuster squeaks a bit, the door handles creak a bit much for my taste when jostled, and there's a rattle in the passenger side somewhere that I haven't yet determined. I wonder if reductions in exterior noise intrusion make smaller noises inside the vehicle stand out more?
  13. Noah Harbinger

    Driverless Technology

    I guarantee if you've flown a common-carrier route, you've flown in a plane with autopilot engaged, probably a significant majority of the miles.
  14. Noah Harbinger

    2016 C-MAX Production Information

    Woulda been easy if it lived up to its release EPA rating. But hell, I'd gladly trade the headroom for the MPGs. I woulda bought it if it weren't a hybrid.
  15. Noah Harbinger

    Future Ford Small Cars

    Noooo don't orphan my baby! :-o