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  1. What is it you like about the new Escape over your Edge? The Edge has more comfortable seats, quieter interior, better ride, more luxurious interior. I do believe the 1.5L 3 cylinder engine is far more responsive and has better fuel economy than the 2.0 Edge engine that surges on light acceleration. It has a too aggressive throttle tip in. 3.5 V-6 was a smoother engine with similar fuel economy.
  2. The exterior looks like one of the vehicles in the Cars movie, the interior looks cheap and there is very little sound deadening in my opinion. Who would think that this would be a recipe for success? The Bronco Sport with its more traditional SUV styling is really the new Escape. The one they are marketing looks like a tall six year old Focus, again in my opinion and it appears the market agrees.
  3. We all know this isn’t a Mustang. If it means the death of the pony cars, so be it. Let the name die with dignity instead of attaching it to something that does not resemble anything like a Mustang other than the taillights and front end.
  4. bravestar

    Ford Mustang Mach E and Baby Bronco

    I hope the new screens are dark instead of the light background like on the new Explorer.
  5. bravestar

    18 Navigator - Sync and iPhone Issues

    Latest iPhone update fixed this issue.
  6. bravestar

    18 Navigator - Sync and iPhone Issues

    My iPhone has the same issue after the latest phone update. It is coming from Apple not Ford.
  7. It could be a bad PATS key.
  8. Great! I am pleasantly suprised!
  9. Does anyone know if the rear hatch can be opened by the remote fob? I am not sure that I want to be kicking around under the vehicle with my arms full and ice on the ground.
  10. bravestar

    2012 Escape teaser ad

    This RAV4 copy will probably have the horrific MyFord touch as well as reduced sight lines and abandon everything that has made the Escape a success.
  11. bravestar

    Mercury Sales Way Up For June

    Maybe that is why dealers do not stock them, no demand...except for California Dean. Rebates are within $500 of each other, last time I checked.
  12. bravestar


    I think the glass will come up separate from the liftgate, like the 02 Explorer with a little painted trim filler at the bottom of the glass panel. My gosh, can't spell today...at all
  13. Then you just lost me as a buyer and probably anyone else that values a Mustang for what it represents.
  14. bravestar

    2011 Ford Explorer Production

    Over 155,000 miles on our current 2002 Explorer and I am trying to hold out for the next generation.
  15. I thought it might be Super Free Max!