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  1. Extreme4x4

    2021 Chevy Tahoe/Suburban

    I think the Suburban looks fine in body, and they all look pretty bad in the front. That said, I will reserve judgement until I see them on the road. The interior is a huge improvement. Now, one big thing.................. what is up with GM and all of the weird lines on the sides? The straight character line looks fine. Then there is the weird uptick in the back window that doesn't align with the rear window................ and that odd little body line there. Also, what is up with the dumb looking chrome piece on top of the windows? The sides of the new trucks look terrible also, with lines going nowhere.................. and cars. WTF? Now, that said, the Escalade is terrible. Why not just call it XT6 XL. It went from being brash to boring. How sad. The interior, short of the totally low rent seat bottom, looks great.
  2. The seat complaint is silly. My Lincoln dealer, that is one of the largest in the US, has to order everything they can with the 30-way seats. Once they came out, they can hardly sell a Lincoln without it (in the trims that it is available in). Seats that have a lot of adjustment take time to find what works best for you. Unless you have the car for a couple of weeks, you may not get it dialed into your preferences.
  3. Does anyone know when written reviews will start showing up? I can't stand video reviews. I'm a fast reader and can quickly glance past the bluster.
  4. Extreme4x4

    GM urges patience as Silverado falls to No. 3

    Hmmmmm................... incentives are $500 less than Ram, but $1500 more than F150. They can't even make any inroads against the oldest truck on the market, with $1500 more of incentives?
  5. I am lurking all over, waiting for the first reviews. If the reviewers love it, then the threads at that other place will be massively entertaining................ and a certain .bott should get perma banned.
  6. Extreme4x4

    Cadillac unveils new CT5 - the CTS replacement

    That is hilarious. The first car that my Dad cosigned on, was a 4-door Cutlass Supreme in the same baby blue, with a full white vinyl roof (my very first car was the 1974 Mercury Monterey that my Dad gave me because he owed me money from borrowing my babysitting money (he was an active alcoholic at the time). It caught on fire). However, mine had the matching baby blue mags. It was against my will................. but was the only car he would cosign for me on. It was a giant POS. Between modules, and it's great disdain for water (anything that could leak water, would eventually leak water, with the last being the freeze plugs as it sat in the parking lot at work). God I hated that car, and it hated me right back.
  7. Extreme4x4

    2020 Explorer

    I just don't think they will widen enough to want to have a payment again. LOL I'm 53. The idea of no payments is very appealing.
  8. Extreme4x4

    2020 Explorer

    Well, I will watch all of this with great interest. Our Explorer Sport now has 83K miles on it, and short of one issue (the button on the shifter not reading park, a known issue of Explorers and Edges for 2013my), it has been bulletproof. I love this vehicle, and will probably drive it until the wheels fall off. However, that never stops me from crawling around new everythings................. LOL
  9. Extreme4x4

    2019 GMC Sierra Revealed

    Well, I'm sorry, but that is real dumb dealership speak. He traded in a BMW 550i because he needed a truck. Not too many trucks at the BMW dealership, since BMW doesn't make them. I'm sure there are folks that trade in BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, and Lexus cars on Ford Platinum, Limited, or King Ranch trucks also................ since they needed a truck. Good grief.
  10. Extreme4x4

    2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Debuts

    It has a mutated Mitsubishi Outlander front end design. I'm not a fan. Yes, when it comes to CUV's................. like SUV's, there is only so much you can do. They all start to blend together. Call me biased, but I still find my Explorer's design to be pretty timeless. It has done the best job of blending a SUV with a CUV. The new Traverse, while better than the old, has some very odd proportions going on, especially when you see it in person.
  11. Extreme4x4

    2019 GMC Sierra Revealed

    Ok, here is the girls perspective.................... OMG the front of that thing is hideous. There are WAY too many things going on there. Too many angles and cut outs for the sake of angles an cut outs. There is such a thing as too much surfacing, and too many details, and this is the poster child for that. I guess they couldn't decide if they wanted round or square wheel wells................ so they did both. Why is the interior exactly the same as the Chevy?? I will say this, for once, the Chevy and the GMC look completely different on the outside. Now they are both ugly. I hate those tiny little headlights on the Silverado, with that giant expanse of flat tall grill.................. and I dislike this just as much with how horribly busy it is. I can't even imagine trying to clean that front end. Imagine going through a bunch of bees, and having to clean it (have had it happen multiple times with the Explorer and the Super Duty). You would want to kill people. Anyway, it will sell fine. It finally has actual features, although it still falls short in some. I'm not sure about the transformer tailgate yet. I will have to play with it. GM will accomplish what they needed to accomplish with this redesign. They will bring current GM truck owners in to buy another................. and that is the point.
  12. Oh, I'm sure it will be fabulous. I just don't know that we are prepared to get another new vehicle for quite some time. Frankly, I'm tired of car payments. LOL However, it will be exciting to see it. :D
  13. Extreme4x4

    Police Canine (Shep) Chases Criminal

    Thanks !!! It is a good distraction from following dog rescues. LOL My passions................... cars / trucks and dogs.
  14. The funny thing about "longest lasting" ads. If you have ever seen the actual statistics, the difference between GM and Ford is about 2 months. In other words, it is a statistical anomaly. Add to that, that Ford trucks are used as work trucks more than GM's, and the fact that it is that close is very surprising. I HATE those stupid and condescending "real actors not people" ads. They are all stupid beyond belief. The one where they are on the freeway and that one stupid woman says "I just want to get from point A to point B," and I want to smack her in the head. ALL cars / trucks these days are incredibly reliable in "point A to point B." The vast majority of any issues with them are electronic, or not understanding how something works. Real failures are rare. Of course, being stupid and knowing nothing about what you are talking about seems to be in vogue these days. Just watch the news.
  15. Extreme4x4

    Police Canine (Shep) Chases Criminal

    I'm doing good. Just haven't been very active on forums anymore. Frankly, I don't find much that is really interesting in the automotive front anymore. As they start to go autonomous, it will get downright boring. Haven't gotten to it yet. I'm just trying to get caught up.