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    2020 Explorer Reviews

    They can play it off that way but I am willing to bet it is for CO. Ford redesigned the exhausts on the 5th gen for those experiencing the exhaust smell OR/AND CO issues. They were a chrome tip but had a hole just like this and it was a turn down (fake). My $$$ is that Ford continued this on the 2020 to prevent any issues or worries for people aware of the 5th gen issues. And you can bet Ford would never own up to or admit it.
  2. blwnsmoke

    2020 Explorer Reviews

    They are amready shipping. Some dealers in OH received some this week.
  3. Great find. Thanks!!
  4. blwnsmoke

    2020 Explorer

    Could I get an update? Thanks!! 1FM5K8GC7LGA02284
  5. blwnsmoke

    Gladiator: Ike Gauntlet

    Fixed that for you.
  6. blwnsmoke

    Explorer ST First Drive Review

    Ummmm... they got 0-60 in 5.1 seconds!!
  7. blwnsmoke

    2020 Explorer Reviews

    Too lazy to read through all this again. One of the articles said they averaged 23.1mpg in the Explorer hybrid in their test route. Now I know a short test is not representative of real world but if this is accurate, this will be a big fail.
  8. blwnsmoke

    Finally spent time with new Aviator

    Who knows what options that ST curb weight had. Mine had most of them and I trust Fords invoice over a 3rd party review. This is 1 of mine. I did not choose the smokers ash tray, wheel locks, DVD, rubber mats. Could all these add up to 95lbs more? I dont think so.
  9. blwnsmoke

    TFL: Silverado 1500 diesel

    omg.. the front of that truck in that video shot is just... Ughhhh.. I swear the media tries to use the ugliest versions of the truck as advertisement lol.
  10. blwnsmoke

    Finally spent time with new Aviator

    ok, just got a copy of the invoice for my ST. Tech package, moonroof, track pack, roof cross bars, mud flaps.. it is 4,606lbs. So it is about 260lbs heavier than the base weight.
  11. blwnsmoke

    Finally spent time with new Aviator

    Wow, and the ST is 4,345lbs. So Aviator is already 550lbs more and the GT is 1,333lbs more. I haven't researched competitors but one really thinks the GT will be in the 4s being over 1,300 lbs greater then the ST at a 5.5 0-60?
  12. What in the..... oh just nevermind. I give up.
  13. Just some points of reference. First 2 screen shots are dealer orders. 3rd is from the link that talks about it. https://www.autoevolution.com/news/2020-ford-explorer-teased-in-beijing-will-be-made-in-china-and-chicago-125276.html
  14. From what I have read, it is a 10r60 going in the Explorer, not 10r80
  15. blwnsmoke

    Production Week Scheduling Timetable

    Exactly what I was told. Although one of my STs was pushed out from July 24th to Aug 4th, my other ST order is still showing June 24th to be built as of yesterday. Looks like everything is good to go.
  16. blwnsmoke

    Production Week Scheduling Timetable

    This was the same person who said all builds before the ok to buy is given are crushed lol.. So take that for what it is worth. I was told on a few occasions that they were shooting for the 13th. I got word on the 13th around 130pm that it was given a few hours prior. Havent heard anything of the contrary yet.
  17. blwnsmoke

    Production Week Scheduling Timetable

    All I can say is the QC manager of CAP said it was given for Explorer only (not hybrid)
  18. blwnsmoke

    TFL Towing: F150 vs F250

    It's not the tow rating that is the downfall, it is payload.
  19. blwnsmoke

    Finally spent time with new Aviator

    Maybe the 3.0 will have a detuned version in the GT. Just like the Platinum Explorer has the same 3.0 as the ST but has 365HP instead of 400HP. If the GT is detuned, that means more HP for the electric motor to hit the 450HP.
  20. blwnsmoke

    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    Ok to Buy hasn't been issued on the Aviators. It will continue to push out until that is given.
  21. blwnsmoke

    Finally spent time with new Aviator

    ^^^ I agree. I am sure 1 of the 7 drive modes (Sport?) will have 100% full electric assist with the gas engine and it will really move off the line.
  22. blwnsmoke

    Finally spent time with new Aviator

    Of course it will be, It has 50 more hp and at least 185 more torque. As I already said above, it is also almost $20k more. You can't compare the two.
  23. blwnsmoke

    Finally spent time with new Aviator

    No way, the GT will kick its butt. Was referring to the standard Aviator as he mentions . A Build and Price on the GT requires the GT1 package to be similarly equipped as the ST which puts it at $78,000. That's almost $20,000 more in price. You can't compare the two. My post was more referencing his quote of "I've seen both in person now and there's plenty of "extra" substance to justify the Aviator's pricing,"
  24. blwnsmoke

    Finally spent time with new Aviator

    Pristine White is a different paint code so it is a different color. White Platinum is more of a pearl color. This Pristine White is truly White. It reminds of of the Audi White.. It is truly bright and true. Don't think you can get more white if that makes sense. This is nowhere near White Platinum Tricoat.
  25. blwnsmoke

    Finally spent time with new Aviator

    Coming from someone who isn't a moderator on here.. Calling yourself a "somewhat expert" and stating how you have driven over 1,000 cars and 15 years in the auto journal industry etc, one would think that they would know Standard Ford/Lincoln practice as this has been going on for... well, as long as I can possibly remember (more then the 15 years you have been in Auto Journalism). If one is going to try to prove/show/state their credentials, be sure that you know what you are talking about. Sorry, not sorry. Although you have a decent review, there are a few things that I would disagree with. Of course the Aviator is more luxurious and offers more than the Explorer has BUT the Explorer ST will outperform the Aviator in every other way except Luxury. It will corner better, handle better, accelerator faster (we will see about braking better) etc. The ST is tuned for performance. I will agree with you that Lincoln has a real winner with the Aviator regardless.