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  1. muse3115

    Dearborn Truck P702 Units

    All I’ve heard is, body shop is scheduled to build a few Monday morning. So maybe they’re just building cabs, to bring to the pilot plant
  2. muse3115

    Dearborn Truck P702 Units

    I’m honestly not sure. They could be prototypes, or they could just be scrapped. Either way, it’s an encouraging sign that launch is getting closer. I’ll definitely agree that Texas State Fair is looking like a likely debut!
  3. muse3115

    Dearborn Truck P702 Units

    Yea, P702 is the next generation F-150. Generally around 1 year out is when we start seeing validation units/ pre production builds
  4. This upcoming Monday, Dearborn Truck is running a few P702 units. Seems that maybe Ford is fast tracking launch for early next year?
  5. muse3115

    Flat Rock to build BEV

    Bill Ford already confirmed hybrid/BEV F150 will be built at Dearborn Truck. They have already extended chassis lines 1&2. I assume it’s for battery install.
  6. They’ll get there, might take another month or two. Regardless, theres no way they’ll be building 1200 a day anytime soon. Considering Bronco hasn’t even debuted yet. It’s highly unlikely they’ll add another shift before Bronco production starts. Unless demand for Ranger is through the roof. Which I doubt, but hope for.
  7. You’re right. Final seems to run 650-670 per shift. That’s usually a 10.5 or 10.7
  8. 680 in 10 hours is goal rate. It’s not uncommon to run 10.5 and push out 700+. At least in Body Shop.
  9. muse3115

    Department sign up

    At DTP, you can only move between final/paint/body if you get a bid job. Unless you're low seniority, then the company will move you from one building to another without much fight from the union.
  10. muse3115

    Ford hiring

    What plant?? You probably didn't miss your chance. Labor Department is slow getting back to people, slower if you're already an employee. Best advice is call the same number they called you from on Monday morning, probably more then then once.
  11. muse3115

    Company adjusting rolls

    Just a quick question. Hired in as Entry Level, started in body shop at DTP. Been there almost 3 years. Anything in our contractual language that could block them from moving me to Final Assembly? Since launch in 14' they've been cutting jobs and moving people over there ~20 at a time due to attendance issues