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  1. TobyTime

    2019/2020 Ford Edge Horn

    Nice! Yes for sure. Enjoy! Love my Edge. TT
  2. TobyTime

    2019/2020 Ford Edge Horn

    Hmm...I just simply told my parts department to order the horn, check it when it came in, and see if both horns came inside the box...and they did indeed. Just goes to show you that while the experience from dealer to dealer should be consistent, it isn't always. I can't remember, do you drive an ST? TT
  3. TobyTime

    2019/2020 Ford Edge Horn

    Ugh. Sometimes you have to get really crafty when dealing with dealerships, they'll find a loophole if given any opportunity. I've got a years-long history with my service department so I might have gotten lucky, but yes, if you're only getting charged $60 total for the entire thing, it's well worth it! I don't know how more people haven't caused a fuss. I can see it in an Escape or Ecosport but not in an Edge or above. Have fun, and blow that horn everywhere now, show 'em who's boss...haha. TT
  4. TobyTime

    2019/2020 Ford Edge Horn

    I'm glad to know this is getting fixed but bewildered as to why your service department isn't doing it under warranty! The car comes with a dual horn mount and only a single horn attached to it, and the replacement part comes with dual horns! How did the discussion with parts and service go? TT
  5. TobyTime

    Thinking of buying an 2020 Edge - help?

    Yep. Just took mine in this week to have it done. They replace the front (if equipped) and rear cameras. As stated above, the supplier of said cameras supplied flawed parts. I never had issues with either of mine but some people state they black out and have image display/quality issues. TT
  6. TobyTime

    Explorer Exhaust Tips

    It's both. "Ford...where Form meets Function"...LOL. I think it started as a creative way to eliminate some of the worst soot on dual exhaust ever (after owning both 2014 and 2017 Fusion Titaniums, I witnessed it first hand in the Ford Family) and it morphed into something more serious when the Explorer met with its Carbon Monoxide debacle a while back. Either way, normal exhaust is still a thing on many many vehicles on the road, so if I do alter my XLT exhaust to mimic the look of the Limited, that pro still outweighs the con of a little extra polishing. TT
  7. TobyTime

    Explorer Exhaust Tips

    Yep. I checked yesterday on the lot. They are indeed the bottom exit with decorative end. My guess is this type of tip is not available aftermarket so my exhaust guy will more than likely have to cut just before the existing tip curve and weld on whatever new tip I get. I've used Magnaflow in the past so will probably default to that unless someone mentions a better brand. Thanks! TT
  8. Hey All, Does anyone know of a reputable/good quality aftermarket stainless exhaust tip? I'm looking to convert my 2020 XLT exhaust from the ugly unfinished bent tip to that of the Limited trim, complete with the Limited bumper cover with exhaust cutouts. I inquired about the actual exhaust parts for a Limited but everything is one piece and would require a good half of the exhaust system to the tune of about $1,100. Thanks! TT
  9. TobyTime

    2013 Ford Edge Windshield fogging issue

    When was the last time you cleaned the inside of the windshield really well? TT
  10. TobyTime

    Thinking of buying an 2020 Edge - help?

    Hey thanks for the update on the SEL after 3 months! I agree about the hood 100%! In their quest to lighten the vehicle they made the hood a bit too flimsy. I do LOVE that it is propped by hydraulics instead of a prop rod though! Not sure if that's just an ST thing but it's so nice. As for Sirius, I've kept my subscription over the years and have found many favorite channels. Does your free trial have every channel in the lineup included? There are so many. I can't speak to the headlights since yours and mine differ but if you don't drive with your fog lights all the time, do. They help a lot. Do you have LED headlights on that trim? As for the stereos in Fords, yes, I have learned over the years always go with the trim that has an upgraded stereo (a la Sony, B&O, etc) as the stock ones are hot garbage. My last Explorer had what they called the "upgraded" audio system in the XLT 202A package or whatever it was, and it was absolutely shameful. Not an ounce of bass at all. I think the "upgrade" merely added two tweeters and zero quality. Ha. TT
  11. Thanks! I'll check this out. So far the carpet is being ordered and replaced, and the power train issue seems resolved. Let's hope nothing more pops up in the next 34 months! Edit: Interesting article. I knew issues plagued the new Explorer's launch but my spouse loves the Explorer so I acquiesced and we got another. So far I really hate the XLT we settled on. They pulled so many nice features from it but had priced the much preferred Limited so much higher and wouldn't budge or deal on it, so I begrudgingly said fine, I'll blame COVID and just settle. Never again. TT
  12. 1. Copy that. I'll watch the FordPass app for a recall or field service notice. 2. For sure, going in on Monday. TT
  13. Hi All, Really livid about my new Explorer and the two issues it's had so I'm curious to know if any of you out there have experienced the same. I've had the vehicle since September and it currently has 2,000 miles on it. 1.) Fault with the powertrain/awd system that once taken in was determined to be a bad chip? 2.) Front driver's side carpet is shredding away in big clumps and the area just in front of the seat bottom cushion is ALREADY stripped bare. Thanks, TT
  14. TobyTime

    2019/2020 Ford Edge Horn

    I totally get it friend! I was NOT about to drive an ST model for more than a couple days with that crazy clown-car horn! If it helps, all I did was call my parts dept and asked him to look up the part based on my vin number. He did, and although he couldn't confirm what would come in the box, he said he'd just order it and open the box when it came in, so just have your parts guy/gal do that anyway. You need to see what part arrives in the box. He called me a couple days later and said, "you're in luck, the dual note part arrived in the box", so service replaced it shortly thereafter. Good Luck and report back what you find out! I'll be curious to know what happens. TT