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Upgrade SE Tail lights?


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My feelings exactly. If Titaniums were available with a non-black interior color, then I would have ordered a Titanium. Interior color is important enough to me that I was willing to give up the keyless entry and pushbutton start of the Titanium trim just so I could get the dune interior color.


Yeah, this was also an issue for me. I would really prefer the dune interior. But from my point of view the deciding factor was not the interior color (and certainly not the tail lights!), but the pushbutton start. I plan on owning my next vehicle for a long time -- my current Audi is 15 years old and still going strong. I expect that in a few years, the notion of turning a key to start a car will seem "so Twentieth Century" that cars like that will feel dated. So I decided I could live with a black interior in order to get the pushbutton start. And I'm glad that the keyless entry and wrap-around tail lights come for free with the Titanium.


Plus, the premium for the Titanium trim is amazingly low on the Fusion Energi. If you're willing to pay that much for extra batteries, Ford basically throws in the Titanium features.


But I would gladly order a dune interior for my Titanium, if only Ford offered this. "Any color so long as it's black..."

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Well I finally heard back from my dealer about swapping out my SE tail lights for Titanium tail lights. It's totally doable! The parts, labor and all is only $900 to do it, so I'm going for it! I figured it would be cheaper if I had the dealer do it for me as part of the final deal on my car, instead of waiting until later to do it myself! Now the only outwardly visible differences between my SE and a Titanium will be the chrome door handles and the chrome trim all the way around the side windows, since I got the SE appearance package instead of the luxury package, and of course the name badges. So at night, anyone who knows about the difference in the tail lights will think that I'm driving a Titanium instead of an SE!


Puppybone, were you successful in having Titanium tail lights installed on your SE? I dropped by the parts department of my Ford dealership when I picked mine up to see if they thought it was feasible for my Hybrid SE. They researched the parts diagrams and felt that the wiring modifications required to install it looked pretty extensive and ultimately recommended against it as it would likely be very costly (beyond just the cost of the parts). While I'd be interested in this type of customization if it doesn't risk the integrity of the car, it's not worth it to me if it's crazy expensive.


- Troy

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