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    Why not indeed. A chance to put the new CD6 modular platform to a use beyond SUV's.
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    You can complain that it’s a stupid test. You can complain that the metrics become harder and that’s unfair. The fact is safety is high on consumer shopping lists and if Ford chooses not to update and get good marks it will fail to gain those vehicle shoppers as customers. Its like complaining to the teacher you aced basic mathematics but failed calicus and that’s unfair because you did great before; never mind the parameters changed. You were told the parameters were changing years ago yet chose to do nothing to improve.
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    It's just another metric to base a buying decision upon, it hardly means vehicles not ranking are death traps. But if you agree with the criteria the IIHS has outlined...and all things being relative..then I think it's reasonable to say that vehicles that score on this list have an edge on features and designs important for safety. Ford will respond if they feel their customers care, but Ford has never been idealistic about safety, they tend to to follow government mandates. That's especially notable when we look at how persistently poorly Ford does in IIHS crash testing, even with full awareness of it. But we also have to appreciate that when Ford has new safety amenities, they aren't experimental or unrefined which isn't always revealed by checklist testing.
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    Like they always do. This is my biggest complaint - something that was a “top safety pick” a few years ago is now a death trap.
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    Hi wilsons550. Yes, wouldn't surprise me. 😀 However, if you have all your oil changes performed at the Dealership, they use the incorrect spec and you have engine trouble later under warranty, that will be Ford's problem. You will have receipts and records showing you had them take care of maintenance and they screwed up and are on the hook. However, if you do your own oil changes and have engine trouble later (yes, let's all keep in mind that the odds are very remote), you will be on the hook if Ford wishes to quibble the details. If you are performing your own oil changes, I would still recommend using the correct spec, and keeping all your receipts for your records. Good luck.
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    New light & medium duty news

    Test engines are starting to be produced now...
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    2019 Ford Ranger First Drive

    Dunno; I'm always wearing gloves when I'm on the tractors, so wearing them in the truck doesn't bother me at all. My dad likes to make fun of me for wearing them, but every time I'm pulling a glove out from where it's gotten pinched between two pieces of equipment, I remind him that it was the glove, and not my hand.
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    Also to the smart ass who said let them look at the world out the window... either A) you don't have kids or B) you had kids but you smacked them around to keep them quiet... 🤬
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    2020 Lincoln Aviator Debuts

    Steel.. probably aluminum hood like the Explorer has now (my guess) but the body will be steel.
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    2019 IIHS Top Safety Picks

    Going off-topic, this discussion reminds me of my first two cars, when I used to drive around with a gas tank on my lap and no engine in front. Yes, they were VW bugs, 1965 and 1967. The latter finally died when I was doing a long-distance drive some 50 miles outside of Salina, UT when the unsecured rubber hose that was the fuel line popped off the engine nipple and spewed gasoline on my overheated engine (I was at the summit after a long uphill climb). It felt like my rear wheels ran over a log when my engine ignited. I pulled the car over, grabbed my suitcase, and then stood (way) back as I watched the car slowly burn up. Eventually a trucker came by and got the fire out with an extinguisher (by then, though, the fire was starting to go out on its own, having pretty much burned up everything flamable in the car). Then the long drive to Salina (thanks to the good Sameritan trucker), a quick sale to local dune buggy converter, and a long Trailways ride back to LA where I lived at the time.
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    Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Tires

    Being that I really wanted the 10 speed,I passed on the PP2. Love the PP2 wheels though, So I bought SVE PP2 replicas. with Nitto Invo tires.