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    August Sales?

    Ignore button is your friend
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    August Sales?

    You have no idea what you’re talking about.
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    Nissan Titan diesel is dead.

    Yes-but those packages are a "check the box" on an option sheet. Not a stand alone model.
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    GM gets to set the pattern

    After paying for everything... I mean everything....expansions... construction and more construction....retooling....buying great spots of Detroit....paying for training center stuff and of course paying for everything we did get it comes too (drum roll please) a four year total ------> twenty fricken three frickin Billion Dollars ----> PROFIT<----- Ohhh then there`s the one thing that makes the share holder happy shhhh two fricken billion one million dollars listed on the financial report as (another drum roll, please) FCF that's short for Free Cash Flow which is financial lingo for STASH 😎 But Ford might only make 22,900,000,000.00 fricken dollars next year so we need another tier...? When they screwed up the business and weren`t making much money our pimps told us to roll over... When Ford has the highest selling TRUCK and SUV ever in the companies Hissstorrreeee….and shh a stash of 2,100,000,000.00 in the refrigerator freezer we gunna hear from our pimp....roll over. but rollin over gets us signing boneus from those smiling faces. How`s that great old song go?? Smiling faces do what??
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    Sterling Archer

    GM gets to set the pattern

    Any contract they try to sell us with ANY KIND of health insurance deductible or payroll deduction will be an Immediate NO from me. I can under stand Co-Pays for prescriptions and some office visits but how many BILLIONS of $$$$ did the company make the last 4 years? Also we need to get rid of the TPT employees or give them a path to full time....Like a time limit...TPT for 12 months then they HAVE to make you full time? I know people that have been TPT's for over 3.5 years and they keep hearing from the union...Just hold on a little longer to see how many people retire or if buy outs are given on THIS contract THEN you MAY get hired full time. Can anyone really believe ANYTHING coming out of IUAW? I agree...it will pass 51 % to 49 % with Local 600 passing it by 90 % to make up for the other plants saying NO.
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    Signing Bonus?

    I'm throwing the first match, who's bringing the gasoline to get this fire going !! Be careful IUAW you might be next on the FBI play list.
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    I think they were always targeting commercial use, but that it seemed the "retail" side was intended to be a bigger slice of the pie until they retrenched and made the commercial AV the primary focus. I personally think it's a good move.
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    Harley Lover

    Mach e prototype on the streets

    What they are showing: is not the same vehicle as this (Mach E): <I'm beginning to wonder if the first photo is the C/D model that was moved to Michigan>