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  1. Does "accruals" mean costs? Also with the data showing a spike in late 2010 and this conflicting with RP's CR data would some of this be explained by model roll over? RP's is showing 2010 models-late 2010 data will reflect 2011 models also.....but sorting thru all of this you could also say that some of those warranty costs could of been from a 2008 Explorer since standard warranty was 3/36? Data overload for me-i'm not an engineer or pretend to be one.....just glad to see them making changes and hopeful that will lead to results. There is no way Ford/Lincoln should not be on par with at least the Koreans!
  2. I remember reading about how Hackett was forcing culture change everywhere and some of it was tied to product development.....he wanted them to speed up development time significantly and I think this is a direct result of those inititatives. Much debate about Hackett, but I will just say I'm glad to see Farley in charge.
  3. "For the first nine months of 2020, Ford's warranty costs totaled $3.87 billion, while GM's were $1.68 billion, according to regulatory filings." That is a huge difference and drops right to the bottom line....looks like their warranty costs have been trending up for years. Years ago, under Mullaly, the supplier's had given Ford a fairly high ranking compared to GM and FCA....I think the latest rankings have them near the bottom.
  4. Your two statements conflict each other.....either way, you can choose to believe what CR has stated or not....and to Fuzzy's point-he's not hearing of any other issues-maybe it is isolated, I'm not sure....but those are opinions. I wish that we were talking about how good Ford did on this ranking and other quality studies. I also feel that Ford knows they cannot fuck up any upcoming launches-the stakes are way to big....hope I'm right.
  5. Got it (lower caps)....agree or disagree....this is what the data is showing. Now is it a major issue or are their competitors just doing a very good job relative to Ford? Who knows, but just because you haven't heard about it does not mean that their is not raw analytical data to support the analysis. All lower caps......
  6. I don't follow what you are saying.....CR pushes out the exact survey to a sample of the population that purchased new cars and gets info back from the consumer. If these issues were not a big deal, than the survey would reflect that. I am pretty particular about squeaks, rattles, annoying software, etc. and would certainly want those issues addressed on a dealer visit.
  7. They are not nitpicking! They look at data that consumers have supplied-not CR staff and share that with the public. Their is no conspiracy theory here and obviously the data supplied by the consumer is correct. For whatever reason, the Edge, has a good quality rating and pretty easy to see why.....they've had minor changes to that vehicle over the past 10 years and over time been able to improve the quality of the product. CoolScoop-glad to know that you've not had any issues (not any recalls either?) and that color is gorgeous.
  8. Some validity to what you are saying but the bottom line is this is Ford's own fault and will have to pay the price. And you could say sales are strong but who knows, how many lost sales have occurred? Warranty costs are thru the roof and going to be hard to reduce much for the foresable future with new product launches, which always are more problematic early on. I think some of that will improve under Farley but he's not a miracle worker and Ford has never really put quality and reliability as a top priority, throughout their lineup. They've had a few vehicles that have done well but that is in the minority and I'm not sure why. You would think with the Ford family still controlling the company that they would at least give a shit about their own brand. But than again, this is the same family that owns the Lions:)
  9. Has Ford ever been on the "BOTTOM" of this list? Very embarassing when you are worse than Tesla and hopefully a big gut check. I'm looking forward to seeing how much they improve in the next year or two under Farley. This has to be a major major priority.
  10. They might be supply constrained on Motorcraft batteries and using another supplier?
  11. Think this is a few months old but worth watching. I’m a 20 plus year fan of these guys and think they nailed it. Has anyone ever had a Sierra? I loved that car as a Merkur but never driven one but one of my all time favorite vehicles .
  12. I think this comes only with a change in leadership. Not sure This happens with Hackett still in charge.
  13. And nobody could understand what Hackett was saying....
  14. Glad I did and that has got to suck being at the dealer level and having to sell something you know has so many issues. I’m not sure I would buy any vehicle made out of Chicago.
  15. That will definitely be a touch screen. Same as the GV 80. I agree with RMC. That oval kind of reminds of second gen Taurus’s. Not a good thing.
  16. Thanks for sharing....Interesting data for sure......wonder if the APR data is old or like they say-average-since interest rates are pretty low but not everyone is going to get the best rate. Stark contract when looking at APR and cost of a car and easily see the difference between someone with wealth vs. someone more middle to lower that does not have as good as credit.
  17. There is definitely a sweet spot in the market for this truck....and one of the few spots where for whatever reason, Ford has neglected and not sure why?
  18. Looking at the two vehicles, there seems to be a different side mirror/camera set up. The thing is huge in the Expedition, barely noticeable on the white Nav and seems in between on the black Navigator. And after seeing how GM placed the rear wiper at the top and hidden-this is the only thing I see when looking at the rear end!
  19. Here is another review and first I've seen-looks like all the guys were in the same media event up near Lake Tahoe. I really like this truck and think it is forcing Ford to up their game also-which I have no doubt they will do. And do you think anyone who buys these trucks give a shit about fuel mileage or premium gas?
  20. Saw this review last night by Speed Phenom and got a better look at this vehicle. I love this kids passion for cars and find him very sincere, but I would be lying if I said I also wasn't a little jealous!!!
  21. When’s the new Raptor coming? Might be two more years since nothing has been announced
  22. Great post and glad to see some meaningful contribution!! Not sure when the last time we've had 6 plus pages on a competitive product on this forum so it that regards, it must mean something. Lot's of good points made and keep in mind, this is one vehicle of many that will GM has coming out the next few years, including a BEV Silverado/Sierra. This race won't be won in a day or a year or two and hard to say who the winners/losers will be, but love seeing the market evolve. I grew up with my family all employed by GM but in my blood, always been a Ford guy. I've owned or had corporate vehicles from both makes but not a GM guy at all. But love the industry and respect every OEM, including Tesla (which is damn hard to admit) but to say this vehicle is a loser or they are stupid to make this vehicle is very short sighted. Thankfully-we aren't the final verdict, but the market always is. On a lighter note, I was over in Fort Myers past few days working and around the corner from a customer visit, I came across a Roush facility and they had 2 Bronco Sports, 3 new F150's, a Mustang MachE and a new Kia Sorento-Bronco Sport looked great and the 150 has a way different look than the current version. Mustang MachE looks great as well:)
  23. So did the Bronco!!!! Hummer has a lot of brand equity and recognition, just like Bronco-no surprise they revived both nameplates.
  24. That beer actually looks tasty as hell! Nice job on the garage-now you just have 9 more months to wait:)......enough time to do the floors!
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