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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. doesn't have a 4 cyl either iirc
  2. do you still have the Flex along with your Stang? gonna update your profile? just-imho - that's a difficult timetable & DO NOT believe Anything you read until Ford announces what it Will Be building next summer; like OrderBank opening & Job1 dates... ...ie ignore any announcements about what Lincoln wON'T be building = mis-direction imho
  3. definitely wagon remember the new Focus, hatch OR sedan, has No side-glass behind the reardoor (my favorite design 'feature')
  4. 2b2

    Frustrating experience

    just means they weren't treating this seriously enough before :facepalm: / smh doesn't mean they are Now, imho
  5. imho, not being able to make enough of an existing engine seems as incompetent/inadequate as --- only having a 203hp v6 for 2005's Year Of The Car --- only put a $10k BEV drivetrain in a Focus + you have to ship-out the building --- can't even offer the existing Energi in your LUXury Brand :facepalm: / smh
  6. just saw the first minute just long enough for an issue with his presentation: He compared the NYC EasterParade in 1900 to 1913 but those years were carefully chosen imho FOR THE OPTICS (Hate that phrase). The first U.S. automobile was 1805, patented in 1789 googled; the Model T which brought cars-to-the-masses started in Oct 1908 wiki'ed. nice use of rhetoric/manipulation ...coal is still one of the most SIMPLE fuels! imho that's why the additional tech to make it clean isn't done = bad for profits
  7. 30? chosen just-cuz I saw one recently: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pontiac_Firebird#Second_generation_(1970%E2%80%931981) 49.3" ht. 1970-1981
  8. now how about that cD6 Z-replacement, "CD622", that had been set for a July2019 Job1 at one point...?
  9. 2b2


    maybe it's a neoprene-like upholstery like-afaik Volvo T-tec
  10. 2b2

    2018 Mustang Production Information

    :thumb: I've wondered for a long time if this '''adaptive''' stuff would invalidate testdrives "but Sir, it's only going to get better...really" + if commuter-driving could spoil all the fun of weekend/pleasure-drives? ie it would be adapted to stop&go
  11. 2b2

    Finally got bit by the clutch

    would you like mayo or sriracha on your crow?