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  1. Good link and too bad the 3.7 isn't in the civilian set up. Nice bridging of the power of the 3.5 NA and the 3.5 EB
  2. tofer

    Retiree check stub

    For their taxes probably.
  3. I was thinking about the testing as well or distance in HI from dock to dealer etc... vs. carriers (not sure if things are done differently there) but I bet it was (hope) Ford QC testing a random unit.
  4. i pushed to get lower the F*N's but WAS able to get the trade in value up higher than I thought I would and pushed down the extra dealer fees .... some may not have been as fortunate.
  5. Being a bigger guy, I can see that the PUI would be perfect for LEO use for in/out and with all the stuff that LEO carry/have attached to them.
  6. I've heard the complaints of the MFT Sync but honestly I have had no issues with the 2 Explorers with it. Sure Sync 3 BETTER be better than the older version but as picky as I am at times with tech, no real complaints other than it's a little laggy at times (especially at start up), but never any real issues.
  7. Bigger sidewall will help with the harsh road conditions (potholes/ice) in winter too.
  8. in some other photos I have seen, the nose sure reminds me of a Subaru Outback (new) and an awful lot like the Edge (new).
  9. I completely agree, I just couldn't get "into" the previous front ... especially if it didn't have fog lamps and had the giant amber lenses.
  10. I am in the market for a 16 Explorer LTD and started the email negotiations to see what/where we can be at and go from there (either way)
  11. tofer

    2014 Edge

    I'm considering an Edge but while the last year models typically are good as everything has been worked out, you end up with an "old" model almost right away.
  12. having the option to have one without the 3rd row is a great idea. On my 2006 i ordered mine to get one without the 3rd as I have zero need for one or pay the MPG's for one either.
  13. The trans from the EXP and Windstar are not the same - Exp RWD/4x4 - WS - FWD
  14. Great to hear. I do miss mine at times and the off road ability. I don't miss the MPG's with it thou. I traded mine in at 98k miles for this: 2011 KIA Optima SX (Turbo)
  15. tofer

    Interior Lights

    Strange... my 2006 EB does exactly what you want yours to do.... not sure why yours doesn't