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  1. Does anyone with inside knowledge or Lincoln system access know approximately what Lincoln would pay a dealer for selling an Xplan on an approximately $67k MSRP vehicle? I have someone checking for my on a comparable MSRP for a Ford truck but have no idea how much it varies by model or even by brand (Ford vs Lincoln). I'm essentially trying to figure out how far off we are between what they are offering vs if they just accepted my Xplan pin. Example, if we are $2,500 off but Lincoln will pay the dealer a $700 Xplan spiff, then we are really $1,800 off. Knowledge is power and I'm just tiny got get the best deal possible. My wife and I fell in love with a Nautilus Black Label on the showroom floor and instead of waiting for our Explorer ST to come in, we may go this route if we can agree on a price. Thanks to anyone who may be able to help out.
  2. blwnsmoke

    GM urges patience as Silverado falls to No. 3

    To add to what Akirby said, many are waiting for 2 things. 1) The 2020 redesign with the 3rd gen 6.7. 2) The 2020 with the all new 7.3 gas. The fact that sales are still climbing, higher transaction with less on the hood and so many holding out for August order banks to open.. well ya, enough said.
  3. Goodmorning, Could you look this order up? Wondering if a build week or day has been assigned yet. VIN 1FM5K8GC7LGA02284 Thanks
  4. blwnsmoke

    650 HP Expedition

    Yup, Cant wait for the Explorer ST tunes to come out not having to worry about FWD PTUs etc.
  5. blwnsmoke

    2020 Explorer

    Here you go, this was being tracked for an Explorer forum member and it showed up today. Appreciate you helping out as always!!
  6. Another vehicle GM will urge patience due to slow sales??
  7. Hi Cyberdman, I'm not quite sure if this one is against the rules or not (somewhat unique). I am looking at a 2019 Nautilus Black Label and I'm tying to see when it was delivered to the dealer. Would you mind looking up the tracking and telling me the delivery date? With you not wanting PMs, I wasn't sure how else to ask. Originally wanting the Explorer and now my wife fell in love with this instead of waiting for our order to come in. If this is beyond what you offer, just let me know. Thank you either way!! VIN 2LMPJ9JP3KBL36111
  8. blwnsmoke

    2020 Explorer

    Good morning!! Hope you had some great time off. If I could get another update on this VIN. Thanks Brian 1FM5K8GC7LGA02284
  9. blwnsmoke

    GM Sales Q2 & June 2019

    Never looked inside nor saw the back. It was backed up into a cubby if you will so everybody walked in front of it as they passed by.
  10. blwnsmoke

    GM Sales Q2 & June 2019

    But all those "real people, not actors" on TV love it!! Actually looks wise I do really like the looks of it. They have a Blue one at Hershey Park and it is definitely a looker. But I never bothered to price one out for shits and giggles.
  11. I would think that although Ford is posting quarterly that if they sold almost 90k Fseries in June, they would call that out. I completely agree with you regarding GM. And until they do an emergency refresh, they will continue to tank in sales.
  12. My eyesight says 79k , not 87k.
  13. The new Explorer is already here. Several people have taken delivery of theirs the past week.
  14. blwnsmoke

    RAM June Sales

    But that's only because GM didnt have all truck trims available and urge patience. - per GM.
  15. Must be all those low margin/profit fleet sales dragging them down... "Total Q2 F-Series sales pass the 230,000 mark, further extending our leadership position this quarter. F-Series transaction pricing was solid at $47,500 per truck, $1,200 higher than a year ago and $2,500 above the segment average"
  16. blwnsmoke

    RAM June Sales

    Dealership discounts do not hurt Ford so it has no bearing on this. Rebates are what hurts Ford's margin/profit. So not sure why you are even mentioning this.. you know that. And of course you pick the STX package which has unique rebates. How about looking at a KR or Platinum like this.. only $1,250 in rebates. https://www.autonationfordfortworth.com/ford-f-150-fort-worth-tx.htm It seems you are just like the media, you find unique links to try to advertise your agenda instead of looking at the big picture. The STX is not Ford's top seller or anywhere close to it. They are not throwing that kind of money on a lot of trucks and capitalizing on the high trim, high profit trucks.
  17. My company only has Fords. It is a mix between Taurus and Fusion. Which level you are depends on the model but they ha e hundreds of them and turn them over every 2 years (75k). Not sure who they will go through now or what they will pick.
  18. blwnsmoke

    And the GT500 is how much?

    I just read an article talking about the Big 3 and the amount of cash on the hood for GM. It mentioned, "June was truck month" for GM and good deals were to be had till July 1st which is end of Q2
  19. blwnsmoke

    And the GT500 is how much?

    But the market doesnt command it and that dealership will never sell one. I have a 2020ST that I am getting now for Dplan pricing plus $100. They are giving me all holdback less $100 and this was with zero negotiating. Ford is building over 40,000 STs a year.. There is zero reason to pay more then invoice on an ST period. Look at all the gt350s for sale used now on the market. You will not pass an ADM on to someone else on the used market IMO. There are dealers selling Raptors over MSRP yet my guy who had 13 on the lot would always sell at MSRP.
  20. blwnsmoke

    2020 Explorer Reviews

    At least on the 5th gen, with the exhaust going straight out, the wind effect swirled it around very badly around the tailgate. In the winter time, you couldn't see out the back glass during heavy acceleration until the vehicle warmed up. Having it point downward eliminated a lot of that swirling around reducing the chance of it being sucked in IMO. Even the 19s on some of the Explorers now have the turn down exhaust behind the bumper (just like what Ford did to the PUIs for at no charge). The fact Ford did it to Civilian vehicles (without quad tips) and PIUs, there is no way Ford did it for "carbon buildup on the tips". Here is the 5th gen modification pics and TSB. Too much of a coincidence.. I am not knocking Ford taking extra steps to protect customers but dont spin it in a direction that is not the truth. I would respect Ford if they said "Customer safety is of utmost importance and we designed the Explorer exhaust system to exit as far away from the tailgate as possible" or something in those regards. https://ford.oemdtc.com/2617/exhaust-odor-in-vehicle-2011-2015-ford-explorer/3
  21. blwnsmoke

    Ford Ranger IIHS crash test

    When I buy a brand new vehicle from the factory, I should not have to adjust my headlights to factory specs, they should be at the factory specs since... well... ya know... it just came from the factory 2 weeks prior.
  22. I absolutely love the looks of this car. I have been a fan of the exterior for several years and like it far more then the Challenger. What I dont like is the cheap plastic inside. From the plastic the seat controls are attached to, to the cheap door trim etc. When I was at the NY auto show, it's all I could see when looking at the inside. For the price tag, they could do much better with materials inside.
  23. blwnsmoke

    2020 Explorer Reviews

    They can play it off that way but I am willing to bet it is for CO. Ford redesigned the exhausts on the 5th gen for those experiencing the exhaust smell OR/AND CO issues. They were a chrome tip but had a hole just like this and it was a turn down (fake). My $$$ is that Ford continued this on the 2020 to prevent any issues or worries for people aware of the 5th gen issues. And you can bet Ford would never own up to or admit it.
  24. blwnsmoke

    2020 Explorer Reviews

    They are amready shipping. Some dealers in OH received some this week.
  25. Great find. Thanks!!