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  1. I believe that this is the preview of the new Escape. The actual road test is in a later issue. I have to look it up when I get home tonight (I still buy the actual copies of the magazine), but it was much less positive regarding the new Escape.
  2. When publications as disparate as Car and Driver and Consumer Reports pan the noise level and overall refinement of the three-cylinder Escape (particularly in view of the asking price), I'd say that there is more going on here than people not wanting to accept something new and/or different.
  3. I was responding to the claim that the new Escape is "targeting" Focus owners, or those who would have been interested in a Focus. Not likely to achieve that goal at those prices. And in this market, a passenger car holding steady in sales is somewhat of an achievement.
  4. The cheapest 2020 Escape I've seen at a dealer is about $29,000. One can buy a decent Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla for a lot less than that.
  5. They need to relearn one lesson taught by the young Lee Iacocca, who understood that money had to be spent where customers could see and feel the results.
  6. grbeck

    Goodbye Focus, hello Flex

    That design was supposed to minimize the possibility of occupants coming into contact with the vehicle while entering or exiting. That way they wouldn't get their pant legs dirty.
  7. The sad part is that the not only was the rest of the car quite good, but the previous generation Focus had earned a decent reputation for reliability (once Ford got the bugs worked out of it). We had a 2005 Focus SE sedan that we traded with 235,000 miles on the odometer. The only major problem was an alternator failure at about 190,000 miles. Ford promptly threw all of that away with this transmission fiasco. My wife wanted a crossover, so the Focus was traded on an off-lease 2014 Escape. But I wanted a car. By the time I was ready to trade, this transmission's reputation was well-known, and a manual wasn't an option (my wife can't drive one).
  8. Based on other articles, I got the impression that the directive to use the transmission no matter what, and somehow get the cars out the door, came from someone at or near the top. Middle management was not the source of the problem.
  9. The middle managers were hiding the engineering issues because they were afraid of negative consequences if they had spoken up about them. That is the bigger issue to me. And Ford should not have withheld the 6F from this market, given that a working automatic is far more crucial in this market than it is for the rest of the world. Aside from the problematic transmission, the Focus was a nice compact car.
  10. grbeck

    2021 Chevy Tahoe/Suburban

    Don't care for the grille of the Z71, but I can see these hitting the target with their intended audience - particularly with improved interiors.
  11. grbeck

    2021 Escalade

    The Cadillac front-end ensemble is, at best, bland on smaller vehicles (CT5, XT6), but it does not "scale up" well to the Escalade. On the Escalade, it goes from bland to awkward.
  12. grbeck

    Hackett in for Long Haul

    I don't know about the 2020 Explorer and Aviator, but I remember a poster who worked on the line saying that they had been shut off when production of the last-generation Focus started. This could have been done when production of the Explorer and Aviator began. The newest arrivals at our local dealer are a considerable improvement over the first ones.
  13. grbeck

    Hackett in for Long Haul

    I remember one of the workers on this site saying that Ford has machines that utilize lasers to ensure better exterior panel fit. One would think Ford would use such machines on these vehicles. The new Explorer and Aviator - along with the Corsair - look great in real life. That's why it's frustrating to see these annoying little issues.
  14. Having worked in both the private sector and government, it would not surprise me if someone DID study history, and actually decided that the Sales Bank was a good idea!
  15. grbeck

    2020 corvette price is a loss leader

    The article says that the price needs to rise significantly for the Corvette to make money. The new Corvette seems to be a great car, but I'm not sure that the target market will accept that level of price increase. But I also can't see the accountants tolerating losses on each Corvette sold for very long. Somehow, I don't see this ending well...