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  1. It always seem to me that GM management would talk tough, and even do things to antagonize the union (for example, moving the dies to the full-size pickups in the late 1990s), and then essentially cave during the negotiations. Mary Barra does not strike me as being willing to follow that playbook.
  2. grbeck

    2021MY Escape Facelift

    With the 1994 Dodge Ram pickup, supposedly about 25 percent of the people in the focus group loved it, but the rest hated it. Chrysler's share of the full-size pickup truck market was so low - the Dodge pickup hadn't been fully redone since the early 1970s - that even if only 25 percent of potential customers bought it, that would make it a major success by Chrysler's standards.
  3. grbeck

    2021MY Escape Facelift

    Bob Lutz has said that the Aztek fared poorly in focus groups, but the executive in charge of bringing it to market was determined to ignore all criticism of the vehicle - both internal and external.
  4. grbeck

    2021MY Escape Facelift

    From what I've read, the focus group feedback on the Aztek was overwhelmingly negative, but GM management chose to ignore it. Don't blame the Aztek on the focus groups.
  5. grbeck

    GM July 2019 Approximate Sales Figures

    What are the incentives being offered for the Escalade? I recall that Cadillac began slapping hefty incentives on the Escalade when the new Navigator arrived. I can't believe much has changed since that time.
  6. grbeck

    Acura Type S Concept

    Yes, but Honda isn't going to spend the money necessary to engineer and build a rear-wheel-drive platform. It's interesting how the drivetrain layout can change the character of a vehicle. I saw a 2020 Ford Explorer at the local grocery store yesterday, and it has an entirely different character from its predecessor. The new platform makes it look more premium and upscale than its predecessor. The vehicle just has much more "presence," as compared to the prior generation.
  7. grbeck

    Acura Type S Concept

    It looks good, although how it will fare in a market turning away from traditional sedans remains to be seen. Supposedly Acura will only offer five vehicles - the NSX, a new-generation TLX and ILX, and the MDX and RDX.
  8. That would give Ford all sorts of opportunities to trumpet the new vehicle's roots. For example, Ford could say that in 1964, the practical Falcon was used as the basis for the Mustang, which influenced the development of sporty cars both here and overseas (Toyota Celica, for example). Now, over 50 years later, we have come full circle, as the Mustang's heritage and strong brand name are serving as the basis for a new generation of practical vehicles designed to address concerns regarding our future. Or something...
  9. The Escape is an established nameplate (it has been on the market for close to 20 years). At this point, it's strong enough to stand on its own. Plus, it would "water down" the Bronco name...my wife has a 2014 Escape and loves it, but I can't see her being too excited about any Bronco, baby or otherwise. She has expressed interest in the new Escape. Leave the Escape for buyers such as her.
  10. The pre-bankruptcy 2000s were the era of the "Halo Vehicle" at GM (no doubt driven by Lutz). There was the Cadillac XLR, Chevrolet SSR, Saturn Sky and Pontiac Solstice. These vehicles were supposed to draw the curious to the showrooms of their respective parent brands. The hope was that these people would then buy a more mundane vehicle. The real problem, of course, was that Halo Vehicles can't compensate for mediocre bread-and-butter offerings. The Saturn Sky, for example, couldn't hide the fact that regular Saturns weren't competitive with a contemporary Ford, let alone a Honda or a Toyota.
  11. Drove by our Ford dealer last night (LB Smith Ford-Lincoln in Lemoyne). A blue 2020 Explorer was parked in front. Didn't get a chance to look it over closely, but it looked good from the road.
  12. That's because Saturn only made money for one year, from what I've read. The warm-and-fuzzy commercials and Tennessee "homecomings" were not enough to compensate for the continued losses racked up by Saturn.
  13. The other rationale was that Buick gave the dealers a line of passenger cars to sell. With Buick cars going away, that is one less reason to keep Buick around.
  14. This Saturday, I saw a 2020 Explorer on the road, but our local dealer does not have any in stock!
  15. I thought Focuses equipped with the three-cylinder engine have a conventional automatic transmission that has not been problematic..?