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  1. The state that can't generate enough electricity for home use is going to mandate that new vehicles use electricity. That makes sense. Or is the latter designed as a distraction from the former...?
  2. I would guess that if GM wants anything from Honda, it's more likely a version of the CR-V or HR-V. Are Chevy dealers really that eager for a Cruze replacement?
  3. Through August, the best-selling vehicle at Honda has been the CR-V, with 203,762 sold. The Civic is in second place, with 178,570 sold. The Accord is a distant third with 125,142 sold. The Accord has also registered the biggest year-to-year decline of the three, with a 32 percent drop in sales (compared to a 23.4 percent drop for the Civic, and a 20 percent drop for the CR-V).
  4. Toyota released the latest version of the Camry with incentives that were generous for a new vehicle. It also sells a fair number of Camrys to rental car companies. If you want to see what sedan sales look like without the maker resorting to generous incentives and fleet sales, look at sales of the new-generation Honda Accord. Nobody can say that the Accord is stale or outdated, and it has received very good reviews.
  5. More people base their buying decision solely on price than you would think. A relative had a Chevrolet Avalanche with over 150,000 miles on the odometer. The Chevy was starting to require costly repairs, and he and his wife had just had a baby. He replaced the Avalanche with a Nissan Rouge, because the Nissan had the lowest lease payment for vehicles of that size.
  6. Yes and no. Ford has a strong presence in this segment thanks to the name equity built up by the Explorer. But the Palisade and Telluride are stronger efforts than the Titan and Tundra. There is also less brand loyalty in this segment than there is among full-size pickup customers.
  7. For several years at the Carlisle Ford Nationals, Ford had a Flex as one of the vehicles at its test-drive event. The Flex was comfortable and roomy, and was the easiest vehicle to both enter and exit. Overall, it was a very intelligent - and under-rated - design, in my opinion.
  8. There are no "regulations" that keep fuel prices low. Prices are driven by market demand and taxes - both state and federal. Each state is free to tax both gasoline and diesel fuel at whatever level it desires. Prices are high in other countries because they levy heavy taxes on fuel (and have varied the level of taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel to drive more customers to buy diesel-powered vehicles, which further distorts the market not only for motor fuel, but also for vehicles). The lower the level of taxation, the less distortion there is in the market, as the retail price is closer to the true market price. Instead of enacting high federal gasoline or diesel fuel taxes, this country has historically chosen to lower demand by regulating vehicle fuel economy through CAFE.
  9. I've always liked the Flex, but my wife didn't. She calls is "the hearse." From what I've seen, men liked it, but women didn't. They preferred the Explorer. Both of us like the new Explorer...let's hope Ford has the bugs worked out of it.
  10. grbeck

    Cadillac Lyriq EV Teased

    Given the current state of GM design, Harley Earl and Bill Mitchell must be rolling over in their graves. This Cadillac isn't likely to change that.
  11. grbeck

    Next-Gen Wrangler not due until 2027

    Interesting. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, before the advent of fully streamlined bodies, luxury car owners often updated their cars by installing grilles, headlights and bumpers from the latest models.
  12. There are plenty of hotels in the area, but be warned that they often jack up their prices in anticipation of car show season. It's also possible to camp on the grounds for a fee. Check with Carlisle Events for prices and details. A good place to visit is the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) Museum in Hershey, Pa. (about 30 minutes away, to the east). It's open on Sundays until 5 p.m. If you're a history buff, the Gettysburg Battlefield is about 40 minutes to the south.
  13. You're lucky if that is all that the cat does while in the car. My friend made the mistake of taking his cat to the vet without putting it in the kitty carrier. The cat hid under the passenger seat and promptly did his business there. You can imagine how hard it is to get cat urine scent out of carpeting...
  14. All I can say is that I have not wanted to buy a crossover, as I prefer the ride and handling of a good sedan. But I want one of these. The design really works.
  15. In the case of the Fusion, I've read it was the dealers who strongly objected to abandoning the name. They claimed that the Fusion name has a lot of equity. Sadly, the Focus name was tarnished by the transmission debacle.