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  1. grbeck

    FCA and PSA in merger talks

    If they are branded as Chryslers or Dodges, they might have a chance. Otherwise, this is a mature market with plenty of choices available to customers. It will be tough to launch a new nameplate in North America.
  2. True. Plus, they quickly get expensive when equipped in the manner buyers in this class expect.
  3. Judging by the reaction of most GM fans, they do not view the new Blazer as a treat.
  4. That would be interesting, but GM needs more than rumors about a vehicle to compete.
  5. grbeck

    FCA and PSA in merger talks

    I don't believe that Americans are any more eager to buy a Peugoet than they were to buy Fiats.
  6. But it's still a Jeep...that brand equity isn't going to disappear overnight. The one left out in the cold will likely be GM, as it has nothing to counter the Jeep or the Bronco at this point.
  7. The design of the Escape interior isn't the problem. If anything, as others have noted, it looks cleaner and more logically designed than the interiors of its chief competitors. My concern - based on what I saw at the dealer - is that the Titanium version of the Escape looks plain on the outside.
  8. One of our local Ford dealers had three new Escapes on the lot. The exterior fit-and-finish were good - far better than the first 2020 Explorer and Aviator shipped to a Ford-Lincoln dealer. (This dealer also had several 2020 Explorers on the lot, and in exterior fit-and-finish, they were head-and-shoulders about the first Explorers and Aviators, too.) If there is a problem with the Escape, it's that they look somewhat plain, even in higher trim levels. One of the Escapes was a Titanium model with a $40,000 sticker. I had a hard time believing it was the Titanium model. There was nothing wrong with the styling, but the wheels and trim did not give it a "$40,000 look."
  9. No, I'm saying that Mary Barra will not be following the typical negotiating playbook that has been used by GM executives over the past few decades. It has nothing to do with any alleged "payback."
  10. A big change is that for decades GM management would talk tough, and then essentially roll over and give the UAW most of what it wanted (and white-collar employees approved, as that meant more pay and benefits for them, too). Whatever one can say about Mary Barra, I do not get the impression she is going to follow that playbook. She realizes that it's not 1965 anymore, and GM cannot afford to cave and try to pass along higher costs to customers.
  11. One of the complaints has been that executives still get a fat payday even if they drive the company right into a ditch.
  12. It always seem to me that GM management would talk tough, and even do things to antagonize the union (for example, moving the dies to the full-size pickups in the late 1990s), and then essentially cave during the negotiations. Mary Barra does not strike me as being willing to follow that playbook.
  13. grbeck

    2021MY Escape Facelift

    With the 1994 Dodge Ram pickup, supposedly about 25 percent of the people in the focus group loved it, but the rest hated it. Chrysler's share of the full-size pickup truck market was so low - the Dodge pickup hadn't been fully redone since the early 1970s - that even if only 25 percent of potential customers bought it, that would make it a major success by Chrysler's standards.
  14. grbeck

    2021MY Escape Facelift

    Bob Lutz has said that the Aztek fared poorly in focus groups, but the executive in charge of bringing it to market was determined to ignore all criticism of the vehicle - both internal and external.
  15. grbeck

    2021MY Escape Facelift

    From what I've read, the focus group feedback on the Aztek was overwhelmingly negative, but GM management chose to ignore it. Don't blame the Aztek on the focus groups.