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  1. Already the law in California. An HOA can not prevent an owner from putting in his own home charger. I suspect soon there will have to be a minimum number in all new construction - even for apartments.
  2. msm859

    Black Label availability

    Your statement in bold proves my point, I suggest there are a lot of people who want the luxury AND the "green". We took the Tesla X for a test drive and my wife thought it was too small and plain. She loves the Aviator. I am waiting for the real world experiences with the Aviator GT. I have already beaten the dead horse around here about my pause as to the small battery and small electric motor they are putting in it. Audi just announced their 2020 Q5 PHEV(a much smaller vehicle) has a 141 hp electric motor and 14.1 kWh battery - both larger than the Aviator. For some it has nothing to do with the price of gas.
  3. msm859

    Black Label availability

    I believe the "nicest" vehicle should always include the option to have the most fuel efficient engine. Go ahead and max out everything else. But why should someone who wants to limit their carbon footprint not be entitled to the most luxurious interior?
  4. msm859

    Build quality worries

    Looks great. Did yours come with the front license plate frame attached? I just saw another picture with a new Aviator that had it attached.
  5. msm859

    Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control

    I wish the +/- was a percentage not mph. Not sure were you would want to say + 20mph, but would probably say + 20% almost everywhere.
  6. msm859

    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    In 2015 Americans consumed over 140 billion gallons of gasoline. 5% is Huge. Reset your trip odometer and mileage gauge and watch you average mpg on a highway for about 5 miles and then get into town and literally watch the mileage go down as you sit at a stop - yes it makes a difference.
  7. msm859

    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    If it can be set "off" as a default then it should be "off" while they do the EPA mileage ratings and let Lincoln suffer the consequences. The default though should be for it to be "On". I suspect 99% of the people will not care and that will add up to a lot of savings in gas not being burned unnecessarily. What you should be writing Mark Fields is if you have any complaints in the actual operation of the engine off system i.e. it not being seamless.
  8. Or you could buy a Tesla S or X and get free supercharging and 50% charge in @20 minutes
  9. Agreed. I finished my garage and have 2 separate 50 amp circuits. I ran one to a 14-50 plug and the other to hang a charger off the ceiling. Technically I used wire large enough to use 60 amp breakers. Remember, that for a continuous load you have to deduct 20%. Thus, a 40 amp breaker can only charge at 32 amps. Level 2 should be totally fine 99% of the time. 40 amps should give you @25 miles per hour. How many miles does one typically drive every day? You are "topping" off every night so actual charging won't be that long.
  10. msm859

    AVIATOR GT Delivery Date

    Yes, I suppose I was being more philosophical. However, I live in California where I am pretty sure it is illegal for a dealership to keep a deposit if you have not taken possession of the vehicle. I have custom ordered 8 trucks/cars and only 1 time did a dealer actually ask for a deposit. Seems a little crazy when you are trying to buy a "popular" car unless you order some strange color combinations to ask for a deposit.
  11. msm859

    AVIATOR GT Delivery Date

    I would not buy a car that was the "wrong" color. The questions is not whether it is too late - it's not. It is what color do you want? How important is the color to you? I would not blink at changing/cancelling an order to wait to get what I really wanted.
  12. Agreed. May depend where you live. I don't really have to worry about losing power. I suspect if I lived someplace that it was a real concern, I would invest in the battery backup. I have @11kW system and am maxed out. I have my garage wired for 2 separate 50 amp plugs for future plug in something - not if but when.
  13. That is correct. However, it is an easy fix if grid going down is a real concern - besides having a generator. Adding a Tesla wall battery or other brand I suspect, will keep your solar "live" should the power go out.
  14. msm859

    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    To save gas. Having the engine on while standing still is a waste - and only needed perhaps for heat and A/C which the battery can supply for a short time.
  15. Are you serious? That is your defense of climate change? Another article on that page. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/12/181210150614.htm Everyone should be concerned. And anyone who is not should ask themselves the question; What if I am wrong? What are the consequences? I - and everyone else can live if I am wrong. Can you say the same?