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  1. I suspect in California it would be no problem. Tesla superchargers dot the state and a lot of hotels in fact have chargers for Ev's
  2. Well I generally agree with you. I now have 11 kW solar system on my roof. Last year my electric bill was zero so I added an upstairs laundry room with an electric dryer, a heat pump water heater (and more solar panels to bring it up to what I have). I will be putting in an induction cooktop to replace a gas stove. California has very little electricity derived form coal. By 2025 is will be zero - including imported.
  3. Let's say you are right - it is not 97%. At what number would you be concerned? 90 -80 -70 - 60 -50 .....? If 100 meteorologist were in a room and 97 of them told you (and 3 said it was okay) do not take your child outside because there is going to be a lightning strike that will probably hit your child and kill them, would you take your child out? How about if it was only 80 out of 100? 50 out of 100? 1 out of 100? The consequences of being wrong - on the do nothing side - is catastrophic. The consequences of being wrong - on the do too much side - is probably still overall positive to mankind and planet earth. Arguing the "97%" is a distraction. ANYONE who does not believe that the overwhelming consensus of the scientific community believes anthropogenic climate change is a serious threat to planet earth, is not paying attention or in denial.
  4. Can't we do both at the same time. Solar has dropped down in price such that in any sunny place it has become a now brainer - economically - even if you don't believe in climate change.
  5. Seriously? I forgot NASA has always been known as part. of the "green movement". What exactly would it take for you to "believe" that the majority fo scientist believe in anthropogenic climate change. And unfortunately this is not a feeling or belief issue - it is science.
  6. Then I guess we need to do more then just drive electric cars.
  7. A lot of "mights" in there. Ronald Reagan did not believe we were burning a hole in the ozone layer with fluorocarbons. But he banned them anyways - saying it was cheap insurance in case he was wrong. The cost of being wrong on this is catastrophic. The costs of being wrong if it is not true but still acting is de minimis and actually still a lot of good things - cleaner air, water, land and not sending billions to the Middle East to fund terrorists to attack us. How much American blood have we spilled and gold taken from the treasury protecting oil in the Middle East?
  8. Yes there is. https://climate.nasa.gov/scientific-consensus/
  9. Climate change affects everyone across the world. And it is not just California - or me - it is the rest of the world who thinks the same way. There is only one political party in the world - the GOP - who deny climate change. I am not suggesting to tax all the people who don't think like me. I am suggesting that the overwhelming majority of Californians would want this tax - which would only apply in California. GM can sell all the inferior cars they want in other states - just not California and the rest of the world.
  10. Actually the operative word is the EPA "shall" grant a waiver unless.... These is all theater. It will be stuck in the courts until Trump is gone. Furthermore, California would have an easy answer if they lost in the courts. Add a gas guzzler/carbon tax on any cars/manufactures that do not comply with California requirements. Make the formula such that the companies that have agreed with California i.e Ford would not pay. Make the tax prohibitive say $10,000 on every truck and suv from a non complying company i.e GM and see what happens.
  11. Yes, and he wants to bring back incandescent bulbs to "save money" despite the fact that it clearly doesn't. What are the trillions we have spent for middle east oil and wars. If we didn't need their oil we would not be there. World would be a better place.
  12. msm859

    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    Well if some of the workers want to make a lot of money they are offering 12 hours shifts 7 days / week. With overtime that should be @ triple their normal salary!
  13. Even though it is a "2017" he said it won't be 3 years old until next year - so they are putting on more than 13k per year. We have a 2017 Explorer turned 3yrs old in July and has 57k miles so @18k per year. I am looking to replace with a plug in hybrid something.