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  1. Nice. Had no idea and hadn’t seen it demonstrated. Thanks for the info!
  2. Was going Bronco and have an early reservation but decided against that with the climate of the world. Thinking of going back to truck and the PowerBoost just went to the top of the list. Three improvements I’d like to see though; • add an all weather outlet next to the license plate like a trailer plugin so you can run power and keep your bed cover or shell sealed up and secure. • have the ability within FordPass to monitor the power screen from inside your home so you can keep an eye on the electrical load without going outside to the truck. • find a way, someway, to integrate the 36 gallon extended tank to provide even longer run time in such a scenario. • OH... and get it on a 250 stat! Compare the price of a new truck AND an installed home generator and you’re at the price of a PowerBoost model so it becomes a wash. Only now you have the power mobile.
  3. In what would be a weird trickle down, I hope this (the form factor) makes its way down to the Computer Screen option on the Interceptor. Vertical alignment for a screen linked to a laptop is idiotic.
  4. If they did KR it... it’d need to go to the opposite end of the spectrum and be designed as a true, bare bones ranch truck you could drive through the herd checking fencing and the like. Something you wouldn’t mind having cattle rub up on or getting “debris” from the pasture on the floorboard.
  5. My bad, given the discussion had migrated toward the Bronco, should’ve specified the B&P for the 2021 Expedition.
  6. Any idea when B&P should be up?
  7. Is it the lighting (lack thereof) or is this a black MIC top in lieu of the gray “faded from factory” MIC color?
  8. So there will be a retail XL for this?
  9. Maybe a Warthog is meant to be, just discovered that the personalized tag “BRRRT” is available here. If it is in fact a reference to the A-10.
  10. I will, while hoping there are OEM or aftermarket replacement fenders designed like the “R” truck that I can bolt on.
  11. That’s been shared extensively on the thread at 6G so I’d consider it public knowledge at this point.
  12. You make it hard to keep my current reservation lol. We need an upgrade plan like you can get with the iPhone!
  13. Ford made a mistake killing off the Crown Vic/Interceptor. I’ll stand by that statement and weep for the rest of my career.
  14. Given the current climate I’m ready to see one with a camo’d box on top indicative of a turret!