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  1. Maverick601

    Has anyone ordered one yet?

    Got the VIN number within a week of ordering it(either june or July) and window sticker just became available this week
  2. Maverick601

    Has anyone ordered one yet?

    I ordered one and have not been able to track...only have vin and window sticker
  3. We ordered a 2020 Ford Escape and were given VIN# 1FMCU9J99LUA05144 I have not been able to get production information or an ETA from the dealer. It is important because we are extending our previous lease until it arrives. Thanks in advance!
  4. Maverick601

    Security Cameras/Doorbells

    I love my ring doorbell and motion light cameras
  5. Maverick601

    some people just won't tip,,,,,,,

    To get some extra shine
  6. Maverick601

    R.I.P Jessi Combs

  7. Maverick601

    ‘20 Escape Impressions

    Saw it at the NY auto show and liked it enough to order one