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    New to forum/new to ordering

    Hmm, I ordered a 2021 F250 on March 3rd also. A couple weeks ago I received a call from my dealer telling me my 2021 will not be able to be built and will now be a 2022. Good luck. My priority code was 10
  2. Cknox78

    2021 F250 order.

    I received a call from my dealer today telling me my 2021 order placed on March 3rd is being changed to a 2022. Is this something that Ford would do?
  3. Cknox78

    2021 F250 order.

    So do bumped orders take priority and built first?
  4. Hi, I was wondering if I can get an update on an order. 2021 F250 CCSB XLT 6.2L ORDER# 123K DEALER# 41V790 Thank you!
  5. Cknox78

    2021 F250 CCSB XLT

    Thank you, your time is appreciated
  6. Cknox78

    Full sliding rear window

    Bumping this. I want this.
  7. Cknox78

    Kentucky truck plant

    Well that's not good.
  8. Cknox78

    Hello from MN

    Nice choice.
  9. Cknox78

    Kentucky truck plant

    I think it will. This chip shortage will continue this summer and fall. More shutdowns probable.
  10. This makes too much sense
  11. Cknox78

    New Guy

    Great choice. The wait will be well worth it!
  12. Cknox78

    new old guy or returning

    Very nice. You will learn quick, enjoy.
  13. Cknox78

    2022 Lincoln Aviator Production Information

    I'll wait as long as it takes!
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  15. Cknox78

    Greetings everyone

    Welcome. You will spend a lot of time here.
  16. Cknox78

    New to Blue Oval

    Welcome. Great information to be had
  17. Cknox78

    Tow Package Option That Lowers Super Duty Truck

    This is a good idea, need to keep the 5th wheel level
  18. Cknox78

    Useful resources for those joining the Ford Family

    Great info, ordered my first truck. Can not wait.
  19. Cknox78

    How many Fords , or Ford trucks have you owned?

    I've had a 93 Ranger, 98 F150, 05 F150, 08 F250(have had 13 years). I have a 21 F250 on order. All bought new.
  20. Interesting to see what kind of horsepower it will make.