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Is there a 2014 Boss 351 coming ?


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My bet is that ford will not build any 2014 Boss. The original was a 2 year run and I think ford is going to move onto the Bullet and Mach 1 and then after those we probably will see the Boss make its way back for another couple of years once the new design has a couple years to become the norm. I bet 2014 is the last GT500 and then it will be on hiatus for a year or two. This will make the new 2015 GT's sell well and build off the new design. Once that becomes stale they will release the Shelby and other special versions.


Porsche does this the best in that when they come out with a new version they keep building on the old platform for the higher end models, and slowly migrate those to the new platform. So if ford did this then in 2015 when the new body style is released they would release the std & GT models in the new yet still sell the GT500 on the S197 platform as well as offering something like the Boss or a Bullet to keep people interested in the old platform making them more money. Then in a year or two offer the Shelby on the new platform. But we all know ford will never do this. Instead we get a couple years of not being able to buy the model we want as we wait for ford to release it.

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There has been some speculation about a Boss 351 coming again - it's driven partly by the appearance of a 5.8L engine for 2015. That's just a carryover from the 2015 GT500 as a Boss 351 isn't in the cards. From what I was told, the Boss 351 didn't carry a lot of name recognition and Ford wanted to go with a more track oriented replacement for the GT500 - the GT350.

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