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Minivan vs 3 row SUV - why are minivans looked down upon?

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1 hour ago, markfnc said:

Our son was born in 2001.  We bought a 2001 Taurus Wagon as it was easier to get stroller etc. in and out over a trunk.  In 2005 we bought a 2005 Freestar.  


You kept your Taurus wagon a lot long than we did, the sloping roofline and rear door opening made it hard (for us) to get a kid in/out of a car seat.  Plus, it got T-boned when it was 1 week old, and I rarely keep vehicles after they sustain fairly major damage, no matter how good the repair is.



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18 hours ago, papilgee4evaeva said:

From what I have experienced with the Sedona/Carnival, they've been positioning it as the "anti-minivan" since the last generation, and I guess to them this is the next logical step.  Whether it's successful remains to be seen.


Cars.com posted its review of 2022 Kia Carnival today, written by Jennifer Geiger. Mrs. Geiger praised the Carnival's powertrain, feature set, and value, but was less impressed by its handling. The biggest criticisms of Carnival, to no one's surprise, are its "SUV styling" and "Kia’s smoke-and-mirrors attempt to call it anything other than a minivan".


Overall assessment was "the new Carnival is a captivating competitor." 2022 Kia Carnival Review: Almost Magic | News | Cars.com







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