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Pictures of Delivered Trucks

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You guys have some phenomenal looking trucks..... absolutely badazz looking!?


When I ordered my truck I'm thinking man is this thing expensive.....


After seeing all your trucks I see I'm getting the low end ghetto model.???


But it serves its purpose and it's within the price range I am comfortable paying

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Picked up our Stone Gray F450 Lariat CC today! Upgraded from a 2013 F250 SC with a long bed (which we aren't getting rid of because my husband loves that truck....low mileage and never seen winter). It's so nice having a crew cab so car seats fit and I'm not on top of the dashboard....luxury!






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11 hours ago, TheLeadSled said:

Pickup rolled into town today. Not 2.5 hours into my ownership of it, the new wore off. ?





I feel your pain! I bought a Ford fusion years ago.... First time I went out somewhere I was parked in a street. Some guy backed right into it, and drove off. It had about 30 miles on it. 


Fortunately he was remorseful and came back while I was filing a police report for a hit and run so I didn't also get hit with a deductible for collision work on a brand new car. I was so sad about it, though! 

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I got caught trying to move the pickup into the roundtop (barn) as 80+ mph winds and hail were arriving.  Was just pulling in as the wind ripped the door off of the track and slammed into the pickup.  It was a wild day - lots of excitement from receiving the pickup after ordering in March and then lots of frustration after it got damaged within hours of ownership.  It was bound to get damaged eventually being that it's farm use, but geez, not so soon!

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