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  3. Context. Each month, Ford sells between 1500 and 1900 class 6 trucks, class 7 is barely 200. Across 3,000 Ford dealers, that's not even one truck a month. In relative terms, you'd be lucky to find more than 200 examples of '21 F650/F750s around dealerships nation wide.
  4. That's what my 351w gets.... but with 1/4th the HP. Maybe I should do a Hellcat swap đŸ¤”
  5. I wish we would've seen the Lincoln. Sounds like it'd have been awesome. You know, that R1-S looks an awful lot like the Flex..........it'd be neat if Ford brought it back as a BEV. hehe.
  6. lol, so because they showed a Hummer EV, that means they're good to go, that's the thing to invest in? But before nope, not a chance?
  7. Use your exhaust brake. Makes a world of difference. Add in tow haul and manual downshift as YT90SC mentions and it’s even better.
  8. Pretty sure this will be the first vehicle that you will see a constant moving fuel gauge (from F to E) while idling... 10mpg city, 14 highway, 12 combined.. holy crap.
  9. iamweasel

    New light & medium duty news

    Curious why you think stock F600-F750's is such a rare thing. I have worked for and/or with many Ford dealers over the years and many of them stock a lot of F600-F750 trucks. Here are some examples: https://www.truckpaper.com/listings/trucks/for-sale/195835213/2021-ford-f750-sd https://www.truckpaper.com/listings/trucks/for-sale/197741581/2021-ford-f750 https://www.truckpaper.com/listings/trucks/for-sale/194805915/2021-ford-f750 https://www.truckpaper.com/listings/trucks/for-sale/196524707/2021-ford-f750 https://www.truckpaper.com/listings/trucks/for-sale/28632733/2019-ford-f750-sd https://www.truckpaper.com/listings/trucks/for-sale/190170903/2021-ford-f750
  10. Manufacturers like Ford generally don't want that kind of sales data shared or broken down, you're lucky to get classes 4 to 7 break down but no split on vehicles ( eg F-450 vs E-450). A lot of that now considered commercially sensitive yet, GM has started splitting out it's 1500s from HD and MD. I was kind of hoping that Ford and Ram would follow that. Interesting that dealers near you have some MDs as floor stock, that is a little perculiar, maybe there were some loose trucks available with popular configurations...
  11. ldtorres1

    2020 Gt500 order sold to someone else

    Yes sir thats my car .
  12. Decker

    What do you think?

    Not only the Australians understand the truth about the American push overs that the Demo team use and use like.... but it took a Canadian Immigrant to just flat call a moron a moron....
  13. Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    Ice and JP- thx for responses- I'm still confused. I always thought a "fleet" order was a "done deal"... in other words the term "fleet" to me says it is a committed order with a customer name on it. I know my local dealer now has a 650 7.3 chassis, A 650 PS all set up with a 4-6 yd dump and a 750 V-10 set up with a dump. Plus there are at least 3 650's at other dealerships set up with dump bodies and another 650 chassis. There were also two 750 Dumps in one of the last "rags" but new edition indicates only one so one apparent sale of a stock truck. Sure do miss the monthly stats that HDT used to publish.
  14. HotRunrGuy

    2020 Gt500 order sold to someone else

    This one? https://www.bobridings.com/new/Ford/2020-Ford-Shelby+GT500-56bd5cdf0a0e0a1754402ade03348c1d.htm?searchDepth=1:87 HRG
  15. akirby

    2020 Gt500 order sold to someone else

    Report it to the better business bureau and maybe your local news station. Report it to Ford too. They can’t do much but I bet they can cut their gt500 and other allocations.
  16. I still think there's a lot of reasons to wait if you don't need a car right away, and no x-plan seals the deal for me. The 2021 already looks amazing... so just think what's around the corner with Warthog and who knows what else ford can come up with in the next 3 years? New options and features, more paint choices, white tops maybe? And by then the aftermarket should be churning out some really cool stuff too.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Alex D -- We have redeemed thousands of dollars in rewards since inception of the Ford Pass Reward program. The current tire rebate program offers a $70 prepaid credit card or $150 in Ford Pass Rewards points; the majority of our customers are opting for the Ford Pass Rewards points (as a bonus, they also earn points for the tire purchase). The Ford Pass app and the Ford Pass Rewards systems can be buggy (Ford has the worst IT in existence) but the redemption process has been excellent to date. When it works, it really is a wonderful loyalty program.
  19. cal50

    2020 UAW election endorsements

    Biden has said he wants to ban fracking and wants to kill the oil industry. Crude oil occurs naturally and is an excellent base for lubricants, fuel, plastics, etc. Does the UAW that endorsed him or the people working at automotive companies that produce cars and trucks that use oil know Biden is legislating opposite our jobs and industry? If they do how stupid can a person be?
  20. I dont know if this is the right place to get some help . I special ordered a Gt500 a few months back from Bob Ridings Ford in Taylorville , Il . It cam in on the 20th of this month and they tried to add ADM to it even though we agreed on a price 3 months ago when I left a deposit and placed the order. I told them I wasn't paying more than what we agreed on and then the saleman texted my wife a little bit later and said someone came in and bought it even though we had a deposit on it .Seems crooked to me idk. I've emailed Ford Perfomace and can't get through to Ford ill try again during the week. Any help would be appreciated.
  21. LOL Yeah my owning Ford shares was my fall back đŸ˜›
  22. Bob, I have to be careful what I say these days, the info is commercially sensitive, even hinting at the source can be bad. F-600, F-650 & F-750 are normally built to order, not dealer stock. It looks like F-650 has recovered and F-600 is still small sales numbers maybe 10% of that.
  23. Don't mean to be negative here but given how many times Ford has changed plans in the past few years, maybe Ford is not sure what exact types of BEVs it wants to build. I can imagine a situation where Ford scopes a product envelope and develops the chassis, motor and drive, battery modules while leaving the top hat structure as generic modules until a decision is made.
  24. Nice, informative post, WillSD! For my first oil change yesterday, the dealer simply deducted the points on their computer -- upon checking out of the service department, and that's all she wrote. It really was free of charge!
  25. PakAttack

    22-inch wheels? good or bad?

    I just got a black label that comes with 22s without the dynamic handling package for the same reason you don't want the air suspension, durability concerns. But before doing so I test drove an Aviator with and without it. I honestly didn't notice a big difference in ride quality, but we do have decent roads here in AZ. The ride quality is far from harsh with the 22s. So the user who is claiming their aviator has excessive road noise and harsh ride quality definitely has more underlying issues going on.
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