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  2. Heck, the first Bronco thing they showed was the entire headlight LOL
  3. Not really. If you look back at recent history, the same thing happened with the new Escape and Explorer. They both shed the vinyl wrap/padding heavy camo for the sticker camo shortly before the official reveal. There is precedent for this.
  4. Depends on your dealer, what you're buying and how good at negotiating you are. If you’re buying something like a Mustang (except for the Shelby models since they aren't eligible for AXZ pricing) that typically doesn't have a ton of rebates or dealer incentives on it then it's almost always worth it for X-plan over trying to negotiate. The biggest advantage of X-plan is the $100 limit to the doc fees if you’re not a shrewd negotiator.
  5. Isn't it VERY unusual for a prototype to drop quite so much camo? I mean, details like the head and tail lamps are usually the last thing to be revealed.......in fact, they are usually only seen at the final unveiling. It's not as if the camo has fallen off.......so Ford clearly want this seen. Just seems odd.
  6. Hello ,

    2 different dealer post a f150 2016 and they dont give the same gear ratio.


    Did you think i can see the windows sticker for it.




    One say 3.55 and the other one say 3,73

    1. ice-capades


      Please make at least 5 posts on the site per the notice and then make your request via the Window Sticker Requests forum. 

  7. It's amazing what a refresh can do Early third-gen camaros were UGLY.... But by 1988 when they started putting the ground effects on them, it made a world of difference without even changing sheet metal. In general, cars usually tend to get better after initial launch, when they've had time to refine the body. My question is, why manufacturers can't make them attractive to begin with lol
  8. Found this on another forum: They said it's Bronco specific pricing; I don't know if these are typical prices or not. 2% MSRP doesn't sound like a lot... from what I've read here, Ford prices their trucks higher in anticipation of selling below MSRP. My question is this: Is X-Plan actually worth it? Or can you get a better deal negotiating?
  9. As mentioned before, I think the camo is throwing things off a bit, but at the moment, I’m not sure what to think about the headlight module. It does not look integrated to me, and kind of looks like an afterthought. This is very much an evolutionary model, which frankly disappoints me a bit. However, the outgoing product was a very good base to start from. At this point I’m hoping the interior is what will really set this truck apart, along with refinement of the drivetrain. I am looking forward to seeing the final product though.
  10. rampagex7

    Aviator GT Order

    mustangchief, does your HUD have an icon to show the remaining DTE for electric range in it? Or does it only show the DTE for gas? According to OM it is supposed to show the EV range in the HUD but mine doesn't for some reason, I was wondering if it's just mine that is missing it. See below photos of my HUD (shows only gas DTE) and what the manual says the EV DTE should be there as well.
  11. rampagex7

    Aviator GT Order

    Congrats on your new ride, I'm sure it was well worth the wait! It totally agree with your comments on the ride quality and handling and yes all the reviews I've seen and read don't do it justice. Anybody I've taken for a test drive in mine (with Excite mode on) is freaked out by how quick it is for such a heavy vehicle. I took one of my clients from work for a ride (he drives a Tesla X) and after putting it in excite with the hammer down he was thoroughly impressed with the acceleration. I don't know how much EV only driving you've done yet, but one thing that impressed me most about just driving EV is the motor alone has plenty of power for acceleration and it can get to and maintain highway speeds easily without needing the engine to assist. My Fusion Energi PHEV absolutely SUCKS for power and acceleration in EV mode, you can't even take it on the highway or drive it at a sustained high speed for a long time in EV or it will just deplete your battery so fast. It can't even make it up a steep hill in EV only the engine has to kick in to assist most of the time. The Aviator GT has no problem at all with high speed or climbing hills in EV with no significant impact on the battery range either, which is amazing considering how much bigger and heavier it is than the Fusion. Ford did a great job with the mod hybrid powertrain on this.
  12. Has anyone else experienced any issues with thier SYNC 3 in a 2020 escape? My unit is very slow compared to my 2017 escape Sync 3 It takes a good 5 mins for the traffic delays (and color coded roads) to update when i first start up the nav. used to be instant in my old truck When i set a destination, it starts calculates my route and then delays about 20 seconds before it gives me my route, old truck was very fast now the new thing that is happening if i use the Bluetooth and the phone, the voice starts getting delayed and garbled after about 5 mins of use
  13. I've noticed a ding in some of the Aviator and Explorer videos for what seems to be no apparent reason. My Edge ST and the Raptor I previously had both made a clunking sound when I was close to them. It comes from somewhere to the rear of the vehicle. made no difference if I had the fob or not.
  14. Black Label

    Death Wobble

    Jeep issue. Okay. Another 2 post and done person.
  15. HotRunrGuy

    Death Wobble

    Here: https://www.extremeterrain.com/wrangler-jeep-death-wobble.html HRG
  16. Black Label

    Death Wobble

    Last activity June 17, 2018. Don't hold your breath waiting for a reply. No clue what the death wobble is either.
  17. Ditto for the tailgate, but i'll be content with the roll-down rear window. Here's hoping this magic tailgate is more real than Big Foot 🤞
  18. MKX1960

    The Jeep Gladiator Is Struggling

    Bonus Cash Alternative Retail Customer Cash Start Date: 2/4/2020 End Date: 3/31/2020 Group Affiliation: None Amount: $9,000.00 Qualifying residents of the United States. Rule of '10' and Standard Rules of Eligibility applies. See Dealer for details MSRP $79,070 Sanderson Discount - $4,500 Sanderson Price $74,570 Total Incentives - $9,000 Final Price $65,570
  19. Digscruze

    Must Have Accesories

    Just bought a 2017 Raptor, what do you guys recommend/ think are some must have accessories and parts for this truck?
  20. Does anyone know if Ford will be offering running boards for the 20? I see they added them to the Aviator options list, but not yet on Explorer. Is there a difference to the chassis that they wouldn't interchange?
  21. Digscruze

    Death Wobble

  22. Digscruze

    Family Affair

  23. Digscruze

    Police Interceptor walk around video

    Looks nice
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