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  2. cybertruck doesn't sell.. With 200k+ orders, why would he say this? 3... 2... 1... Go. https://www.yahoo.com/news/elon-musk-says-tesla-create-200604650.html Tesla didn't perform any consumer research on the truck's Sci-Fi inspired design, Musk said. The move stands in stark contrast from rest of the pickup-truck market, where designs are extensively tested with potential buyers. But if people find the truck too unusual and aren't willing to pay for it, he's open to the idea of a more conventional-looking Tesla truck. Musk said he realized the Cybertruck could be "a complete failure," but the company has a back-up plan.
  3. The last answer I knew to be correct turned out to have been changed twice since then so I'm playing it safe.
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  5. I was afraid your answer would be something like that. I know there are so many variables involved that the time frame could be significantly impacted. I was still hoping you might be able to give a more concrete answer. 😄
  6. Unfortunately, the odds of any of these test vehicles making it up to my small dealership in northern Michigan are about zero. Of course, I could travel downstate to see one.
  7. That's usually what they do. They’re normally PP builds.
  8. ausrutherford

    New gen Raptor pics

    Now all they have to do is do a short wheel base 2 door with a cab over it and a second row of seats...and you have a full size Bronco... 😈
  9. I'm getting the sense that these will be test builds that will be moved around to different dealers as experience demos... they'll remain Ford's property.
  10. If the Bronco is as good as we all hope it is, it might be worth it for dealers to have test-drive models for those who are car-shopping today. If you can convince a few people to wait that otherwise might go out and buy a jeep or a 4-runner, I'd say that's a win.
  11. Could they be confusing this with the pre-production units making the rounds in different areas the past few weeks for testing? Not sure how Ford can produce demo units for the dealerships without dealerships selling them for stupid money to people who have more money then smarts.
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  13. silvrsvt

    Ford Q2 2020 financials

    Just as an example, Ford's newest plant, Dearborn Truck Plant Facility size 2,600,000 square feet (241,547 m2) Land occupied 1,100 acres Tesla: 5.3 million square feet of manufacturing and office space on 370 acres of land. Following the City of Fremont’s approval of Tesla’s expansion plans in 2016, the company will nearly double the size of the facility to almost 10 million square feet Do keep in mind that Tesla manufactures alot of its own stuff in house, so its not an apples to apples comparison. I was at the Tesla plant a few years ago and took a took and it didn't seem that massive vs the plant my old man used to work in, which was only 1.3 Million square foot.
  14. silvrsvt

    Whats this...?

    Around 190 inches or so long. Think last Gen Ranger with a smaller bed and bigger passenger cab
  15. Does anyone have a reference to instructions on how to change a cabin air filter? Thanks.
  16. Dlcorbett

    Whats this...?

    How big is the maverick supposed to be...?
  17. Most of my Rangers (and I've had quite a few) have been 2wd, M5OD and Lima powered, so stoplight racing was never in the picture and neither was a high towing rating. I'd want to replace it with something guaranteed reliable, preferably with a stick, but not a deal breaker. Since realistically we are talking what will fit in the engine bay of a T. Connect, my favored engine would be 2.0 N/A, or 2.0 Ecoboost. Absolutely nothing with a "1" in the displacement.
  18. Why do you say it isn't going to offer AWD?
  19. rmc523

    Ford Q2 2020 financials

    Makes you wonder why they needed a tent out front then.
  20. mackinaw

    Ford Q2 2020 financials

    I remember reading several years back that Tesla, at that time, was only using a small part of the NUMMI plant. Dn't know about now.
  21. rmc523

    Ford Q2 2020 financials

    Could be. Wasn't/isn't the NUMMI plant they took over massive, though? I seem to remember reading that a while back.
  22. I'm sure the Flex page will disappear from the website completely soon, then.
  23. akirby

    2008 Navigator sputtering at 3000 rpms

    Was it missing on one cylinder or sputtering like it was out of fuel? Could be a bad injector, fuel filter or the fuel pump.
  24. I haven't heard that but as much attention as this launch is drawing I wouldn't be surprised nor will I complain.
  25. Going_Going_Gone

    2021 Edge Production Information

    Looks like a short model year. Could that mean a long awaited redesign is happening in 2022?
  26. I have a 2008 Navigator, experienced sputtering around 2500 tp 3000 rpms. Engine light would come on and flash then go out. Replaced plugs and coil packs, no change. Any ideas?
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