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    73 LTD

    F-150 Diesel

    It’s a year later but finally got it and could not be happier for my needs.
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    You might not buy it, but it is scientific fact. Octane slows the combustion of fuel. There is less oxygen at higher altitudes so combustion happens slower so you don't need as high of an Octane to achieve the same burn rate.
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    Cool article on thedrive.com about a Mustang SSP still being used by Nebraska State Patrol. https://www.thedrive.com/news/28004/nebraska-state-patrols-1993-ford-mustang-ssp-is-still-out-there-nailing-speeders
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    Bad Fuel Injector 2019 Ranger

    In relation to the "no code" issue, I think he was saying he had nothing to go to Ford and say it was showing a bad #2 fuel injector like Ricky had after the CEL came on. Also, I would think his hands are tied in the fact that he can't just start re-tuning the engine or re-programming/circumventing the PCM factory settings to his liking. His call yesterday told me that "the engineers are aware they have a problem and it's not just yours...the similar complaints from other dealers on 'tech talk' are being reviewed...and they are treating it as important" . He had two conversations w/them yesterday and was assured they would be back in touch w/him today. He also told me he's still not convinced that it might not be an issue with the shifting. He said the hesitation is less pronounced in the Sport mode, whereas in the regular mode it moves straight from 1st to 3rd (unless stomped on) and that you can get all the way to 9th gear doing 35-40mph and so the engine struggles with fuel trying to deliver power to compensate. Manufacturers are doing everything they can to meet fuel mileage guidelines and this squeaking and tweaking is just asking too much of these small engines turbo or not...and let's not even get sidetracked w/a comment about the MPG cheating/lawsuit. I'll stay in touch.
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    RIcky Ranger

    Bad Fuel Injector 2019 Ranger

    I called Corporate again today. I asked how long should an owner of a brand new Ranger with less than 500 miles on it reasonably be expected to wait to have their truck repaired and in working order. No answer. I asked how long a truck had to be in the shop before canceling my purchase becomes an option. 30 days, I was told. I noted today, is day 20. I explained the dealership did not have any loaner cars available. They offered to reimburse me $30.00 a day for a rental providing it’s a Ford. Funny thing, I train people on customer service. I now have new examples of how not to treat a new customer.
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    Bad Fuel Injector 2019 Ranger

    Yes! "no code" is an oversimplification by a service writer because not everyone will understand what really goes on with diagnosis. And by that I mean both customers and service writers/managers. Many transmission issues don't set codes. Lots of Ecoboost issues won't set codes as well. Most "wrench" lights won't store codes. Codes are just a clue for diagnosis. They are NOT the only path to it, nor should they be.
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    Bad Fuel Injector 2019 Ranger

    Actually it should say if we can’t duplicate it, we can’t do anything for it. If it has a driveability issue that can be duplicated, then it should be diagnosable .
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    Powershift transmission law suits

    Yeah, I've been vocal about the dropping of cars, too...but if I ultimately decide to bite the bullet and get a CUV, it will have a blue oval. It sure as heck won't be a Toylet.
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    You mean they're showing real people doing real things? Not "real" people like Chevy?
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    Powershift transmission law suits

    So, lets see...you whine and cry about Ford discontinuing cars so you are going to run out and buy a Toyota ......utility vehicle?? Yup...makes perfect sense.
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    NEW 2021 F150

    They have that dash really covered. I’m hoping it’s going to exceed the interior of the new ram. The Ram is the only other truck I would even remotely consider. Actually, not really. Raptor all day for me. But the Ram is a good looking truck. Good job to them.
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    I don't remember if I mentioned this in another thread but during our wholesale meeting last week with our Ford Zone Manager to discuss June/July allocation... We were told that the Fusion will now be in production through the 2023 Model Year!
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    Challenger takes no.2 spot

    The newly-designed Silverado is now #3, having been passed by Ram; and now the Camaro drops to #3 behind the Challenger. GM sure is on top of things.
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    2018 NHRA rule change for PS

    That is horrible, in my opinion. And Pro-Stock was my favorite growing up when Bob Glidden ruled! I'd like to see pro-mod engine rules (Supercharger, Turbo, or Nitrous), with more stock looking sheet metal, a la, older Pro-Stock.
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    Lag in throttle response

    Another thing if it's considered normal ask the dealer to show you on a stock units that does the same thing. Also, may be worth while having them set up a flight recorder and you make some recordings of the problem.
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    Lag in throttle response

    It has sounds of a bad throttle body. However with out some diagnosis it's hard to say. The first drive by wire Ford's would have that symptom when the throttle body was bad.