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    Come on now, you just need a charger with 3 or 4 adapters lol.
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    Could you imagine the chaos if when vehicles that required unleaded fuel back in the 1970's had different fuel necks that would only accept a certain shape of nozzle to properly fuel a Chevrolet and there was a different shape to fuel a Ford and a still different shape to fuel a Dodge and then a popular upstart began building vehicles that required you to fuel up at their "supergas" fueling stations that no one else could use unless a competing brand "bought in" to their fueling tech? What is needed is for there to be one "standard" fast charge plug and all vehicle manufacturers need to adopt for EV's. Guess it is time for government regulators to step in and make it so.
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    Yeah...but of what year???
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    They seem content to refresh things on old platforms. What they aren't content with is handing down their more upscale platforms to Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and Ram (which is a shame).
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    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    My dad had a 1974 LTD Brougham with a 460 in it....that car passed everything on the road except a gas station. But to say a 429, a 460, and a 370 are designed the same would be a misnomer. Yes, all were 385 series engine based, but each were "re-vamped" significantly for their specific "mission". I agree with your assessment that your will likely never see a factory install of a 7.3L in a car (skunk work "one offs" excluded). Personally, a CD6 Lincoln Continental powered by a 7.3L would certainly raise a lot of eyebrows though, but that is just my devious automotive tinged mind working overtime...lol
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    I just traded a 2016 Dodge Charger sxt rallye for a 2019 Continental. While the big engines get all the attention, I really liked my base 300 Hp sxt rallye, which was the sxt with all bells and whistles, now possibly called the Charger GT. If you miss the Crown Vic, get one of these before they change platforms in 2021 (guess). Stable RWD, simple flat dash, functional interior, comfortable roomy front seat. And an excellent touchscreen interface. Challengers are the same thing but with a sexier body. Camaro is more cramped, bad touchscreen, possibly more expensive. Charger has good visibility too, for those who still use rear and rear side windows.
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    Signing Bonus?

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    Reaquired vehicle process questions

    Sorry to hear about your edge, I have a 2019 as well and I like it a lot more than I thought I would. Your Rav situation Depends if they're doing a buyback or a substitution of collateral. If they're doing substitution of collateral unfortunately your SOL on the extra money spent on the Edge. You'll be responsible for transfer fees from the dealership and that's it. If they are doing a buy back then they will give you back MSRP minus a mileage adjustment minus any loan payoffs. You'll receive a check for the balance after that. The process is long and your case will probably be transferred to a few different people but if you stay on top of them and the dealer then you should get it to move fairly quickly. I'm the lucky one who gets to handle them at my dealership so if you have any questions please feel free to reach out.
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    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    If you wanted to take the basic architecture of the 7.3 and build an aluminum block version at 7.0 liters, the bore could stay at 107.2mm and a stroke of 97mm would get you there! However, if your going to do an aluminum block say for Mustang or F150, the next question would be do you adjust the deck height down to say about 237mm from 256mm? Probably! When your done, it would be pretty low volume say 20,000 per year. Very difficult to justify unless someone other than Windsor does it! cylinder head design looks good even for a 605 hp naturally aspirated 7.0 liter version of the 7.3. edselford
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    The Lincoln dealers meeting is this week in Vegas, should see info next week.
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    2085! Right around the corner!
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    Sync3 has been really good from day one. MFT was horrible because Ford tied it to the 2011 Edge launch and outsourced development to a bunch of wankers from BSquare that had no idea what they were doing. And they had no backup plan, so it was either delay the 2011 Edge (not viable) or put it out with bugs and try to fix it quickly. They seemed to have learned that lesson though.
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    And the lawyers and their firm make out big.
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    Porosity in Ford Blocks

    When the gasket fails it almost always erodes the block where it let go because it was not meant to have combustion against those surfaces. The 1.5 automatically gets a short block now, the SSM you posted is old. HOWEVER many times when coolant has entered the chambers for an extended time, it will gall the plug to the head and ruin the head on plug removal. The TSB for 2.0 is engine long block assemblies (6006 base number). First, you won't see anything in the oil. Coolant ends up in the combustion chambers only, not in the oil. If it is bad enough to get there, it will have other signs like missing at startup, empty degas bottles, overhearing and stinky burnt coolant. Second, oil analysis is NOT a warrantable justification for repair, per Ford. Any small leaks, get repaired immediately, as low coolant can exacerbate the failure of the headgasket. Lastly, don't get your panties in a wad if you go through a very small amount of coolant between oil changes. Some loss of volume of orange coolant due to evaporation during normal use is considered normal.
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    Porosity in Ford Blocks

    Definitely agree with both of you. And yes, enthusiast forums tend to be a little over the top. But its really all we have to keep an honest eye on things. Kinda like having a free press and free speech. You have to put up with all the noise to find the truth hidden in there somewhere. Can't rely on Motor Trend or Car and Driver cause their all paid by sponsors.
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    2020 Ford Explorer Shipment On Hold?

    I will say this, I know I've bitched a lot about the upper levels of management (read: Jim Hackett) not saying very much publicly about quality but internally they’re really taking it VERY seriously. I can't speak to the issues with the Explorer/Aviator launch in Chicago beyond what I've heard is happening at Flat Rock but believe me, they’re taking that shit very seriously.
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    Norwood Jewell

    If I was a Local Rep. I would by name,,,by name,,point out to the plant manager the supervisors who have purposely,deliberately and constantly been difficult to my constituents.Now,why should I trust you Mr.so and so?You expect me to sign what?The supervisors work for you,dont they?Well then they must be a reflection of you.Oh and by the way,I want fresh paint in all the bathrooms.C`mon,let my fat ass off the leash.I say we strike the mother-fuckers.Ford will lose more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ than us,if we win,,,and its a sure thing that we will win!!!!!!!!!
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    Norwood Jewell

    You aint no "lowlife' TIGER.I respect the hell out of you and all others like you.I have seen the hardest working people I have ever met in my life inside of Ford plants.Putting up with all the "shit' from stinky,supervision on top of it.We should all get a medal for not rammin our fist down their throats when they act "so tuff".Yeah,well I need my J-O-B and I guess they know it.I say lets strike the mother-fuckers just for shits and giggles!!!!!! HEY IUAW,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,try again!