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    You been inside too much lately......
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    Stay at home order

    We got this guy that has been working on and heralded as a leader in all this virus stuff since 1985. Now granted he`s done a lot of work with ebola and aids and a bunch of other stuff but has anyone done any real work on the flu? Oh, I know they put together that yearly flu shot thingy. (confession... never had one) They have been recording totals of flu deaths for 15 0r 20 years now. But is there any work on the virus being controlled by... a generalized vaccine? eliminating root cause? reduces human travel in area`s known to continue to record more and more cases? Some kind of medical study showing oh I don`t know, don`t go there, don`t eat that weird shit, don`t drink the water... without risking your frickin life? I understand the human nature thingy to the best of my level of education allows and have all types of questions but, I have come to a point where I think (daily) all this weird shit is what the groups, government leaders and all those that are always "for us`s" … don`t have a clue on how to stop the weird shit orrr don`t want too. For clarification, I am not a conspiracy theorist, I am a confirmed realist. I understand that money is not the root of all evil, it is what makes shit happen. Add all the numbers up and this is becoming another flu season. Way more attention in print, networks and the social media but another flu season. Oh and some really award winning drama from the groups that are always "for us".
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    CAP When are we going back to work?

    Just a suggestion...… be prepared for the weirdest shit you`ve ever experienced in your life. Paint alone takes a couple weeks to just get back to our half ass normal after a planned Christmas down time. If I explained what`s been going on since the out out out sheepies you`d never believe a word. This will be a case study for years to come. But hey we will need to rely on all that experience in our managers and everything will work out the CAP way
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    You mean this- Although both of these vehicles have their obvious faults, the Traverse is easier to live with and easier to use than the new Explorer. We don't believe in inconvenient personal transport here at MotorTrend, and the Explorer is too difficult to recommend because of its glaring faults. The Chevrolet is the more complete package and wins this comparison because of it.
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    So, looks like no later than June 19th. https://autos.yahoo.com/2021-ford-bronco-still-debuting-143200615.html
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    Did Tesla actually try to pass cheap sleep apnea machines off as ventilators... apparently the only modification was a Tesla decal: https://www.sacbee.com/opinion/editorials/article241982586.html
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    New light & medium duty news

    ..." to deliver holistic customer solutions " Years ago we called statements like that bafflegarb, designed to sound like you know more than the next guy without saying anything to commit yourself to anything. Why not just say "we want to provide the right product for the customer that provides excellent performance at a reasonable total cost and make money doing it".
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    Your driveway is really wavy. 😉
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    Ford 1st Quarter Sales

    When I was 4, my lifelong dream was to be a lumberjack, marry Raquel Welch, and drive the Mach 5 from Speed Racer. Somehow that never came about.
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    yeah I got a call saying good bye, checks in the mail. good luck to ya'll, hopefully most of ya get to go back to work after all this virus mess is over. I'm going off to enjoy whats left of life.