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    Perpetual Future Ford Products thread

    It "depends" The big issue between B and C or CD products is the width of those products. Length is fairly easy to compensate for, but changing the width can impact crash cell design. Examples: 2020 Fiesta 1735mm (with mirrors) 2020 Focus 1852 (without mirrors) 2020 Fusion 1910.08 (without mirrors) So there is roughly a 100mm or more difference between a B and C car and only 50-60mm between C and CD sized car So if anything the B class might just be a narrowed down C car, but other things like harnesses and suspensions can be used from the C class car.
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    With such a late changeover, it has to be related to much more than the Covid-19 situation. It would be easy to assume it's related to the Mach 1 but for this much of a delay I'd think that there must be more going on with changes for the 2021MY Mustang. I'm not expecting much actually and will wait until we hear more in a few months.
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    Mach-E sedan? https://www.yankodesign.com/2020/06/10/the-ford-mustang-mach-f-concept-makes-the-electric-vehicle-look-muscular-again/
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    2020 Mustang Production Information

    2020MY Mustang "Balance Out" date is 12/23/2020. 2021MY Mustang Job #1 Date is 01/04/2021. 2020/2021 production timetable will be posted as soon as it's officially released from Ford.
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    2020 Mustang "Balance Out" is set for 12/23/2020. 2021 Mustang Job#1 Date is 01/04/2021. Bronco Sport unveiling scheduled for 07/09/2020. Estimated ETA at dealerships is December.
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    It used to back in the days when cars looked noticeably different from year to year. These days it doesn't take that long to switch over unless it's an all new platform or something major like that. At my plant, there's not even a gap between one model year and another.
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    I've just sent a note to our Ford Zone Manager to see if he has any information regarding the 2020 Mustang balance out schedule and/or an estimated Job #1 date for the 2021MY Mustang. In addition, I asked him about the timetable and/or Job #1 date for the 2021 Bronco Sport. I'll post an update if I'm able to learn anything.
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    Borg/assimilator alluded to it before his latest hissy fit and subsequent self imposed hiatus. Not sure how likely that is but I, like you, am hearing that the only limit to Bronco will be plant capacity. I do think there will be a limited run first edition though. They would be dumb not to have it IMO.
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    CAP When are we going back to work?

    https://fordauthority.com/2020/06/ford-chicago-operations-set-to-expand-with-new-large-pre-assembly-facility/ The end is near, the sky is falling, CAP is closing, no more C crew, baaa baaa baaa
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    Bronco reveal set for 7/9. Three sets of tracks, so 2 dr, 4 dr and sport?
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    The problem is that "minority" (as in small groups, not skin color) often uses racism card or other techniques to get attention and more or less bully the majority into what they want to do, because the majority is too afraid of push back. I get what jasonj80 is saying, but not also not 100% sure that the Bronco launch would be corrupted by that...but then again anything is possible. Just look at the blowback with police and Paw Patrol of all things.
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    Did you read the bios for those gentlemen? They have serious Bronco history and credentials. If anyone thinks Ford is anti-minority, they're crazy; It sounds like Ford simply hired the best people for the job. Diversity is fine, but it shouldn't be forced. By calling them out for the gender and skin color, you ignore the sweat and hard work they've put into leading the community and helping us get to where we are today. Not cool.
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    Ford / VW / Peugeot / Citroen / Fiat / Opel / Renuault / Daimler Transit Courier / None / Bipper / Nemo /Fiorino / None / None / None Transit Connect / Caddy / Partner / Berlingo / Doblo / Combo / Kangoo / Citan Transit Custom / Transporter / Expert / Jumpy / Talento / Vivaro / Trafic / Vito (Metris) Transit / Crafter / Boxer / Jumper / Ducato / Movano / Master / Sprinter Bipper, Nemo, Fiorino are identical B-vans produced by FCA and rebadged as Peugeot and Citroen. Partner, Berlingo, Combo are identical C-vans produced by PSA for its 3 brands. Kangoo and Citan are identical C-vans produced by Renault and rebadged as Mercedes. Expert, Jumpy, and Vivaro are identical D-vans produced by PSA for its 3 brands. Talento and Trafic are identical D-vans produced by Renault and rebadged as Fiat. Boxer, Jumper, and Ducato are identical fullsize vans produced by FCA-PSA joint venture and rebadged (also as Ram Promaster) Master and Movano are identical fullsize vans produced by Renault and rebadged as Opel (probably won't last no Opel is part of PSA). Ford is currently the largest van seller in Europe but with GM selling out to PSA and now PSA and FCA merging, the van market in Europe is consolidating very fast in favor or PSA. So with Ford and VW now paired up, the van market in Europe is going to be divided into 2 big players and will probably force Renault and Daimler to join forces. 1 Ford-VW 2 PSA 3 Renault-Daimler
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    The majority people that were worried about that are still going to be worried about that for the next 18 months.
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    Perpetual Future Ford Products thread

    Wait - it won’t come with a 1.2M lb tow rating???