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    Maybe the 7 speed auto thing is a typo? Can't imagine Ford would change the transmission on the ST. That means they have to redo all the EPA and CARB certification on a low volume product. That costs a lot of money.
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    Ford earnings rebound big in Q3 2020

    Tell me again how 8%-10% margin is unrealistic and how killing cars would kill Ford.
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    https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/chrysler/2020/10/28/ford-fiat-chrysler-earnings-third-quarter/6047967002/ Please, tell me again how the company will be out of business soon 🙄
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    It really shuts down the argument that some had last week that the dividend was gone forever and Ford won't exist within a few years.
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    Former President Obama bought a multi million dollar spread on the ocean in Martha’s Vineyard back in 2019. You’d think a guy that had been telling us for 8 years that global warming was some kind of urgent catastrophe with sea levels rising faster then ever and that we needed to spend billions of dollars to correct, he’d be a little more hesitant to buy property right on the ocean.
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    I’m still waiting for islands to disappear And don’t talk about vehicles until you start re-foresting the planet and replacing all the trees that have been cut down the last 50 years.
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    Hmmm, What did they blame 'Climate Change' on 100 million years ago? Apparently, the climate has been changing since the beginning of time! https://dinoridge.org/explore-dinosaur-ridge/dinosaur-ridge-trail/
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    Ford earnings rebound big in Q3 2020

    Current recovery in the automotive industry is by no means guaranteed to continue in the next 6-12 months, especially if the resurgence of Covid-19 already taking place results in additional shutdowns and other impacts to the industry. Nonetheless, Ford's Q3 results represent good news and show that Jim Hackett's fitness initiatives are starting to pay off. Jim Farley is in a good position to completely transform Ford's operations, getting it out of the "old world" as Hackett said and into the new.
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    Ford could be right. Body & Paint could have switched over on Monday night.
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    2021 Models are running down the line. Day shift switched over during their shift today.
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    yeah that’s had more effect on things than anything I think. That plus pavement everywhere that can’t absorb any heat.
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    Ford earnings rebound big in Q3 2020

    Given what is coming out over the next year and half or so, hopefully this is the proverbial turning of the corner we’ve been waiting for almost two head now.
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    Yeah I really have a hard time caring. One group says we're all doomed in 10 or less years and another says everything is fine, nothing to see here. In reality the truth is somewhere in the middle but nobody talks about that.
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    carbonized gray looks pretty good when everything matches.
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    Ridiculously expensive
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    Ridiculously smart.
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    Carbon and Fuel Economy are different. Trump cancelled the harder fuel economy rules that were being reviewed and then Obama signed in lame duck. (GM and FCA lobbied hard for them to be removed) so they can just buy the FE Tesla credits. The EU emission requirements are a whole other animal as EU has regulated on tax of fuel and now is doing the CO2 which is why FCA buys the credits for the EU market and GM was like peace out. Eliminating the ability to purchase credits is currently proposed in CA in committee but no action on it. The EU might eliminate the ability to purchase the credits, but they also do a lot with taxes as well so if you eliminate the ability to purchase company cars (this is the way a lot of Europeans get a vehicle) or tax them based on emissions when they enter cities (or even if they are allowed to enter the city) you force it in another way.