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    GM contract highlights

    Please spread this glorious message around the entire auto industry. You would think all high seniority guys would want to get out.
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    GM contract highlights

    @Ididntdoit,you lost me with the reasons why the GM contract is a bad deal.I read that after 4 years all production will make the same.What is it now?Is that an improvement?The 3 plants that are closing are the only negative I see and is it in anyone`s best interest to see the company make bad business decisions?Buyouts?The timing has to be perfect and you have to be a good candidate for the buyout and then you cross your fingers cuz you would be surprised how many of your fellow employees have 40 years plus and they eat first,like it or not.An employee with 25 years who expects Ford to buy them out and on top of that,grant 5 years seniority for time NOT worked?Okay,it is like $53 a month in pension for every year worked so 5 times 53 = 263 dollars extra-unearned-every month of your life?And why?Figure you may live 30 years collecting a Ford pension?Do you realize what you are asking for,in dollar terms?The answer under that scenario= $94,680.Maybe if your plant is closing and the IUAW plays hardball.Only time I might have put in for a buyout,I wasnt really ready to go and only 2 people got the buyout anyways and they both had 40+ years and maybe they took home $26,000.Turned out I was right in stayin {not that I could have gotten a buyout anyways}because i needed the healthcare and Ford Motor, company provided ,healthcare ROCKS!There is always Plan B= keep drawing a paycheck.From the company point of view and our paychecks say FORD not UAW an experienced,proven reliable,trained,acclimated employee is a valuable asset.The company will never say how much they need us but they do need us.Right now the questions are, will GM workers vote yes and which company is the next target.
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    GM contract highlights

    im not on your side! thats for sure. respectable offer? how about good wages/benefits while u are at work ? guess u overlooked that ? the sense of entitlement is screaming. its your own fault if u cant manage money they already gave u.