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    Independent front and rear suspension? Mall cruiser it is.......
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    It might be a preproduction unit that doesn't have an antiglare coating on it. Not to mention the angles the photos where taken aren't exactly complementary the lack of symmetry on the heated seat buttons kinda bugs me
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    I thought we hated single cabs?...was told they will hever sell...
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    BEV is less complex mechanically than ICE vehicles. So manufacturing complexity for BEV should be lower, or at worst similar to ICE vehicles. It's on the design and engineering side where the differences are much more dramatic. With BEV, systems integration capability is a key competitive advantage. Tesla is by far the best positioned in that respect. Way ahead of the incumbent automakers. The teardown analysis of Tesla Model 3 by both Nikkei and by Munro and Associates confirm this.
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    New light & medium duty news

    The Chevy version is a better execution aesthetically
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    Sales slowing down? Chicago Effect

    It's a total shame what I see in that place now.
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    always that possibility as well...I just want them to keep costs in check...as we have seen, the higher the cost of a vehicle the smaller the potential market....
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    What if there is no 2.7..... they’re borrowed from Hesplorer not F150
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    That affects all of the incumbent automakers, not just Ford. However, Ford has lots of organizational problems right now that are unique to Ford. If those problems aren't fixed, Ford will get swallowed alive by the automotive industry rEVolution no matter how much they invest. Jim Hackett is the only person who as Ford CEO can steer the company in the right direction so that it still exists 20 years from now.
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    Bloomberg News on Hackett

    The "buy" rating is pure comedy gold
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    Id save that one for the "R"....even the 2.7 is plenty...
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    Went to the auto show and...

    It's simple - there isn't much benefit for the dealers or the mfrs. Folks get so much info online now and they just go down to the dealer to see what they want to test drive. It's great for enthusiasts but that's about it.
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    Went to the auto show and...

    I went to the Auto show last night. I couldn't believe it, Lincoln NOR Cadillac was there...so weird. I didn't see anything under 200k that I liked better than our Combo Nautilus/ELR . I don't care about vroom vroom super fast cars. I drive in the city everyday, I would never use the power nor would I enjoy paying the insurance on high-end cars. The biggest disappointment was the Lexus LC500 (the sporty low beautiful one). It's the only Lexus I can stand to look at with the Atomic bow-tie grill. I like the looks of that car. It was hard to get in and out of, would be hard to see out of and I thought the interior and especially the dashboard weird and very disappointing. It's like they just didn't know what the heck to do with it. The only thing that was great besides the rear lines was the seat. It was the most amazing seat I think I've ever sat it. I guess for over 92k it better be. The main reason I went was because my daughter is in the market for a new car. She has her heart set on an overpriced-for-no-reason Toyota 4runner. I just don't get why that car is so expensive. And she thinks it's cool looking - ugh. She's one of those people who think Toyota is SO reliable. I bought her a Scion XD 10 years ago. It has not even 80k miles on it and has had a lot of problems that should NEVER happen in under 80k miles. This last week it was a front wheel bearing to the tune of over $800!!! Last time I had a wheel bearing go out in a Chevy it was like under $100 to have someone else do it and the part too. Toyota parts and repair are a total ripoff. Personally I'd never buy one again, and that XD has had more problems than maybe 4 of our cars put togther. But all that is only part of the night. I persuaded her to go look at other cars. Really wasn't much to choose from, everything is too small or too big. We ended up at the Ford display. In my opinion the Ford Edge was the best car for the money. You get way more car and interior for less money than the Toyota. In the end, that Toyota would be a big car payment. The Edge would definitely be less. At least I got her thinking about it...
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    Sales slowing down? Chicago Effect

    The experiment is a, complete failure. Secondary Facility; 95% inexperienced hourly employee`s with 5% semi experienced hourly employee`s 98% inexperienced managers with 2% semi experienced managers Main Facility; 40% inexperienced hourly employee`s with 60% experienced hourly employee`s 70% inexperienced managers with 30% experienced managers 15% accountability hourly employee`s --- 15% accountability managers --- 0% accountability VOME --- 0% facility, automation and process validation --- 0% input taken from experienced launch members 100% make it up, add this and that, change/delete elements as the launch was in process. Great products are based on an experienced work force and accountability.
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    Oh oh oh, it’s a Mustang Raptor!!!
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    ...or, a nice secure psychiatric facility.
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    Wonder whatever/will happened/happen to Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson, Blackberry, PDAs, MP3 players, regular wristwatches, handheld video games, and point and shoot cameras after the introduction of the iPhone/iWatch? I am an observer of disruptive innovation and Tesla is the iPhone in the legacy automaker market. By the end of 2021, Tesla will have 5 gigafactories ( #1 opened in July of 2016) in operation around the world. Ford is building its Mustang Mach E in a 56-year-old factory in Mexico and plans to produce 50K Mustang Mach E's by the end of 2021.
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    I like the push buttons on our Lincoln. You don’t have to put it in park - just turn off the engine. There are also some safety features made possible with full electronic control. I bet some people’s head will explode when they find out the ignition key doesn’t engage the starter anymore. It all runs through the computer and the computer controls the starter and the throttle.
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    I live in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC, and like you see a fair number of Navigators. But I also see MKZs, a few Continentals, a goodly number of current generation (but pre-Nautilus) MKXs, a smattering of older MKXs and current Nautiluses, and a few MKCs. I haven't noticed any Aviators in the wild yet, though that is also my dealer's current top seller, nor any Corsairs (my dealer's #2 seller). Oh, and quite a few venerable Towncars as well, usually well-maintained. I see a more Acuras, Lexuses, MBs, BMWs, and Volvos than Lincolns or Cadillacs (and more Caddies than Lincolns), but I do see them out and about. The Washington metro area, with 6 of the top 10 wealthiest counties in the U.S. (a startling stat worthy of a different discussion), has an affinity for foreign brands. Just give it time. Corsairs have only been on sale a couple months, Aviators a few months longer (but with supplies restricted initially do the the rocky launch). The Nautilus has been selling for a little over a year, but is still much outnumbered by MKXs on the road.