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  1. My dealer has some in stock and I still don't see build and price.
  2. Seems to be a trend with battery issues. Hyundai and Chevy Volt also have battery fire recalls.
  3. That was common in the 60's. They referred to them as sleepers.
  4. Isn't the first edition no longer not sold out? There must have been cancelations or moves to other models.
  5. I take that to mean reservations are very low. They're boasting about Bronco reservation numbers, but won't do the same with Sport. Every video I've seen with both models there, Bronco gets most of the attention while Sport gets little more than a quick look.
  6. It seems like Ford doesn't want to post build and price for anything. Nothing for Explorer, Aviator,F-150 or Bronco. I can understand that Bronco is a mess, but the others are weeks away from job1.
  7. MKX1960

    Jeep Grand Wagoneer

    It certainly seems different than one would expect. Perhaps, that's why I like the look? It stands out from the crowd a bit. I like it a lot more than I thought I would.
  8. MKX1960

    Jeep Grand Wagoneer

    I've gotta wonder why everything is body color except that one pillar? That stands out in a bad way, kind of like the piece that belongs there fell off.
  9. MKX1960

    Jeep Grand Wagoneer

    The pillars are the first thing that caught my attention. I'm so sick of all the black plastic that scratches just by looking at it. The body color surrounding the glass gives it an air of sophistication IMO.
  10. I think Ford needs to move quickly with a response. The fact the TRX has a V8 is going to gaurantee they will sell every unit they can build, regardless of the price.
  11. Not that far from job #1 and still no build and price?
  12. MKX1960

    2021 F-150 Production Information

    Seems like it should be up by now. The order guide has been out for a while. Ford seems to be dragging their feet on everything.
  13. Sooner or later, someone will see the pets in the car and smash a window and call Police. That happens a lot here.
  14. I am one of the 766k. I bought a Raptor in May of 2018 right before the fire at Ford's supplier and it delayed the build by 2 weeks. I'm not sure why you think I expect everyone that follows TFL would buy a Ford, since they review all brands? Since F-150 is the best selling truck, I'm sure they do have some influence.