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  1. My Sister just found that out when buying her Escape and finding out it doesn't have a CD player.
  2. The camo they left on must be hiding something important to the overall look. Otherwise, they might just as well have removed all of it.
  3. Not a Limited for sure or it would have twin exhausts out back as the Raptor does. I'm thinking Lariat or Platinum.
  4. The mirrors appear they may extend though. I saw something else related to the mirrors, but can't recall where that suggest they may have an inside monitor to display what the mirrors are seeing at the corners of the dash.
  5. They already have those 2 antenna modules on the 20 F-250.
  6. This stuff must be something fairly new. When I had my 18 Raptor, it made a series of 3 whirring,clicking sounds when opening the drivers door. My current Edge ST makes 1 metallic clank sound when opening the door or even being near the car, Doesn't matter if I have the key fob with me or not.
  7. MKX1960

    Auto startstop

    They make a switch that you add to the harness that allows you to disable it or allow it to operate as Ford intended. There are some hacks where you unplug something below the steering column described on F-150 and Raptor Forums, but this is a safer way to do it. https://www.autostopeliminator.com/collections/ford/products/2015-ford-f-150-autostop-eliminator?gclid=Cj0KCQiAv8PyBRDMARIsAFo4wK0WNYfwuHPrHG5_o_JikZdv9rxUHvo9XAVa1ZDDEhE96LGL9KsXEVYaAiK_EALw_wcB
  8. MKX1960

    Last Day to Order

    I don't see anything either, but trucks are usually late in the year. I ordered an 18 Raptor in May and believe the cutoff was in August that year.Other things to consider is if you want something unique, things could balance out before the cutoff and you'll be SOL. If dealers still need allocation, you may need to get in line to buy. Earlier you can place an order the better your chances.
  9. I've noticed a ding in some of the Aviator and Explorer videos for what seems to be no apparent reason. My Edge ST and the Raptor I previously had both made a clunking sound when I was close to them. It comes from somewhere to the rear of the vehicle. made no difference if I had the fob or not.
  10. MKX1960

    The Jeep Gladiator Is Struggling

    Bonus Cash Alternative Retail Customer Cash Start Date: 2/4/2020 End Date: 3/31/2020 Group Affiliation: None Amount: $9,000.00 Qualifying residents of the United States. Rule of '10' and Standard Rules of Eligibility applies. See Dealer for details MSRP $79,070 Sanderson Discount - $4,500 Sanderson Price $74,570 Total Incentives - $9,000 Final Price $65,570
  11. Does anyone know if Ford will be offering running boards for the 20? I see they added them to the Aviator options list, but not yet on Explorer. Is there a difference to the chassis that they wouldn't interchange?
  12. MKX1960

    2022 Expedition

    Possibly the new style dash like the Explorer, so they can add the larger infotainment screen and perhaps the Raptor 3.5 in the Platinum version. A Stealth package on the Platinum would be nice .
  13. According to my salesman, they're selling a bit slow. Ford is pushing hard on leasing them. My Sister tried one out (an SEL) and didn't like it as well as the 19 Titainium she tried out. She didn't like that it sat so low and the dial shifter felt annoying.She commented on the infotainment screen, but thought she'd get used to that. She ended up buying the 19 and loves it so far.
  14. I don't recall ever seeing one of these. I remember the first gen. I wanted to buy one of those when I traded my 93 Lightning in 03. When I actually tried one, it felt too narrow. Somehow, the driving position felt a little too close to the door. I ended up buying an 03 Supercrew.