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  1. Push the button in the cargo area and the 3rd seat gets deleted.🙂
  2. She already has an Edge, so must have liked something about it when she bought it. I have a 19 Edge ST and I think it's a lot nicer than earlier models, even though it doesn't look much different.
  3. I thought so too, but wonder how they'll deal with the antenna mounted on it?
  4. Does the roof remove at that point? Perhaps, that's the short roof thing everyone is wondering about?
  5. They need a boost. The stock was just downgraded. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/ford/2020/03/23/fitch-downgrades-ford-bbb-lowest-investment-grade/2899141001/
  6. MKX1960

    Aviator Running Boards

    I put a set on the 17 Explorer I used to have. I got them from Dee Zee and were a direct bolt on that took me about an hour and a half to install. I'm thinking about getting another Explorer and would add them again if they fit. At this time, Dee Zee doesn't offer them for the new Explorer.
  7. MKX1960

    It's Already Started

    Ford is doing the same on most models.
  8. MKX1960

    Aviator Running Boards

    As someone else pointed out, it doesn't kneel with the engine running. If you needed to get and and back in while the engine is running, the suspension would be at drive height.
  9. The Magnums of that era were really nice. Those were the days when Chrysler was still building nice cars.
  10. I was still a Chrysler guy when that came out, but I really liked the looks of them.
  11. This got about 15 comments on Yahoo when I noticed it this morning, most of them negative. That's why I doubt they'll do an online of the Bronco.
  12. I think Ford is counting on all of the reviewers that post videos on YouTube to put their spin on things. A lot of those guys have a massive following and are pretty well trusted. That stuff goes a long way to sell vehicles.
  13. MKX1960

    2019/2020 Edge Adaptive Headlights

    Mine only has those 3 settings with no grayed out lines. I haven't had my update done yet. I've had the car almost a year and have only driven at night once returning from the Grand Canyon.
  14. MKX1960

    2019/2020 Edge Adaptive Headlights

    The thing is they only work like normal headlamps instead of the dynamic bending feature they're supposed to have. They're supposed to work in conjunction with other systems to follow the road and see farther ahead.