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  1. This gives me new appreciation for the Nautilus.All it needs now is the 3.0.
  2. Perhaps, less damage at a faster speed? You just bust right through. Trailer roofs are pretty thin and don't take much to tear through them.
  3. The thing with all of the other screens is you can see the entire dash and how the screen integrates. On the Bronco, you can't really tell how well it blends with the surroundings.
  4. I think the larger display is less distracting because its easier to read, so less time with eyes off the road.
  5. The Bronco setup is missing ventilated seats and heated steering wheel. I hope that's just because it's a base trim and not available.
  6. Too bad we don't get stuff like this. If it had a moonroof and was available here, I'd be at my dealer checking it out.
  7. MKX1960

    New 2020 Edge ST-Line Model

    Is this for the U S ? I saw this online and it seemed to draw quite a bit of confusion with the regular Edge ST. The comments typical Ford adds a few do dads and raises the price $5k and no performance upgrades etc.
  8. MKX1960

    Help deciding

    I'm not sure if the Edge has the same heater core issue as the 07 MKX. That's a fairly big job and I traded mine before that became a problem. I'd want the windshield replaced also. It's common to have have glass coverage and no cost to replace it.
  9. MKX1960

    f150 2020

    You do realize the plant shut down shortly after you ordered and just reopened?
  10. MKX1960

    New Aviators Still Problems

    I've read that forward emergency braking is very abrupt as well.It pretty much steps in at the last moment to avoid a crash. What you are experiencing is likely just the way the systems works.
  11. MKX1960

    2021 F-150?!

    The door handles are different.
  12. Since at least 90% of off road vehicles are never taken off road, I think the biggest and most expensive model will do well with the mall crowd. If I decide to buy, it will be for strictly street use. I would be looking for one like the black 4 door that has been frequently shown.
  13. Some over at Bronco6g think the Sport will be cheaper than Escape because it's a little smaller. I don't agree with that. I think the Sport will be a more premium vehicle and cost more.
  14. I used to get them on the brochure when I requested one. When I was planning to buy, that gave me an extra $750. Ford has really been getting stingy with brochures these days.
  15. They're referring to them as the "Bronco family". To me, they seem like 2 entirely different product lines.