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  1. My dealer has a lot of Explorers in most colors and trims. I was over there last week getting an oil change and sat in a few. I was tempted, but passed. They didn't have much else on the lot, a handful of F-150's mostly low trim and a decent number of Rangers, all but one Lariat Tremor were XLT and the Tremor was sold. They normally have around 250-300 F-150's this time of year, but doesn't look like that's about to happen.
  2. I'd hate to be a customer of a dealer that got hundreds of orders and getting 25 allocations first batch. Great for them, but the rest will be waiting a long time.
  3. I had the same thought. Not too well thought out IMO.
  4. MKX1960

    Leather trimmed seats

    An upholstery shop is also referred to as a trim shop. Trim is just another term applied to upholstery. So, you could say leather upholstered seats
  5. MKX1960

    Bronco to get own showroom

    If Ford thought the offroad craze was going anywhere but up, they probably wouldn't have bothered with Bronco at all. The Bronco store is a great idea IMO. It's the perfect time to get customers like me with their wallet open at purchase time that will dig a little deeper when they see those accessories sitting there waiting for you to add them to the purchase price at just a few $$ more per month.
  6. MKX1960

    '21 March Sales/Chart

    I think many are waiting for the new Ranger. I like the look of the current one and considered the Tremor, but think it needs a more premium interior than what's currently offered. I plan on buying something by the end of this year and will likely miss the updated Ranger.
  7. MKX1960

    '21 March Sales/Chart

    Where are all of the high trim models? My dealer has next to nothing above Lariat. They usually have around 250-300 trucks on the lot and currently only have about 60. Seems like a bad year to want to buy a truck.
  8. MKX1960

    Is a Bronco Pickup a real possibility?

    I think a lot depends on how well Gladiator does over the next couple of years. By then, Bronco orders should be pretty well caught up and Ford can focus on other things.
  9. I've bought 2 Lincolns from my Ford dealer. However, they also sell Lincoln at a different store.
  10. Nice to see it has a sunroof. Lack of one on Ranger is one reason I haven't considered buying one.
  11. I had a 93 Lightning and kept it for 10 years. It had about 193k on it when I traded it in. That was with little more than routine maintenance. Nice seeing some on the assembly line.
  12. MKX1960

    Ranger Interior

    With the much wider screen, it probably doesn't leave much room left to place it. The A/C vent will likely be very close to the driver.
  13. MKX1960

    F150 Tremor?

    They had one in 2014 for just that one year. It was mostly just a trim package on a regular cab model. I bought one and liked it quite a bit. If the new one shows up in the next 6-8 months, I'd consider it.
  14. My dealer has some in stock and I still don't see build and price.
  15. Seems to be a trend with battery issues. Hyundai and Chevy Volt also have battery fire recalls.