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New 2022 Navigator Order Timeframe Thread


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17 hours ago, xraytek22 said:

Any idea what is holding yours up?  Interior color etc?  

I ordered 10/18 and it was built 3/30 and has been sitting there waiting for transport ever since ??‍♀️ 

I was told it was the roast colored interior. Allegedly. I wish the Black Label interiors weren’t so hokey. We ended up building a reserve to BL spec(as much as possible) just to avoid the interiors. 

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17 hours ago, BlueBlackLabel said:

I ordered around the same time, as soon as books opened.  Mine has not been built.  Current production date is May 7. 

looks like it will be weeks after that to get it!

My build week is now the 9th of May. 

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On 4/5/2022 at 2:14 PM, rayden007 said:

Update 4/5 - Received an email notification today (4/5) and the build date has been pushed out to the week of 5/16 so about a 6 week delay. For a current delay of ~9 weeks from original build date :( 

Update 4/19 - Received an updated notification on (4/19) that the build date has been pulled in to the week of 4/28 a little over a 2 week pull in. Currently a little over a 6 week delay from original estimate of 3/14 build date

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15 minutes ago, xraytek22 said:

No way!  You gotta make em give you yours tomorrow haha. 

Freaking Lincoln person did not send the paperwork until today, so now we may have to delay until Saturday or Tuesday because of commitments tomorrow afternoon. Beyond aggravating. 

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15 minutes ago, Black Label said:

Freaking Lincoln person did not send the paperwork until today, so now we may have to delay until Saturday or Tuesday because of commitments tomorrow afternoon. Beyond aggravating. 

Nooooooo.  Goodness that is SO ANNOYING. Maybe we’ll both get em on Saturday. 

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32 minutes ago, Xraymd said:

I hope I get a similar surprise. Yours only appeared as dispatched this morning. 

I still don't see anything showing mine as anything but built lol. I was SHOCKED when my salesman text me a picture this afternoon.  I hope you get a similar surprise too. 


Edited to add that I'm only a 3.5 hour drive from the factory so that could be why it arrived and yours hasn't. Hoping you get a surprise update so soon! 

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16 minutes ago, Xraymd said:

Yes, the Lincoln tracker still has you built and awaiting shipment.  But the ordertracker.app said it was dispatched.


I wonder if they gave up and send yours by truck?

It's been scheduled to come by truck all along. At least I'm pretty sure it has been.  I didn't even know this order tracker thing was a thing. I feel cheated now haha. I could of had something else to be tracking haha


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2 hours ago, Xraymd said:

However they set yours up, mine looks similar. It’s been “picked” for 2 weeks which is why I was guessing rail. 


But who knows?



Its a complete crapshoot it seems!  Here’s to good news soon!!!  ??

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Took delivery of the new beast, the 2022 4x4 Black Label L Navigator.

Same exterior and interior I had on the 2020, Pristine White Metallic Tri-Coat and Chalet theme. This is the L vs. the regular length of my 2020. It is raining today, so I only have managed a few pics I will post here. My initial impressions, in no particular order, are below the pics.







1. The rain sensing wipers work much better. My 2020 always sensed more rain than was present, and I had it set to lowest sensitivity.
2. One annoying issue that was never solved was the SiruisXM song title being displayed on the instrument cluster. Works on this one.
3. The lack of engine cover: no discernible increase in engine noise. In fact, the engine sounds quieter. Go figure. Looking at the engine, no way the  
2020 cover will fit. See pics in Engine Cover Missing thread. There are added components on this engine. Wild guess: ActiveGlide components.
4. The map orientation is cool. There are no + and - buttons or re-centering icon that I could find. It is pinch and zoom. Cool part, you can reset the  
view after that if you want. If not, after, I think, 5 seconds, the vehicle icon "snaps back" to center.
5. Speed limit signs on map are more accurate than on Sync 3.
6. Lincoln never admitted I should have had "Miles to empty" on HUD and instrument cluster simultaneously. BS about VIN/build date. Um, it was a
Black Label. Why would something have less functionality? Answer: they were lying. This one displays both properly.
7. When I pulled in the driveway, I did a Sync update scan. Took 5 seconds. 5 seconds, you read that correctly. 2020 would take several minutes, at
best. All over the air, as I was NOT connected to wifi. 

Okay, those are just some things I was able to notate, at red lights, of course, that I noticed. Engine/transmission shift points seem peppier as well. Maybe just the new vehicle excitement. Have not been able to test ActiveGlide yet but will do so soon. Love it so far. The issues I mainly experienced seem to be working correctly.

Now, they had to re-clean much of the suede interior. It was smudged with fingerprints or something that must have come from the factory. Who knows? They should have caught it in the prep, but whatever. Pam, the RAV salesperson, got us in and out quickly, and the finance guy had everything ready and took less than 10 minutes. A good experience, overall.

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