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    Mustang Hybrid with V8/AWD?

    S550 and CD4 are already using the same production line so my guess is there is a pretty high degree of workflow alignment and parts sharing going on. The next gen which looks like it will be a heavy facelift of S550 and CD6 are probably on the same level of mutual compatibility even if they are not identical. You don't need to be one the same platform or architecture if you can get most of the value and benefit out of the assembly side and procurement side anyway. Like how Ford Europe and Asia have been able to build C1, C2, B1, EUCD, and CD4 vehicles all on the same assembly line. As long as next gen Mustang can get use the same drivetain package as CD6 and be assembled in an existing facility without a lot of new tooling, it stands to reason that you don't necessarily need to move platform just for the sake of commonality (that you already can achieve in practice anyway) The pay off on the common platform and architecture is if you need to redesign the vehicle very frequently or need to spawn a lot of derivatives. The common hard points means you can model and simulate a lot of crash safety and vehicle dynamics with high degree of accuracy so it cuts down on development costs. It also make drivetrain and other engineering less complex because you design to fit one vehicle, it will fit in ALL vehicles. Mustang is on a pretty long model cycle and Ford is not planning to build other vehicles off the Mustang platform so the need to move to CD6 is minimized. If Ford was going to put Mustang on a hard 5 year model cycle with a 3 year facelift then it pays to be on a common platform. As is, Mustang seems to be doing ok on a 5 year facelift and 10 year model cycle between complete redesigns. In theory, you want volume models like Focus and Escape to be a common platform so there is always a fresh version of the platform going into a production vehicle each year. That helps with cost amortization and continuous improvements. Minor improvements made for one model and be quickly added to others during midcycle facelift or redesign without breaking the bank. There is no reason for someone like Ford to redesign steering rack, HVAC system, or suspension on volume models everytime they redesign the car (but that was apparently what Ford was doing until fairly recenlty).
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    new spy shots give a glimpse of a new orange color. It’s hard to tell if it’s the same shade of orange as the dealer leak. Maybe it just had different lighting? It looks a bit different to me. I wouldn’t buy orange to begin with, but I think a darker shade would look better. A dark reddish copper would look pretty good.
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    I have a deposit on a Mach-E. I could see myself going with a Bronco or Bronco sport. I like what I’ve seen of all three.
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    I like the exterior, I just hope it’s offered with some bigger tires and different wheels. All the wheels we have seen are ripoffs of the Jeep renegades wheels and the tires just seem too small.
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    Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    agree- looks like "110" is the bracket and the tensioner is what looks like rod going down to block/pan with an oil line attached to it? Or was there some sarcasm in your comment😎. In any case can't imagine what the big deal was. You design a new power plant for medium duty and and an air compressor is viewed as an after thought?
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    It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! More pumpkin than tangerine for sure.
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    Twin Turbo

    Mustang Hybrid with V8/AWD?

    That all makes sense. One thing though, seems S550 is going to last 8 years ('15MY to '22MY) with a pretty major facelift at the 4th model year ('18) and potentially a minor one for '21MY. I still think CD6 being limited to just Explorer/Aviator is a missed opportunity though. Ford finally has a decent RWD architecture that could have given us a magnificent all new Continental and potentially a Lincoln coupe. Lincoln design is on top form at the moment and it seems a shame to limit it to SUVs. But that's another subject for another day. Looking forward to seeing those first S650 mules and prototypes
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    Mustang Hybrid with V8/AWD?

    From what I’ve gathered and seen, yes the S650 will be launching for the 2023MY and it’s expected to use the same platform (D2C) which is now called D5. This was done for substantial cost savings. As it is the program is still pretty expensive. But it’s expected to use many CD6 components. Again, apparently using all the CD6 components would’ve made it too big and too heavy. The S650 is basically a new top hat on the same platform with more CD6 components used. I’ve seen a sketch, and it’s not that far off from this article’s illustration. I will say the roofline drops 1 inch to make it even more swept back. It will be gorgeous I can assure you.
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    2005 Freestar

    200,000 miles today. Roll on Freestar
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    Oil for 2.0L EcoBooost 5W30 !?

    Wiz....5W30 is plentiful in the 5 quart bottles....was down at the local Advance Auto...and there were racks of 'em...