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    Maverick Test Drives

    I saw my first Maverick in person yesterday, sharp looking truck indeed. My salesman claims that hybrid production is sold out for the year.
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    Yes, Ford is building an all electric plant in Germany. No way can Ford produce 600,000 BEVs/year in only Mexico, Kansas City, and Dearborn without the big center in KY, TN even in operation. They must be including the German plant being online too. Very optimistic goal for sure.
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    Besides parts inventory and training for sales representatives and service technicians, the dealership has to spend approximately $30,000 on special service equipment, tools and lifts.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Someone on another forum just checked, and it also shows if you have one under your name/address by clicking the Ford Private Cash Offer link on village ford's website too. It's nice to know there's an easy way to check yourself without having to rely on your dealer.
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    Maverick Test Drives

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    Combine this with the Purdue / Ford charging technology, and I think Ford are looking strong, if only from a talk perspective right now. I really hope they end up walking the walk.
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    More likely the app is wrong. You can’t get a XLT w 4.2” sync.
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    22 Explorer order confirmed

    Wow! Pretty surprising to see an LTD on the lot since they haven't been made for 30+ years!
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    I would ask your Dealer to send you a copy of the written information they're seeing regarding a "Hold" at this late stage.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I actually got one in the mail for an addditonal $3500 off my super duty in addition to my x plan which ends up being better than an A plan which you can’t combine the offer with. Now just hope it comes before it expire Jan 3rd
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    I'll wait until there's a binding agreement before I applaud. Don't hold your breathe. Deals like this take a while
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    Order priority

    COVP is relatively new.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Yes...with my luck it will be built next week, lost in shipping for 6 months and then be totalled offloading at the railyard 🤣
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    True. Surveys have mentioned that often there is no access to ev charging stations (see https://www.anthropocenemagazine.org/2021/04/what-makes-people-disloyal-to-their-electric-vehicles/?gclid=CjwKCAiA1uKMBhAGEiwAxzvX93AOp-oHgZ1HZZHIZb1KVrLiaZtU0Gss-s8hgLrl7YkRAlvkvlLh7xoC-_gQAvD_BwE) Even so, most built rental stocks in many areas were built prior to EV and it's often cost preventative to install such stations where parking has already been fully allocated for required visitors and disabled parking stalls. Other issues are the total electrical component to the building where its becomes so cost prohibited especially if your area has rental increase restrictions due to affordability etc. Even my brand new condo had barely enough visitor parking stalls for a 64 unit building (5 stall) which included disability stalls. The developer installed level 1 outlets throughout the parkade, toting it to City council as EV friendly but they left the strata corporation to deal with the aftermath of not being able to separate billing usage of electricity because they outlets were not separately metered nor separated from the main building electrical account. That meant over $50k minimum to rewire 3 levels of concrete parking to try to equally allocate electricity usage from ev owners and non ev users and those that basically used that outlet for non vehicle charging (ie vacuuming their car). It was a nightmare. Our renter said at lvl 1, it only charged up to 45% of his new tesla using 24hrs of electricity. We dumped the condo as we were going to be charged a flat fee of $50/mth for his usage but where we are, rent increases are restricted to 1.4%.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I noticed some dealer sites have links on the individual inventory pages to check if you have a Ford Private offer in the system. I believe this checks Ford's database, but I can't be entirely sure because I don't have a PCO in their system. For example, if you go to the Village Ford website and click on a specific truck in their inventory there is a "SEE FORD PRIVATE OFFER" button. Filling this out seems to query the database. Perhaps someone who has a confirmed PCO in their name can try this out and report back here if it comes up when they fill in their information. It would be nice if we had some confirmed way of checking without having to ask your dealer to do it.
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    Same here Van
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    So I went in and spoke to the owner, and was told that they were unable to see it in the system. She told me that she would take it up directly with Ford and that because it had a start date of 10/21, that Ford would be issuing me a refund check. To all of you out there who are waiting for your rigs, I really do hope they come in sooner than later.
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    Maverick Test Drives

    Looks to me like the Bronco the Maverick will basically be sold out for the next 2 years at least, especially the hybrid. Only way to get one is order one, hope it goes through, and wait many months. Ditto with Escape hybrid, plugin, and F150 Powerboost. Order and wait. Probably true for BS too. Around here, there is a good selection of Edges, Ecosport, Escape 3 cylinder, and Explorer.
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    F-150 Lightning most desirable BEV Pickup

    Yup, that's what I'm getting at. If you asked random person, you may get "OMGGGG Teslaaaaaaaa" as an answer, whereas a truck buyer that wants a true truck would give the answers we saw.
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    Probably longer than the ICE maniacs took to block charging stations and roll smoke on EVs. 😉
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    2022 Zephyr

    The constellation theme interior looks really nice. Hopefully, the upcoming lincoln products get that theme.
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    This doesn’t seem like a great idea, especially for those potential customers in north. I was just using mine a little bit ago. I would consider postponing my purchase If Ford did something like that.
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    Maverick Test Drives

    Had the chance to see a few of things at our local dealership today. We were already thinking about replacing our '09 Kia Rio with one of these in the near future. After experiencing it in person, we're basically sold. Might wait a few months while we look at a few other entry level vehicles, but the maverick set a very high bar. Having a truck that gets 15 more mpg in the city than our compact, that uses a very durable cvt/hybrid system. That also looks pretty cool, and has a fun and quirky interior for a cheaper price than almost every hatchback you can buy today. Yeah, it's hands down the most impressive affordable vehicle I've seen in some time. Our Rio has been relatively reliable, but it's obviously getting quite old, and has about 110k on it. So it's reliability is probably going to slip in the coming years. Plus, while it's a good transportation device, it's just not the kinda car that you want to keep for 20 years if you can help it.