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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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    it doesn't change the fact that producing hydrogen at this point (till Nuclear fusion becomes a thing) is a fools errand economonically. It might have some uses, but why spend all that energy making it and then using it in a engine that is inherrenally more ineffectent then an electrical motor? A ICE is lucky to put out 40-60% of its potetal vs an electric motor which is roughly 80%
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    This is from a few day's ago. Toyota is rethinking their EV strategy AGAIN, probably delaying some future EV programs. https://www.carscoops.com/2022/12/toyota-delaying-ev-program-to-implement-tesla-beating-tech-report-claims/
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    It would be a huge strategic blunder if industry EV lagger Toyota managed to bring the EV Hilux to market before Ford can bring EV Ranger to market. HUGE.
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    I think this could be an important indicator of how Ford might be planning to utilize the Lightning plant(s) in Michigan once BOC is up and running. Could it be possible that the BOF OG Lightning could live on after BOC, perhaps in support of Ford PRO? The lithium iron phosphate batteries are lower cost, might be tailor made for such an application. The article mentions that Virginia is also under consideration as a site, but perhaps that is a bargaining ruse, as the location isn't really central to Ford's operations. https://www.autonews.com/automakers-suppliers/ford-chinas-catl-mull-us-battery-plant?utm_source=daily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20221215&utm_content=hero-headline
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    On the bright side, you know you’re getting your truck! Congratulations!
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    The supply/demand situation is what enables Ford to get away with these price increases. Not only is demand currently far in excess of Ford's ability to produce F-150 Lightning (especially the Pro version), there's no sign that demand will decrease. In fact, it's just the opposite. As word gets out about how Lightning is unequivocally the best F-150 ever, demand will continue to increase. Plus, the 2023 Motor Trend Truck of the Year award for F-150 Lightning will further enhance its appeal.
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    In less then 8 Hrs Went from your screwed to Aw just Kidding your trucks Built! on to the next stage. the dreaded wait for shipment 😀
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    That's correct mackinaw. It's a situation where Toyota must spend money and time up front to save money later. One thing is for sure, Toyota has a lot of catching up to do.
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    2024 Mustang HP numbers

    I'm thinking the Dark Horse name plate is a way for Ford to make another trim level that doesn't have to live up to the "heritage" connotations that the Mach 1 and GT 350/500 have. I was thinking it might have been just a GT with a Performance Package 2 on it by a different name, but there seems to be more done to it that would seperate it more.
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    2024 Mustang HP numbers

    I was surprised by this too, but I’m still happy with the situation.
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    If you gave this or the 6.8l as an option for Raptor buyers, I would bet that 95% of them would choose these over the 3.5l. That’s not meant to say the 3.5 isn’t a good motor, but I believe people simply want the V8. This would absolutely meet the needs of most Raptor buyers, and be significantly cheaper than The 5.2l.
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    Both Farley and Mark Reuss have suggested that hydrogen has a place in HD trucks (e.g. F-350).
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    Cheaper mousetrap. Sounds like Toyota's current BEV's cost much more to assemble the Tesla's. So they're redesigning their BEV's to be cheaper to build.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    With the exception of order date (3/28/22 here), we have the same exact timeline and sequence! Same estimated delivery date also. However, I jumped on a 6.7 Lariat Ultimate F350 Tremor that was a special order, the guy couldn’t get financing so I got it 3 weeks ago. So if someone needs a 22 F250 Tremor Lariat Value, 6.7, BAP with pro back up assist , it will be available in Rapid City, SD fairly soon
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    2024 Mustang HP numbers

    Looking at the next 8-10 years...Ford really doesn't have a need for a V6 anymore-no FWD applications since the Edge is going away and the only FWD platform is the C2 (Escape, Maverick, etc) and a 315HP I4 is plenty or overkill for that application. The Ranger, Bronco, Explorer (plus lincoln variants) and F-150 could share the same power packages-2.3L as entry level and maybe an I5 as the Nano replacement and the I6 as the 3.5 like you where saying. The could also go 3 cyc route for entry level models for the Escape and Maverick. I'm assuming that ICE will be more or less dead in most applications by 2035 or so.
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    Hello All

    Joined your forum after my purchase of a used 2020 Aviator Reserve. It has joined the fleet of a EB Explorer and a F150 Lightning. I will say I thought it was hard to figure out my new smart phone, but all the electronic gizmo's on this Aviator are amazing...LOL
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    2023 Escape Orders & Discussion

    Jim the link will also be in your scheduled email when you get it
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    2023 Escape Orders & Discussion

    OOOPPPPS.. https://shop.ford.com/vehicleordertracking
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    2024 Mustang HP numbers

    Appears a possibility whether Ford does it or not. Using same 84X102 bore and stroke, a 5-cylinder yields 2.8L and 6-cylinder 3.4L in displacement. Perhaps 5-cylinder could replace Nano V6 and 6-cylinder replace Cyclone? Engine length could be a problem, but others are doing it. A 5-cylinder could fit in Transit since it had 3.2L diesel I-5 already. An I-6 may even fit. Standardizing on one common design and making them inline may save cost long-term.
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    That thing is hideous
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Since the trackorder app seems no longer working 100% and the Ford tracker was lagging. I did just that, called the sales manager and got the most current information from him.
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    How To Disable Hill Descent Control

    I can't disable the Hill Descent Control on the 2022 Escape SEL. The image appears on my dash with a vehicle in a descending angle. The manual only explains it's function. The dealer told me to bring it in and they would figure it out! I also tried the menu button...but it offers no options! Anyone have advice...other than driving to the dealer?
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    Ford has no intention of letting F Series inventory getting as big as it used to be. At last count it was around 149,000, Ford has worked out how to keep dealers and customers hungry for stock. I’d forget about a tanking economy, the rich corporates want everyone employed and paying down a loan, it’s how they maximise profits from all of us.
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    Another price hike took effect recently for F-150 Lightning Pro. Base price is now $55,974, representing an increase of $9,000 compared the figures ice-capades shared back in August. Ford increases F-150 Lightning price, now starts at $56,000 (electrek.co)