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  1. I actually like it a lot. Of course the actual truck might be be even better. I do agree the windshield pillars are to thick. I like all of the non-metallic colors on it makes it different from all of the metallic paint jobs out there.
  2. Wow! It looks really awesome in that picture. I just think it could have used some fog lights.
  3. No problem. Ironically the CUV, just like the coupe doesn't even say Mustang on it and most people will probably just call it the Mach E anyway. So in reality it is not that big of a deal but I still would have been happier if it had stayed Mustang inspired only. I don't even mind the pony badges since they made them the outline with black in the middle.
  4. LOL, forgot the comma, as in no way would it stop me because I want one.
  5. Second, even if the EV transition were to move as rapidly as the most aggressive plans call for, it would not necessarily maximize benefits for the climate. The climate advantage of an EV relative to a car with an internal combustion engine over its life cycle depends not only on the fuels used to generate the electricity it runs on, but also on emissions created during manufacturing. An EV charged by West Virginia’s coal-heavy system today, for instance, would actually emit more greenhouse gases than a hybrid gasoline-electric car, according to a recent MIT study. The same study points out that because most EV batteries today are sourced from Asia, a lot of coal is likely to be burnt to make them. This is what people that think we need to rush into electric don't seem to understand. Now of course this will change over time and in the long run everything being electric will be cleaner, but rushing into it doesn't solve anything. Not to mention it is just unrealistic. We need to clean up making electricity on a large scale first. Wind and solar should definitely be part of the plan but I don't think they are the whole solution because of the limitations. Cold fusion would be nice but we are no closer today the twenty years ago as far as I know.
  6. First I said : Will it stop me from buying a Mustang as my next car of course not Maybe you should read what I wrote before responding. Second - no one said the Mustang is going away or being replaced that is not the issue. The issue is that using the Mustang name on the car is unnecessary. It would get the same boost just from saying it was Mustang inspired and the Mustang design cues. Also this nothing to do with not wanting change, that is silly. The Mustang has changed a lot over the years and will continue to do so. This is about putting the name on a CUV. where it does not belong. It is done it is a Mustang because Ford says so and that is there decision but that does not mean I have to like it. The people that like it are entitled to and I don't know why they need to attack those of us that do not like it and just accept that our opinions differ on this.
  7. tzach

    Woodward, GT, GT500

    Neither for me, no stick in either, I'll take a GT350 thanks!
  8. No reason to upset the Mustang loyalists though, everything would be the same if the Mach E was just Ford Mach E and not Ford Mustang Mach E.
  9. Well actually it does and that is the point as far as I am concerned. The performance is great but it is not the main thing that makes a Mustang a Mustang in my mind. It is the fact that it is a personal sporty "coupe", it does not have to have high performance to accomplish that. There are plenty of performance vehicles in all configurations, sedans, trucks, suv's and so on. The Mach E would of probably sold the same if it was just Mach E. Keep the Mustang inspired part that is fine, even the horse emblem although I would have changed it a little. I get why they did it to capitalize o the name recognition to separate it but the looks and connection to Mustang alone could've accomplished that. Look in the end it is done I just would not have done it. Will it stop me from buying a Mustang as my next car of course not, would it stop me from buying a Mach E as my wife's next car, no way I want one. I just think there would be less opposition from die hard Mustang people although maybe that was part of the point.
  10. Is this true. I have not heard this and find it very hard to believe. The wires carrying 220 to appliances do not get hot nor should they. Why should the wire carrying the charge to the car?
  11. I can't read what it says on the rear hatch, it says mache4x on the side. It has a pony on the grill and steering wheel but don't see Mustang anywhere. I wonder if even though the official name is Mustang mach e they are hedging their bet by not putting it on the car itself. Or like on the actual Mustang the pony says it all and there is no need to spell it out.
  12. Totally agree, stupid decision with no benefit to either vehicle. Mustang inspired is fine but calling it a Mustang has no benefit, again to "either" vehicle.
  13. Point is that this being called Mustang does absolutely nothing for the "Real Mustang" or for the Mach E if it is good on it's own merit. On the other hand I don't think angry mustang fans are going to hurt it either. There just is no good reason it could not have just been "Mach E". To survive the Mustang will have to go electric eventually and there will be no manual, sad but true. So I guess eventually mustang could share a platform and more with Mach E but that still doesn't mean it needs to share its name. So count me among those not happy with this name but if I can swing it this would probably be my wife's next car, she is between this Baby Bronco and Corsair. Mine of course will be a "Real Mustang".
  14. tzach

    Flatrock plant

    Stupid article. All of the vehicle types he lists as being given up still exist. Yes sales are less for the Mustang but the Mach E is using it to gain a foothold not replacing it
  15. Cool they put a stick in it, but we all know an actual production Mustang electric will not have one since there is no need for it with electric motors. It will be the end of an era. So sad, but I guess the insanely fast acceleration and max torque from 0 rpm will have to do.
  16. I personally don't have a problem with the Mach-E using the lit Pony, but if given the choice would rather it was mot called Mustang Mach-E. If it is I like most other against this will get over it, it certainly would not stop me from buying another Mustang. I also would like to replace my wife's car with a Mach-E if I can afford it in a couple of years. I don't however think the link to the Mustang will have any effect on future sales of Mustangs. If it is to survive long term (and I think it will) it will be on its own merits.
  17. My opinion is that the original plan was to name Probe "Mustang" no III, but a ton of angry mail changed their minds. I am not sure if you lived through the era but I did (and wrote a letter) but that was the direction at the time with all of the Asian coups (celica, 200SX, prelude,) being hot and Ford wanting to take them head on. The final solution was best as they had a direct competitor but kept the Mustang as it was intended and have improved it over the years. Also all of those other cars including Probe are gone now. As far as the Mustang logo on the Mach-E, how would those of you that are against it feel about a different horse logo like how Bronco has a horse logo but it is different. Mach-E could have a third iteration.
  18. Great I'll only be 120 years old then
  19. People abusing the tax code and writing off everything as a business expense (most of which is not legitimate) is one issue while the government wasting, misappropriating and funneling our money to doners who help get them elected is another. Both things are true but that does not make either one less wrong.
  20. I know what your saying but to me as long as you are being respectful it is good. The Cleveland Indians got flak not for their name but the cartoon mascot, the KC Chiefs and the Atlanta Braves have no problems but the Redskins do because the name is a derogatory term and has been used that way. As long as you show respect to other cultures ( and Native Americans have a rich and proud one) most won't have an issue. Besides I wouldn't play up the theme I was just explaining why I thought the name would connect with "Scout"
  21. I agree but don't really understand why. The car not continuing does not change the car you have purchased. So why would you care. Yes you can't buy another if you like it but when any car gets replaced by an all new model yes the name is the same but the old car is no longer being made. So what is the difference?
  22. Styling is obviously subjective and you are certainly entitled to you opinion but to my eye that is an ugly mess.
  23. That's funny i missed the part where the article said they were selling none. There is still a V8 or nothing crowd, it is just getting smaller and will continue to shrink. It's sad but inevitable as not only the technology erases the performance gap but fuel gets more expensive and less people care about the V8's biggest and best advantage the "SOUND".