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  1. I agree, I don't think the letters will light up.
  2. Thank you so much. This is another one of my huge pet peeves. This is such an accepted falsehood perpetuated by so many. I was even taught this when I was learning to drive 38 years ago.
  3. tzach

    Edge ST Line

    Totally agree, It should be Sport or something else as I also hate the generic "Sport".
  4. Sales your talking about? So if the EV takes off five years from now and takes 5-7 years to hit majority sales that's 2032. Even if at that time it was 100% at 17 million sales per year it would take 16 years to replace all of the vehicles, that's 2048. So even with those numbers that's 28 years away.
  5. And those estimates are hypothetically based on EV's being half of new cars sold now. That number is more likely to be reached ten years from now or longer. So in that case we are looking at 2080 before we are full electric. I will be 115 years old by thenūü§£
  6. tzach

    Courier FWD Trucklet

    The truth is no matter what the utility gains are the two door market is pretty dead outside of a few areas. For this vehicle as has been said it will be used as a car most of the time with the added utility for occasions when it is needed. It will not be worth having a two and four door model if the split would be like 80/20 at best.
  7. oh LOL, but what I said still goes for the other defenders of illiteracy.
  8. Does that include teachers, parents or I don't know your Boss? Do people care that little about coming across uneducated that they would rather go on making the same mistakes and people laughing at them without saying anything? Wouldn't people rather continue to learn and be educated which brings more respect to their opinion? You can inform people of their mistakes without being an a$$ or trying to humiliate them.
  9. It is sad that people don't care more about their grammar, and that others don't see a problem with it. Have a little pride in your communication skills. Believe me it is not my strong suit either but a little effort goes a long way. My biggest pet peeve is the use, or misuse of "a" and "an". It seems today not effort is put in to a lot of different things and no one seems to care about it. I blame education for some of it and parenting for some but at some point you are responsible for your own actions.
  10. Thanks, thought so but old eyes couldn't quite make it out. I wonder if there will be a silver option in addition to black and white like the Flex had?
  11. I guess that answers my body colored roof question and the pillars are still black even the wide C pillar. I can't quite make out of the A pillar is black or brown though.
  12. Can someone please tell me how the boxer engine and symmetrical all-wheel drive are unmatched by any other automotive brand?
  13. tzach

    Courier FWD Trucklet

    I think Courier while not old sounding to me is just boring. I have never liked Ranchero always sounded like a copy of El Camino which is way better even though I believe Ranchero was first. Maverick is not bad but I don't like Scout alone, maybe Ranger Scout. Funny I don't know why Ford picked Bronco Sport over Bronco Scout which I like much better.
  14. I think it would be cool with the Bronco on the grill. Doubt it will happen though. I am a Mustang owner by the way and see no issue with it in the grill.
  15. If this is true (I believe it) I wonder why, with no Fiesta or Focus ST I would think they could sell a good number of them. Also Ford needs to figure out a way to bring the Puma (including ST) here, perhaps to slot above the Ecosport which I hope is being replaced soon with a superior vehicle. I guess this won't be happening either, but again I don't know why. Freaking Hyundai SUV s are everywhere around here and I must begrudgingly admit they are good looking (never drove one though). Again especially without Fiesta and Focus Ford needs some smaller more inexpensive SUV's, but they seem only interested in the high end. Even though brand loyalty is not what it was I can't help but think a lot of these Hyundai buyers of small SUV's if satisfied will stick with them and move up through their model line as they age. I am a Ford guy and always will be but they need to keep buyers and gain new ones with some better efforts. I like the new Escape, the front end is the weak spot but it really isn't that exiting a design and the interior is a little cheap ( guess this is getting fixed). The Explorer I think is the best looking sportiest in its class but launch was a mess and it is really expensive.
  16. This has a black roof and the one from the dealer presentation had a white roof, I wonder if you can get a color match roof as well?
  17. I would assume that is for when the roof is a different color. The dealer picture of the orange BrS had what looked like a white roof (maybe light grey). The order guide said it was available with a black or grey roof. Maybe the pillars are black either way and they needed a cut line for when it has a grey roof. I would like to see it available with a rood matching the rest of the car. i am thinking the pilars will be blacked out always but I guess they could be offered in the car color as well.
  18. I actually like straight lines better, love Ford '70's styling, however to me 2015 - 2017 >> 2018 - 2020 >> 2013 - 2014 >> 2005 -2009 >> 2010 - 2012 >>1979 - 1993 >>>> 1994-1998 >> 1999-2004. IMHO of course
  19. tzach

    Ford Puma Review

    They have got to figure a way to get this here. Just about every other manufacturer has something like this. With no focus either the only thing Ford offers at the bottom of the market is Ecosport. Had one as a loaner and it (an SES) was not that bad but certainly has 0% coollness to it.
  20. tzach

    Ford Puma Review

    They have got to figure a way to get this here. Just about every other manufacturer has something like this. With no focus either the only thing Ford offers at the bottom of the market is Ecosport. Had one as a loaner and it (an SES) was not that bad but certainly has 0% coollness to it.
  21. I actually like it a lot. Of course the actual truck might be be even better. I do agree the windshield pillars are to thick. I like all of the non-metallic colors on it makes it different from all of the metallic paint jobs out there.
  22. Wow! It looks really awesome in that picture. I just think it could have used some fog lights.
  23. No problem. Ironically the CUV, just like the coupe doesn't even say Mustang on it and most people will probably just call it the Mach E anyway. So in reality it is not that big of a deal but I still would have been happier if it had stayed Mustang inspired only. I don't even mind the pony badges since they made them the outline with black in the middle.
  24. LOL, forgot the comma, as in no way would it stop me because I want one.
  25. Second, even if the EV transition were to move as rapidly as the most aggressive plans call for, it would not necessarily maximize benefits for the climate. The climate advantage of an EV relative to a car with an internal combustion engine over its life cycle depends not only on the fuels used to generate the electricity it runs on, but also on emissions created during manufacturing. An EV charged by West Virginia’s coal-heavy system today, for instance, would actually emit more greenhouse gases than a hybrid gasoline-electric car, according to a recent MIT study. The same study points out that because most EV batteries today are sourced from Asia, a lot of coal is likely to be burnt to make them. This is what people that think we need to rush into electric don't seem to understand. Now of course this will change over time and in the long run everything being electric will be cleaner, but rushing into it doesn't solve anything. Not to mention it is just unrealistic. We need to clean up making electricity on a large scale first. Wind and solar should definitely be part of the plan but I don't think they are the whole solution because of the limitations. Cold fusion would be nice but we are no closer today the twenty years ago as far as I know.