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2016 Taurus front end unveiled in China

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I guess Ford will go rotary, while Lincoln does push buttons. Would be cool to see the rotary do the same Jaguar trick of raising up, pulsating, and all that. Although looking at that set-up, I dont see much space savings. Look like a normal shift lever would fit perfectly fine. Interior looks a bit conversative though, I like the current lay out much more.

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I dunno, to me that screams "conservative styling for conservative Chinese market." Unless that camo is masking a lot, this would be a pretty big step away from the sleek direction Ford has been taking with their sedans in the US/EU market/


I dunno what your seeing, but it has the same styling as the fusion mixed with the current car...

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It could be the camo+angle+my bad eyes, but it looks very blunt and blocky compared to the Fusion or present Taurus.

The grill looks higher and slightly more vertical then the fusion, but the grill is pushed out like it is on the Fusion and Mustang...its just hard to tell with the camo on it.

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