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2022 Toyota Tundra Thread

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2 hours ago, TexasRedneck said:


Meh - I'm not so much about "latest and greatest", personally.  Heck, until last month, my stable included a resto-modded '58 Delray w/a gear-driven, bored 454....lol


There are some on the FB group "Tundra Crew" who think that their "V8" truck is going to go up in value once the twin turbo motor comes out. While resale will always be strong, when a twin turbo puts out more horsepower and torque ( and presumably more mpg) than the outgoing V8-it's wishful thinking. I had to remind them one of the country's biggest seller of trucks  (Ford) has a very small take rate of the V8 compared to the turbo motors.  

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True..until you're rolling with a 10k lb utility bed service body truck.  I'll gladly take the V-8 over the smaller turbo any day - I'm not seeing good service life out of the smaller engines, nor is the shop that does my mechanical work.  And, yes - I run gas engine.  The diesel's have been so screwed up by the "green" garbage, you can't give me one.

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On 6/19/2021 at 7:14 AM, Harley Lover said:

Good lord:


You said it.  Bit on the ugly side IMO. 

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