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UAW Demands 46% Pay Hike

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19 hours ago, akirby said:

Wage increases were due because of inflation regardless of UAW negotiations.  It probably played a factor in the timing.  These employees enjoy a good relationship with their employers and are making far more money than they would without the auto plants.  They want no part of the adversarial union relationships, possible strikes and protecting bad workers.  The companies will point out they have a big cost advantage and can grow their market share which will ensure job security.  

Toyota already gave their employees two raises in the past year. This latest wage is clearly a result of the UAW strike as Toyota and no transplant want the UAW to get in. The UAW is sure as hell going to try. 

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10 hours ago, paintguy said:

I have often thought Ford Plant closures often coincide with plants with real estate value. Some examples:


Edison, NJ Real Estate prices were growing. Land became a shopping center.


Edison was a tiny plant vs other production facilities I've been in. It was a in a prime location due to it being off a major highway that was already built up around it. 


Some of the concrete from the plant was used in fill around the area and then had to be remediated because it was contaminated. 

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18 hours ago, ice-capades said:

A grand total of 81 percent of productions workers and 90 percent of skilled trades workers at MAP voted to approve the new contract between the UAW and Ford.


In my opinion, these approval rates indicate that Ford paid way too much to reach the tentative agreement. Now Ford, and then GM and Stellantis, can enjoy paying the "price" as their vehicle costs increase an estimated $800-900 each. They may try to absorb part of the increased costs and improve efficiency but there will be an impact on vehicle pricing at some point. 


Or maybe people just wanted to get back to work?

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Ford Workers at Buffalo Stamping Plant Ratify UAW Contract


UAW Strike_Picket Line_Solo.jpg


The United Auto Workers (UAW) strike began at the Ford Michigan Assembly plant back in mid-September, after which it expanded to include the Chicago Assembly plant and Kentucky Assembly plant. Ford reached a tentative deal with the union just last week that includes a massive product investment from the automaker, which ended that strike, and a few days later, its Detroit Big Three counterparts – General Motors and Stellantis – followed suit. However, UAW members must still vote on the tentative deal before it can officially take effect, and that process began at the Michigan Assembly plant, where workers overwhelmingly voted in favor of the new contract. Now, they’ve been joined by workers at the Buffalo Stamping plant, according to Mike Martinez of Automotive News.


Martinez notes that 78 percent of all production workers at the Buffalo Stamping plant voted in favor of the tentative contract, along with 80 percent of skilled trades workers. Comparatively speaking, 81 percent of production workers and 90 percent of skilled trades workers at MAP voted to approve the new deal between the UAW and Ford.


Thus far, the details of Ford’s tentative agreement with the UAW include a 25 percent general pay increase across the lifespan of the contract, as well as the aforementioned multi-billion dollar investment on Ford’s part into its current and future plants and products, plus various other concessions.


Additionally, the old eight-year wage progression has been reduced to three years, while those with three or more years of service will automatically be bumped up to top pay if the deal is ratified. Cost of living adjustments will also make a return after they went away back in 2009 during the recession, and temporary employees will become full-time after 90 days of service once/if the deal if ratified, with future temp hires hitting that point in nine months.

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3 hours ago, fuzzymoomoo said:

This is absolutely insane. Way to reward people for striking and punishing those of us who worked the entire time



Appeasement to get the deal over the line?

Sometimes you see things and just have to wonder about the messaging….

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