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All new 2025 BMW X3 Debuts

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2 hours ago, rmc523 said:

2025 BMW X3 debuts bold new design, even bolder interior for next generation - Autoblog



2025 BMW X3 30 xDrive



2025 BMW X3 M50 xDrive



Not sure about you guys, but I'm not loving BMW's new design language.


The blue interior looks like it was done by whoever did the new Mustang GT California Special. The red/blue interior looks like a potential BMW July 4th Special Edition!


Sudden desire to vomit as @akirby did!

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What in the heck happened here?  I usually like BMW designs, but this is truly terrible in many way.  It looks like it has a hump over the first row, and the rear pillars are awful.

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13 hours ago, akirby said:

I just threw up a little…….  That might be the most hideous BMW I’ve ever seen.

I actually don't hate it. I don't love it, but compared to other modern bmw designs, it's not the worst thing I've ever seen. It's generic, but some of the bolder details I like, such as the shape of the LEDs. What the hell is wrong with me am I losing my mind or just my eyesight? Maybe both. 😆

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