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    It was suggested by another member here who is pretty well connected that it would be May, but either is believable. I kinda tend to doubt it would be New York for a couple reasons: 1. NYIAS has been recently used as a showcase for Lincoln. The Ford brand hasn't debuted much there for a while 2. May is a month closer to when they actually start being built, and there's a greater effort within the company to close the gap in the amount of time between reveal and SOP. 3. New York City really isn't a truck market. Doesn't make sense to debut a truck there.
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    https://fordauthority.com/2020/01/2021-ford-bronco-to-debut-in-april-2020-exclusive/ Any comment from y’all insiders?
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    how about a two speed transfer case ….still dreaming...
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    Tesla unintended acceleration

    My point in posting that, wasn’t so much that Tesla has a UIA problem, it was more the reason of when you get big enough the complaints come. Tesla thinks the media follows Tesla fires now. Get millions of cars on the road and see what happens.
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    Future Edge Replacement

    Curious on where you got those numbers ? Don't forget the $1+B being spent on rebuilding the Dearborn R&E Center and I don't think that includes remodeling WHQ. Oh, and anothe $1+B to rebuild Michigan Depot train station !
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    Tesla unintended acceleration

    Even if it was found to be human error, shouldn't the sensors override the driver input and still apply the brakes before it crashes into something?
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    Tesla unintended acceleration

    Nice to see you blindly regurgitating what Tesla "found" in their <ahem> investigation...typically when a person panics in a case of alleged SUA, they will desperately stomp on pretty much everything in the footwell trying to get get the vehicle to stop....interesting to note that Tesla has the same "shuck and jive" game you do with their "...all types of vehicles, not just Teslas." comment.
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    Window Sticker Lookup

    2019 Mustang EcoBoost Coupe 1FA6P8THXK5118946_WS.pdf
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    Window Sticker Lookup

    1FTEW1E41KFB46705_WS.pdf 1FTEW1EP7HFA86626_WS.pdf 1FTEW1E40KFC11236_WS.pdf
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    No clue, I just prefer driving a manual.
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    Doug loves the new Escape Hybrid

    That C1500 I used to own is still on the road as I see it every once in a while. Probably has 6-700k on the odometer now.
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    More 2020 Explorer issues...

    People who buy a completely new or redesigned Ford vehicle in its first model year will become very familiar with their dealership's service department.
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    Doug loves the new Escape Hybrid

    Heck, I'm surprised the vehicle made it to 146K,,,,,, HRG
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    Has anyone taken delivery of 7.3 yet?

    This our first super duty, the ride is stiffer than the 1/2 ton. It’s not a daily driver for us. We will be towing a 25 airstream with it. So far it’s only has 260 miles on it. The mpg is 16.3 so far. Over all we love the truck. There is something about just putting gas in it rather than diesel and def.