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  1. Or at least their transmissions.
  2. So they will make their own batteries?
  3. I'm sure Ford would protect themselves from any loss of partnership. Chrysler continued to use MB tech/design after being sold.
  4. J-150

    GM Sales Q2 & June 2019

    I don't think the name is a problem. That's not worked against the Explorer. IMO, the whole package is weak. Appearance, price, quality etc. Its a very competitive segment and some competitive products are just appealing.
  5. Will this hurt them anymore than 3.8/4.2 head gasket failures?
  6. I once hauled all the lumber for a custo. Built swing/playground set in a Freestyle, including the 10' lengths with the hatch down. I struggle to see where Metris fits in the market with the TC and NV200/City Express on one end and a SWB/low roof Transit above.
  7. Some very telling language. "Increased Valuation" and "Consolidation".
  8. Given how well a 2.3 Ranger spanked the Gladiator in the Gauntlet challenge, how much more power does a T6 Bronco need vs Wrangler?
  9. I'm curious as to why everyone cheered Ford for downsizing volume to increase profit per vehicle but GM is bad for doing the same?
  10. He was the reason fiberglass ground effects suppliers were working overtime.
  11. Lutz is disappointed they didn't use more fiberglass ground effects.
  12. Pretty much. A few years back, a former employer engaged in construction had a fleet of a couple hundred truckstrucks from 1/4 ton right through to half ton, one ton, E450 cube Van's, class 5,6,7 dumps and class 7 cubes. They usually bought Ford, but the dealer who owned multiple dealerships made a deal on some 5500 Rams. We got 6 Calibers for free by buying 6 Ram chassis cabs. the Calibers were used for runabouts and light deliveries.
  13. For how long it's taking to launch the Bronco, it better be #1 when it hits.
  14. Maybe they should have bought FCA and made Ram the new GMC.
  15. J-150

    Buick Enspire Spied

    Agreed.GM loyalists want "Made in the USA" Unless this is to get conquest sales from Korean brands. But those buyers are price sensitive, which is not where Buick is positioned.
  16. Yes there was a small blip for this new Italian cute car hitting our shores that was raved about by Michael Schumacher. All of the "I'm going hiking in Europe" idiots were in line for it.
  17. IMO, as hot as Wranglers are, there is still finite demand for extreme styling. I don't see Gladiator doing a consistent 100k per year for the future. It will sell well for a time then level out to something much lower. See Beetle, Mini and Fiat 500 for those lessons in demand.
  18. J-150

    Ford/FCA Merger?

    The only way Ford can work with anyone is the family selling out to the highest bidder. Anyone with the chops to buy them will want control.
  19. Nah. Fantasy5 is date night for the guys over at the GM forum.
  20. Toyota has had a lot of success with lagging behind. By being late into a category and letting others build the category first
  21. I think this is well played by FCA. Instead of the Marchionne begging for a partner, they are now in a position of strength. You guys have tech, but we have the money, the highly valued brands and the dealer network.
  22. A lot of our company trucks were broken into over the years.
  23. Break ins. Push in a little on one side and you can get you fingers under the other. Bend the panel and it's open. Reach in and open the door. Less broken glass and less noise that breaking the full window. just like the old 2 panel rear windows could be broken into by pushing in a little and sliding the 2 locked panes to either side.
  24. Boxy/squarish Big tires, small rims Some degree of removableroodf or portion of roof. Available with 3 pedals and 2 sticks.