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  1. 2016RS

    Pipe fitter opening

    Stay away from MAP.
  2. 2016RS

    Hank the Third

    Stock price will dictate.......
  3. Its' going to be a train wreck/shit show when plants get back to work.
  4. Exactly...…. Some of the Managers in my Department who are working from home don't even leave their offices all day and go on the floor. PERIOD.... They self quarantine at work.... So why should they be able to work from home.....
  5. 2016RS


    MAP Plant Manager believes skilled trades should continue working because of all the Bronco tooling cells being installed. With thinking like his he'll probably get promoted soon.
  6. The smoothness of a launch mainly depends on your workforce and the culture within the plant where it is being launched.
  7. 2016RS

    CAP employees

    Who is the Plant Manager at CAP?
  8. $2,000 To have paint protection and ceramic coating applied professionally to my Focus RS. This was bumper to bumper, all glass, lamps, wheel wells, door jambs and included two sets of wheels. Well worth the cost, so simple to keep clean and it has a 4 year warranty.
  9. 2016RS

    Awakening The Sleeping Giant

    95% Of our Country could care less about this Strike. Yes it's a shame. Can't blame them though. Google GM Strike and most articles posted talks about UAW Corruption. Time to Drain The Swamp (FBI is helping👍) after the contracts are settled.
  10. 2016RS


    This forum used to be useful for legit info at one time. Not anymore. I've been on BON since 1999. Yes my profile doesn't show that however.
  11. 2016RS

    When will it be time for a Message

    The Company pays your reps 7/12's. Until that changes nothing will change... PERIOD... UAW Reps are like crack head's... More.... More.... More... Except they get free money... Prove me wrong.....