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  1. The smoothness of a launch mainly depends on your workforce and the culture within the plant where it is being launched.
  2. 2016RS

    CAP employees

    Who is the Plant Manager at CAP?
  3. $2,000 To have paint protection and ceramic coating applied professionally to my Focus RS. This was bumper to bumper, all glass, lamps, wheel wells, door jambs and included two sets of wheels. Well worth the cost, so simple to keep clean and it has a 4 year warranty.
  4. 2016RS

    Awakening The Sleeping Giant

    95% Of our Country could care less about this Strike. Yes it's a shame. Can't blame them though. Google GM Strike and most articles posted talks about UAW Corruption. Time to Drain The Swamp (FBI is helping👍) after the contracts are settled.
  5. 2016RS


    This forum used to be useful for legit info at one time. Not anymore. I've been on BON since 1999. Yes my profile doesn't show that however.
  6. 2016RS

    When will it be time for a Message

    The Company pays your reps 7/12's. Until that changes nothing will change... PERIOD... UAW Reps are like crack head's... More.... More.... More... Except they get free money... Prove me wrong.....
  7. 2016RS


  8. 2016RS

    4.8 V8 for the '21MY F150?

    I wanna 8.0 Fordzilla Engine.
  9. 2016RS

    "Make no mistake about it",

    Correct... Making $180,000 a year and not having to be at work to earn it.... Except to represent the losers. Mindset of the reps is the same as crack heads.... only difference is cash for doing nothing to make thing's better for the dues paying members.
  10. 2016RS

    Strike vote

    Just a union formality.... Ain't gonna be a Strike. Union folks need to withhold having their dues withheld from their paycheck for 2 month's. Now that will put the UAW on notice...
  11. 2016RS

    Bye, bye Gary jones

    How about the Union reps getting paid by HR for 7/12's at the Plant level when the Reps aren't even in the Plant. That's just as Crimminal....
  12. 2016RS


    Realize that the 2nd Tier employee's are close to being the majority of the work force. If you were the Company at the Bargaining Table what would you do to get a contract accepted? Top 3 thing's I believe will happen. This how I see it playing out. #1 Give 2nd Tier a very healthy raise. #2 More out of pocket for health care across the board. #3 A huge signing bonus. A healthy increase in 2nd Tier wages along with a large singing bonus will be voted on and pass strongly. Too often I've seen the legacy worker's pick on the 2nd Tier employee's about how much less they make for doing the same work. This Contract will pass because the 2nd Tier are fed up with the Status Quo and I don't blame them one bit.
  13. 2016RS

    "Make no mistake about it",

    The union started it's downfall when the Reps elected and appointed were paid 6/7 day's a week 10/12 hour day's by the Company. Just my observation.
  14. 2016RS

    Bye, bye Gary jones

    I'm surprised there aren't more posts to this Topic. His neighbor was quoted as saying the FBI was counting wads of cash in the garage.