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2020 Police Interceptor Utility Order Guide

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As far as weak point. PTU yes, 6F50/55 is a good transmission. Cant even compare it to the rest of the 6F family. Especially the 6F35.

I didn’t mean it was failure prone - I just meant that they couldn’t handle the full torque of the 3.5EB so it had to be torque limited at lower gears. With the 10 speed RWD trans and AWD system that won’t be an issue.

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The 3.0L EcoBoost in the Continental is rated at 400 hp and 400 lb-ft. It is coupled with a 6F55 and AWD. It will be interesting to see what kind of power it can make behind a 10R80 and whatever transfer case Ford chooses to use in the new PIU. Probably NOT the same setup as what is in the F150 !

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28 minutes ago, akirby said:

First I’ve heard of a 10r60.  That might make sense for the 2.3L (and in the mustang and Ranger) but not for the ST 3.0lEB.

Just some points of reference.  First 2 screen shots are dealer orders.  3rd is from the link that talks about it.








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