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    Guys. Let's not pretend that Brono and Wrangler have ever been 100% analogous. The new Bronco has been designed and engineered *not* to be a Ford Wrangler. It is meant to be a "functional lifestyle vehicle" that is livable as a daily driver but completely capable as an offroader. Wranger will undercut Bronco at the lower end (Bronco Scout, this is your cue...), but that's the only tradeoff between the two. Go way back... the Wrangler's pedigree as original Jeep (many of which were Ford-built) has ALWAYS been a utilitarian, sacrifices-made vehicle that wasn't necessarily the best daily driver. The new Bronco will, as I'm told, bring real capability to a livable package with heaps of style and panache. Ford doesn't always get it right, but I've been assured that the Bronco *brand* is being handled with the same "golden goose" gloves as F-Series and Mustang.
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    When Focus sales were at the peak in 2013-14 I think some 300k were built and sold (plus whatever C-Max volume there was).
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    Of course it's a terrible idea, after all according to C&D the Ranger is an absolute failure.
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    No that's a total inventory figure, not national dealer stock level. Dealers would be lucky to have half of that...
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    IIRC, VINs are not just non-sequential, they're randomized. Based on the YTD sales that JPD posted in another thread, combined with the May 1 inventory number, it's probably safe to say that MAP has built somewhere in the ballpark of 35K to 40K Rangers in just over three months of production. That's not really indicative of MAP's capacity, though, as they're only running one shift, and it has been a show ramp up because of it being an all-new vehicle for them. IIRC, MAP can produce around 200K-250K units per year at full tilt.
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    Bad Fuel Injector 2019 Ranger

    I bought my truck at a different dealer (a family friend) but have all the service work done at a dealer near my house. They give me a service loaner every time without hesitation. I wouldn’t be afraid to ask for one at this point, as it is a new truck. I had some issues right off the bat with my F-150 (the brand new ten speed) but things have been good ever since. Hang in there.
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    Bad Fuel Injector 2019 Ranger

    Give it some time, parts will roll in eventually.
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    Not an exaggeration at all. Wranglers are kinda known for being terrible to drive at freeway speeds, buyers just put up with it as part of buying one. Comparing a Super Duty or HD Silverado is not the same thing, they’re bigger heavier and designed for a completely different purpose. It's apples and oranges.
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    It's still very early, I don't think the sweet spot has been determined yet for what will move best. I've seen more Lariats driving around than I thought I might though so that's something.
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    May 1 inventory...23,800
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    The updated 2020 Explorer Order Guide has been uploaded to the Product Order Guides Section. This version includes the updated information for Job #2 orders.
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    Powershift transmission law suits

    Here in Brazil the Powershift became legal process and harmed images of all Fords sold here. Prior to Powershift, Ford was on a growing margin of sales and public adhesion. It came to liberance in segments. Powershift completely ruined the prospect of brand growth for four years. Only last year Ford Brazil decided to replace it with the 6F15
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    bought a new car yesterday

    It just sounds funny to say you’re a lifelong Ford guy but traded in a Camry.
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    bought a new car yesterday

    Since the age of 16 i have owned around 85 cars so i have pretty much owned them all, but i always end up back with a ford.
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    I've seen probably at least 7, including one this morning.
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    Me too. I've only seen my own. Seems to be a Taco on every corner though sneering at me 😂.
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    It wasn't a misunderstanding so much as a misreading, and it may not have even been that. There are never enough resources to do all the projects you want in the best of circumstances, and when it was time to replace the Ranger, Ford was in a world of hurt. Take what looks like a shrinking market, combine that with a company so desperate to survive that it had even mortgaged the Blue Oval, and throw in economic storm clouds looming on the horizon, and continuing the Ranger just didn't make any sense. Sure, we can look back now and say it was a mistake, but they didn't have the advantage of 20/20 hindsight when they had to make the decision.
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    That is from Thailand, not MAP.
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    What is this

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    5.0 undesirable?

    Revs like a Chevy? So you're saying the 5.0 is a slow, laborious, rough revver? Sorry, couldn't resist. :-)
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    Powershift transmission law suits

    To a point, yes. But Ford's name is on the car and they had the final say on how the transmission was built. Ford must have had some sort of problem when testing the prototypes of the car, especially when such a high percentage of these transmissions failed. When Ford was aware of the problem, they continued building the cars with the faulty transmissions when alternatives were available.
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